Best Wheelbarrows Under $100 Small, Heavy Duty Most Suitable For Garden And Farm Buddy

High quality wheelbarrows in the market are usually expensive. However, that does not mean the best wheelbarrow must always cost a pound of gold for your garden job! Thus, we have come up with a list of barrows for you to consider purchasing. Further, we have reviewed them, and given you a comprehensive guide to buying the best wheelbarrow under $100.

Why choose the best wheelbarrow under $100

Price is the major reason you should consider buying a cheap wheelbarrow. Well, you definitely have several other needs and a wheelbarrow should not take all the money you have. Remember, the most expensive wheelbarrows are not always the best. You may be lucky enough to find a few that are much cheaper and of higher quality than the costly. So, when making your pick for best heavy-duty wheelbarrow; pay attention to price, purpose and quality!

Heavy Duty Wagon Carrier Barrow Garden Cart

If you are looking for a top class four-wheeler, I suggest you try the 650LB Green Garden Cart Dump Wagon. The four-wheeled wagon is also comfortable and ergonomic to use. It has a large volume and it is sturdy, too. In addition, it is easy to operate and you do not need any special skills.

Advantages of using the Garden Wagon Cart

  • First, it is sturdy and durable. The wheelbarrow is built with heavy-duty polycarbonate material that not only lasts for long but also withstands large loads. The steel frame makes the cart durable and strong. This makes it able to carry loads that are both hard and heavy. For instance, you can carry concrete or firewood on the barrow.
  • Second, the cart is capable of carrying large loads. You see, it has a large basin onto which you can put at least 650 pounds of loads. Then, the titled shape allows it to hold even more. This could be an extra 220 pounds. In terms of size, the barrow measures 40 by 15.5 by 37 inches. An empty barrow weighs around 31 barrows and this means it is easy to operate.
  • Third, the barrow is both ergonomic and easy to operate. If you hate it when you have to use extra strength to load up or empty the material on your barrow, then you should give the Garden Wagon Cart a shot. The emptying mechanism is simple to understand. All you need is remove the lock and tip the bed when you want to offload.
  • Fourth, the barrow has ergonomic handles and turf tires that give the barrow the freedom to roll on rough terrains.

Garden Wagon Cart Cons

  • Plastic barrows may not be as sturdy as the metallic varieties.

Free Yard Rover Wheelbarrow/Garden Cart Review

If you need a two-wheeler barrow that has a sturdy poly tray, then you might want to use the Garden Star 70006. A two non-pneumatic tire barrow is made of rustproof poly material and steel bars. Further, it is ergonomic and easy to assemble. Find the pros and cons of the Garden Star 70006 wheelbarrow below.

Cons of the Garden Star 70006

  • First, you do not need to mend punctures or add air to the tires. The wheelbarrow has two flat-free tires. These maintain an impeccable balance when you are carrying heavy loads around the yard or anywhere else. In addition, the non-flat mechanism eliminates the hassles associated with handling pneumatic tires. They are cheaper therefore cheaper to maintain than their air based counterparts.
  • Second, they are rust proof. Iron trays are normally affected by water, weather and the kind of material they carry. The majority end up getting corroded and damaged. However, the Garden Star 70006 has a 5 cubic foot tray made of poly material. This makes it last long and capable of withstanding different weathers. It is also sturdy enough to carry loads of up to 300 pounds.
  • Third, it is easy to operate and assemble. You definitely don’t want to move a tractor around the yard in the name of a wheelbarrow. Garden Star knows this and that’s why they bring you a loop handled barrow. This this type is easy to pull and push. It’s also simple to load or offload at the right place. It weighs less than most wheelbarrows, too.

Cons of the Garden Star 70006

  • Many users believe the rover would be better if it would have thicker metal frames. This would allow it to carry more weight.
  • Also, poly trays are not the most durable. They are susceptible to breakages caused by wear and tear especially when carrying course loads such as concrete.

Two Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow Review

If you are looking for a domestic cart, then you may consider buying the MARASTAR Green Thumb 70008. In brief, the wheelbarrow has a poly tray, 300 weight capacity and a sturdy construction. Further, it has two pneumatic wheels and a loop frame. Below are the pros and cons of the MARASTAR Green Thumb 70008 wheelbarrow.

  • Poly tray

If you care about weight and longevity, then you may want to buy a wheelbarrow with a poly tray. Poly trays can withstand different weathers. They are rust-proof, unlike their iron counterparts. Further, they can be used to carry different liquids and substances that would corrode metals.

  • 300 load capacity

The wheelbarrow allows you to carry up to 300 pounds. The weight is uniformly distributed by its steel frame and onto the two wheels. This gives the barrow the ability to carry heavy weights without any strains.

  • Easy to push or pull over terrains

The wheelbarrow is made in such a way that allows you to operate it easily. Some of the features that contribute to its user-friendliness include the dual pneumatic wheels and loop handle. First, the loop handle ensures that you can pull, push or empty the rover easily. Again, it contributes to balance when carrying heavy loads. Second, the 14 inch pneumatic wheels support movement on rough terrains.

  • Sturdy steel frame

The frame is one of the most important parts of a wheelbarrow. It acts as the skeleton and thus determines balance and weight capacity of a rover. MARASTAR Green Thumb 70008 has a strong steel frame that allows you to carry up to 300lbs.

