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It can be tough to pick a chainsaw these days, because there are so many options, Best Chainsaw Reviews, and opinions. It's important to get the facts to guarantee that you pick the best chainsaw reviews by ours, otherwise when you need it, you'll not be able to finish difficult jobs, or find yourself unhappy with the purchase. Because chainsaws can be expensive, it's important to do your research and guarantee that you're only buying trustworthy, quality saws, while getting a good price for the Best Chainsaw Reviews for 2018.

Ok, so what exactly is a chain-saw, one may ask. What does it consist of? Well, to make it more technical and simplistic, it is a mechanical power-driven tool used for cutting wood. The tool has teeth that are attached to a chain that moves around an edge of a blade continuously. Lumbermen and typical homeowners use this tool for cutting down damaged trees and for just cutting in general for various purposes related to wood.

The chainsaw is a must-have tool for all lumberjacks. Every woodworker understands the need to buy the best professional chainsaw. Determining the best chainsaw is difficult for first-time buyers. Amazon and eBay have so many products that they can be confusing. Making a decision on which power saw to order requires you to have a checklist of the top features to look for. You also need to take your personal factors into consideration by our chainsaw reviews.

After you have made up your mind to purchase a good chainsaw, it becomes a hard task to determine the best. Our top, best professional chainsaw aim to guide and save you the dilemma. Noteworthy, chainsaws are accountable to thousands of injuries every year. So, take caution lest you take home a machine that can harm you.

To ensure that the brand you buy is the best for the money, use the tips in this review. Apart from getting the best professional chainsaws for your money, this review lets you understand how to cut a tree with a chainsaw. You will get a safety guide, too.

What Is The ‘Best Chainsaw’?

The chainsaw was invented by Samuel J. Bens in San Fransisco, California on January 17, 1905. The chainsaw did not work as he would have want it to, so, in 1921 he filed for a portable chain saw patent that provided another type of cutting effect that was more subjective to his liking. This effect allowed more convenience when handling and more durable when cutting. Over the years, from that point, chain saws has developed in many ways and have been a huge necessity for people throughout the world.

A chainsaw is a machine used to cut trees and logs. It has sharp bits on a rotating chainsaw chain and a handle on the other end. Chainsaws are either electric or gas powered. There’s an engine or motor that provides the rotating power, and the guide bar allows you to cut transect-ions of the tree trunks. No doubt, the pictures herein need no explanation- as long as you are here; you have a clue about what a chainsaw reviews is!

Now, which is the best chainsaws? Well, what is ‘best’ for you is not necessarily the best. A tool needs to be top in class so that it can have excellent quality. Many variables total up to prove that a power saw is the best. Some people only look at the color, design, and ergonomics. But, you should find out about the horsepower, chain strength, and scope of the machine. Again, your budget and kind of work must guide you to finding the best chainsaw on Amazon or other stores.

Anyway, defining the ‘best’ chainsaw for loggers and lumberjacks is a vast topic. The best lumberjack chainsaw may not be the best for other professionals. Numerous factors determine whether a chainsaw is the best, and in most cases, they vary from a user to another. Of course, the best chainsaw for the money may not be the best in quality.

While researching on the internet helps, it can be too buzzing to be decisive. Eventually, you have to make a decision and buy the best chainsaw in the market. The online chainsaw reviews you read can be helpful, but, as you may note, not all analyses have everything you need to know. Some are quick formatted writings with persuasive language aiming to convince you to purchase a product. But, our website has the best chainsaw reviews, because they are informative, thorough and honest. Yes- we’d be glad if you to buy through us, but certainly, our primary objective is to inform you.

A chainsaw consist of two main parts: the saw blade - which is attached to a long metal guide bar and the one-cylinder gasoline or electrical engine, which can be powered by battery. One thing you will notice with chainsaws is the various saw blades that are made available for multiple preference satisfactions. You can find our best chainsaw reviews, low-vibration saw chains that reduce kickback; carbide-tipped, that stays sharper longer than typical blades; semi-chisel that offers better control and ease of sharpening; and many others for various types of users.

