Best Remington Chainsaw RM1025SPS/RM1015SPS Ranger Pole Saw

If you need a small quality chainsaw for small to medium jobs in your home, then the Remington RM1025SPS is the ideal choice for use. It is one of the best Remington chainsaw in the market currently and a popular choice for DIY fans. The chainsaw is a must have for homeowners with a large yard that requires regular maintenance. This chainsaw is also referred to many as the branch wizard due to its efficiency when it comes to trimming branches. This is the type of saw you need when handling big cutting tasks. It is one for home improvement tasks like trimming branches high up on trees.

What makes the Remington RM1025SPS the best Remington chainsaw when it comes to trimming?

Versatility of Best Remington Chainsaw

The Remington is a two in one saw and can be attached to a specially made pole to reach high branches that are hard to reach. This makes the chainsaw versatile for regular and high to reach places. If you can’t reach branches 10 or 15 feet high, then the Remington is all that you need. The specially developed pole is attached to the saw using the flip and lock clamps. Well, before you start thinking this is a risk and will not work efficiently, better try it out first. Most reviewers on Amazon were afraid of the handle breaking down if twisted tightly when cutting branches. Those fears disappear when you use the chainsaw for the first time.

The quality of the bar is close to none. It is made from a combination of aluminum and fiberglass giving it the strength to withstand any pressure of turning and twisting the chainsaw. The center of the bar is purely fiberglass giving it quality feels and stiff when held.
You can remove the pole from the chainsaw and still have the chainsaw work perfectly like most chainsaws. This makes it a step ahead of the rest that lacks this feature. It is difficult finding a chainsaw that you can use to trim branches without the risk of climbing trees. We all want our homes trimmed once, twice or thrice a year depending on the growth of the trees. Having this chainsaw at your home will be ideal for any cutting tasks. The good news is that you can attach or detach the pole without tools. This is not something you are going to look for an expert to help you do. It is safe and secure and has very low kickbacks due to the 8-amp electric motor that drives the chainsaw.

Battery powered or electricity powered?

If considering between a battery powered and an electric powered chainsaw, well there are several benefits to choosing the electrically powered chainsaw. In cases where you perform your trimming tasks for long periods, the battery could be dead by then, and you will require a new set of batteries. This is why the Remington Branch Wizard has been designed to use electricity.

best remington chainsaw

The Best Remington Chainsaw is ideal for older people who cut haul ladder anymore and climb trees. Most people who have reviewed this best chainsaw in Amazon call it a joy compared to the gasoline powered chainsaws. It is a bit heavy but efficient enough to get the job done.



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