Cons of MARASTAR Green Thumb 70008

  • Poly trays not durable

You don’t really expect plastic stuff to stay as long as their metallic counterparts do, do you? Well, plastics can easily get broken or scratched when they fall or you carry concrete or other course loads.

  • Pneumatic tires could go flat

Tires that need to be filled with air in order for them to function risk going flat.

Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow GOR4PS Steel Frame Poly Garden Dump Cart

Sometimes, you want to invest in a top class wheelbarrow that will serve all the purposes you need at home. And, when it comes to the best wheelbarrow under $100, Gorilla Carts GOR4PS is a clear cut above the rest! It is a four-wheeler poly tray barrow with a huge weight capacity and fantastic operation features. And, it’s affordable, too! Here are the pros and cons of the Gorilla Carts GOR4PS wheelbarrow.

Pros of Gorilla Carts GOR4PS

  • Stable and robust steel frame

When you think about the capabilities of a wheelbarrow, you should first consider checking its frame. If the frame is strong, the tool will definitely carry heavy loads. The Gorilla Carts GOR4PS has a stable and steel frame that is not only strong, but also durable.

  • 4 10” Pneumatic tires support all terrains

Then, the wheelbarrow has four pneumatic tires each measuring ten inches. These are important when it comes to moving around different terrains. Remember, the non-flat varieties get easily tuck in the ground and leave a trail behind. But, the air-based wheels make the load feel lighter even when pulling on rough terrains.

  • 600 lbs weight capacity

What would be better than knowing you can carry a huge load at once? Well, the Gorilla Carts GOR4PS saves your time by supporting up to 600 pounds. It owes its capacity to its four pneumatic wheels, wide tray and robust construction.

  • Easy to operate – Patented Dump feature

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS has a unique patented dump feature that lets it offload easily. You don’t need to bend on one side like in the case of other conventional wheelbarrows.

  • Rust proof poly tray
  • Affordable

Cons of Gorilla Carts GOR4PS

  • Iron bolts and nuts could rust if left outside in a misty night

4 cubic ft. Capacity Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow Review

In terms of age, gardening starts early and ends late. This is evident in the way kids love copying your gardening skills. Plus, it’s just too difficult to stick elderly gardeners in the house. So, you need to get them the best gardening wheelbarrows in the market. The rules are simple- keep it lightweight and easy to operate. That’s exactly why you need the Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow w/Garden Tool Storage Tray.

Pros of the Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow

  • Perfect for kids and the senior citizens

It doesn’t matter whether you are 5 or 75. You can practice gardening with the Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow. It’s designed for easy holding, carrying and operation.

  • Durable

It is not only easy to maintain and operate the Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow, but also keep using it for long. It doesn’t get damaged easily. The wheelbarrow has a double wall heavy duty construction that will withstand the test of time!

  • Built-in tool tray

Even when you are not going out to the garden, you can use the barrow as a store for your tools. And, when you decide to go outdoors, you can carry drinking water and farm tools in the accessible tray.

  • Easy to operate

The wheelbarrow is made for kids and the elderly, but you can also use it in your prime. The two non-flat wheeler is designed for even weight distribution, balance and easy operation. You can push, pull or tip the wheelbarrow without any toil.

  • 4 cubic feet volume
  • Sturdy non rust construction

Cons of the Simplay3 Easy Haul Plastic Wheelbarrow

  • It is definitely not for heavy duties and extensive gardening

How To Pick The Best Wheelbarrow Under $100 For Backyard Garden And Farm

best wheelbarrow ever

Which factors should you consider when buying the best cheap wheelbarrow? Well, you do not want to buy something you cannot be proud of. Therefore, prior research about the type and quality of the barrow is critical. Some of the issues you need to know before adding the tool to your cart include the following.

  • Budget

Warren Buffet, one of the most affluent men in our times advises that you should save before you spend. Well, he probably believes it because he had more than enough, but; he had a point! If you want to attain financial independence, you should avoid buying by impulse. Again, you should have a budget and stick to it. The market has barrows with prices that range between $30 and a thousand bucks. Only buy what you need- consider both price and quality.

  • Assembly

How much effort I needed to assemble the wheelbarrow? Well, if you are not savvy, you should buy carts that are easy to assemble. If possible, buy those that are assembled already. Again, do not take home a wheelbarrow that needs too much maintenance.

  • Durability

How long do you want the barrow to serve you? Those with metallic trays last longer than those made of plastic. Plus, if you maintain it well, it will not get easily damaged.

How to use the best wheelbarrows under $100

The durability and performance of a wheelbarrow depends on how well you can maintain it. Here are a few maintenance tips for you!

  • Choose the best wheelbarrow or cart for your purpose.
  • Ensure all movable parts are lubricated.
  • Wash the barrow after use.
  • Store it in a dry place away from UV light or water.
  • Repair any faulty parts as soon as you notice them.

Which is the best wheelbarrow under $100?

After knowing to make the best purchase, you still need to do the actual picking. Manufacturers have come up with several brands of top class wheelbarrows, and; it may not be easy to get know which one is the best. The rule of the thumb when buying from online stores is to research widely about the product you want. List down the expectations you have, then let them guide you.

For instance, you can list down why you need a wheelbarrow. Then, find one with the features that can solve your problem. Perfect? Now, let’s have the best wheelbarrow ever!

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