When owning a chainsaw, it is a requirement for manufacturers to include safety features when constructing. The most reliable chainsaw may cost a pretty penny, but it is worth the price in the long run. Chainsaws have various serious issues that can result if safety features are not applied, one being kickback. To prevent injury due to such safety issue, manufacturers apply chain and saw designs to reduce the risk of injury.

Also, a safety throttle is usually in place, which prevents the chain from running if the trigger is accidentally pulled. A centrifugal clutch is also a factor, as it releases the chain from the engine when the engine is at idle speed. These are a few safety saviors of others, as many other safety features are included to increase the user’s safety potential while working. A good homeowner guide will help a lot to use chainsaw safely like a professional.

With most manufacturers, they will provide you with an awesome looking design that immediately catches the eye. When searching online chainsaw reviews for the most reliable chainsaws, besides its reliability you may notice its style that draws you in further. It may be the color, the construction or even the appeal of the blade, but appealing nonetheless. Besides performance in a chainsaw and its safety aspects, the look is another reason why customers are huge fans of particular models over others.

Chainsaws are very beneficial overall. Its ability to cut at faster speeds more so than using an ax or a hand-saw, allows it to be sought after more so than the other tools when looking to work on felling, limbing, pruning or bucking. Just imagine spending an entire day chopping a tree when there are other responsibilities to attend to throughout the day. A chainsaw multiplies your time saved per tree.

Also, at many times, trees are at the end of their life and during this time they can become very dangerous as they can fall on houses, cars, and even people. Cutting these type of trees down is best practice and with a chainsaw reviews, you can do just that in a nick of time. Also, our forests are important in our world and as long as we can keep them in good condition we can save them from unhealthy results.

Chainsaw Users

Tree owners and lumberman are those who are usually most known for using chainsaws. You must be 18 to operate one. The proper safety equipment should be utilized at all time to prevent injuries: a hardhat, eye protection, hearing protection, logging boots, solid work gloves and chainsaw pants.

Also, as a user, you want to make sure the chainsaw blade is sharp. Sharpening your blade is important. Ensuring your chainsaw blade is sharp will allow for proper cutting techniques. As an amateur, these recommendations may be new so please acknowledge as countless injuries have resulted from improper safety practices.

When using a chainsaw, you want to make sure to apply the right technique. The following are techniques to ensure while using a chainsaw:

  • proper footing - make sure feet are clear of material that can cause tripping and make sure to keep a solid balance.
  • firm grip -hand must wrap around front handle tightly
  • alertness - kickback can happen at any time

Apply the right techniques when cutting and you can notice a more fluent and easy experience that can make your job commendable.

A chainsaw is a very valuable tool that can save forests, tangible properties, and lives. As long as you are applying safety methods to your chainsaw usage experiences, your chances of using one without injury are that much greater. Always remember to be safe and never take your eye off of the job at hand. Stay clear of children as they are prone to getting involved when noise and excitement are happening. Be great and work hard.

Find your ideal chainsaw by searching online and make sure to read the Best Chainsaw Reviews as they can be extremely vital in the deciding factors when choosing the proper chainsaw for your preferences.

Why You Should You Rely On Our Review

Well, every site boasts of having the best chainsaw reviews. But we don’t need to brag- after scanning or reading this review, you will accept that ours is a bar above the rest. No doubt, our review is a one-stop comprehensive guide to the top chainsaws from different companies. Apart from comparing the products, we also provide the guide to purchasing the best saw. Then, our review has solutions to the frequently asked questions, and we are ready to answer yours- just contact us!

Then, we know how stressful decision-making can be, so we have a well-compiled guide of the features you need to consider. Needless to state, every buyer has a moment of depression every time he or she tries purchasing the best product from a list of many. But, our site takes your burdens and makes you understand the best products within in your invest. Then, we have tried to keep it as straightforward and engaging as possible. We won’t bombard you with unnecessary fluff or gobble de gook. In brief, below are the main reasons you should trust our chainsaw reviews.

  • Simple to read
  • Factual and well researched
  • Concise and straight to the point
  • Comprehensive
  • Has a unbiased buyer’s guide

Chainsaw Features Should You Be Looking For

Our best chainsaw reviews is distinct from other. If you want to find the best among the lengthy list, the guide below should shed some light.

Size & Weight

A large number of electric brands are light because they have a plastic body. The gas-powered saws are heavier because the fuel tank and engine are part of the total weight. The body of a diesel chainsaw is mainly metallic, and this makes it heavy. Heavy chainsaws are good for commercial duties, but they may not be ideal for home use, or newbies.

Guide Bar Length

The guide bar is an extension from the chainsaw on which the chain runs. In most cases, the bar has a rounded end. The chain surrounds the bar, and it enters into the wood during cutting. The length of the guide bar is an important factor to consider when choosing a chainsaw because it determines how thick you can cut into a tree trunk.

The best length to choose depends on the size of stem you intend to cut. It also relies on whether you are using the machine for light or heavy duties. A longer guide bar allows you to cut through wood easily, from one pass. But shorter bars require you to make several passes before the cutting is successful. So, choose the guide bar length depending on whether the trunk is thick or thin.

Below is the relevance of different sizes of the chainsaw bar.

Standard size guide bars, 10-12 inches

When cutting small logs, then this is the best guide bar length. Of you intend to purchase a chainsaw for domestic purposes, consider having one with a guide bar that measures 10-12 inches. The best chainsaw for pruning has a guide bar that measures 10 to 12 inches. 12” to 16” guide bars are best firewood chainsaws, or for cutting limbs and small trees.

Medium size guide bars

Some big hardwood trees are too strong for the basic sizes. So, you should look out for a chainsaw with a little larger guide bar. Medium sized chainsaws have guide bars with a length of 16 to 20 inches. These are the best chainsaws for handling small trees or medium sized firewood.

Large guide bars

Is finding a professional chainsaw hard for you? If so, it is important for you to find one with an excellent guide bar. In most cases, such chainsaws are worthwhile for felling hardwood trees that have wide trunks. Redwood and Oak have wide stems, and you if you need to make minimal passes, then you need a large guide bar. Most chainsaws in this category have powerful engines, and they are used on large properties. A chainsaw with a guide bar measuring between 22 and 36 inches is worthy.

Type of Chainsaw Power Source

When choosing the best chainsaw, you need to pay attention to its source of power. It has three different chainsaw type that depends sources of power: gas, electric (corded) or battery powered. Noteworthy, the battery and electric chainsaw are similar, but the latter has a connection cable. The battery-powered chainsaw is versatile, but certainly, it will not last for long. The corded electricity-powered chainsaw is powerful, but it is not portable to remote places. Gas-powered chainsaws are both portable and powerful, but a little noisy. There also another type of chainsaw that categorized by user friendly: electric pole saw, jaw saw & standard chainsaw.

Anyway, below is an explanation of each type of power source in chainsaw reviews. Who knows- you might just find the best chainsaw for your work!

Different Types of Chainsaw

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Best Battery-powered chainsaws

Some chainsaws have lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which provide the power to rotate a motor, and the chain saw. The best cordless electric chainsaw reviews indicate that the battery models are worthwhile. These machines do not require fuel, but instead, they work on direct current electricity. Need to operate with a power of 18-36 volts. It’s similar to how you use a phone- after recharging it; you will use it as long as the battery lasts. Then, when the power is exhausted, you have to recharge it, again.

Thus, the battery chainsaws work best for lighter duties. They are portable and near noiseless, thus ideal for domestic use. If you want to buy a machine for pruning or sizing small trees, then the battery-powered chainsaws are the best. Which are suitable for cutting softwood up to 15 cm in diameter.

There are many benefits of using battery chainsaws over the other types. First, it is user-friendly because all you need is use the control panel the right way. The saw is also portable, and you can carry it to remote areas. Then, they are friends to the environment because they do not produce any harmful by-products or wastes, unlike the gas-powered chainsaws. They are light, and thus ergonomic for inexperienced users.

But wait…they also come with a few downsides. First, the lithium battery requires frequent recharging, and this limits their efficiency. Then, they tend to be a little more expensive than other chainsaw brands. Again, these chainsaw types are only functional for light duties. The lithium battery wears out over time, and just like a smartphone, the chainsaw’s battery life can degrade. When left in the sun or direct heat for too long, the battery can explode, and the caution here is to store the machine in a cool, dry place at all time.

Best electric corded chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are connected to an Alternative Current power source. Nikole Tesla’s fans may understand this the best! If you are not very techy, do not worry- the most important thing to know is that the electric chainsaw has a wire or cable that connects it to the source of electricity & may consume power of 1600 to 2200 watts. Well, like in the case of the battery chainsaw, the electric models have a motor, but no battery. They are stronger than their battery counterparts but less portable.

In most cases, their horsepower is lower than that of the gas-powered chainsaws. This means that it is the best type to handle medium domestic duties. If you need a chainsaw to trim your average-sized trees, branches or to cut small trees in your homestead, the best electric chainsaw is worthwhile. The machine serves well in your workshop, too.

Maintaining this type of chainsaw it is done by filling the oil tank lubrication chain, chain sharpening and cleaning it after each use. The most common size of chainsaws electric motor is 35 to 40 cm (in relation to the length of the blade), ideal for soft wood up to 20 cm in diameter.

The chainsaw is user-friendly because you only need to follow the instructions, plug into the power source and then use the control panel wisely. Because they are electric, the saws are environmentally friendly, as they do not have any gaseous emissions. Then, they produce minimal noise, which makes them ideal for working in your suburb home.

Although it has several benefits, the electric corded chainsaw also has disadvantages. First, it is not portable to remote places, and if there is a blackout, you cannot use it. In fact, the farthest you can use the machine depends on the length of the cable or cord. For this reason it is best homeowner chainsaw that are not as powerful as the gas-powered saws. Furthermore, you may need a thicker extension cord to operate.

The price of an electric (corded) chainsaw

In our best electric chainsaw reviews, you’ll find that the price of these machines is lower than that of gas-powered chainsaws. For tight budgets, it's easy to find the electric chainsaw reviews more appealing. You see, the valuable features include the motor, plus the cable, the chain, and the guide bar.

Best gas powered chainsaw

Gas-powered chainsaws rely on petroleum fuels as their primary source of power. Instead of the motor, they have an engine that converts the fuel energy into motion. The power produced by the engine rotates the chainsaw on the guide bar, and that brings about cutting. In most cases, their engine is two stroke & motors ranging from 33 to 50 cm3. But also require superior to other maintenance because we have to clean spark plugs, mix oil , etc. Mixed with oil used as fuel for operation and for being the most powerful gasoline are ideal for cutting all types of wood.

According to the best petrol chainsaw reviews, the gas-powered machines are stronger than other types. In fact, they are the best preference for outdoor use and in remote places. If you are planning to go deep into the woods for lumbering, then you should carry the gas chainsaw. It is a cordless chainsaw, which makes it more portable and versatile. If the gas runs out, you can refill the tank, anytime, just as you do with your car.

The best gas powered chainsaws are faster than other types of saws. They are sturdier and can cut wide stems of hardwood trees for your fireplace. They are also durable and serve as the best tool for any professional arborist.

Again, the gas-powered chainsaws are stronger than other types of saws. The chainsaw engine is more powerful than the electric motors ever would. Unless they come up with a nuclear energy-powered chainsaw, the gas-powered brand shall forever be the king on the throne!

Critics poke on gas saws because they emit too many fumes, and they are noisy. Thus, the machine tends to be less environmentally friendly. Faultfinders are right on this- if you are planning to use the gas chainsaw at home, you had better get ready to make enemies with your neighbors.

Besides being heavy, the fuel-driven chainsaws are also notorious in vibrating. This means they are not ideal for novices. Again, chainsaws are expensive to purchase and maintain because they require constant refueling.

Tool-Free Tensioning

The chain is the part of the chainsaw that does the actual cutting. So, you need to be vigilant on how it looks like. Some chainsaw brands have a chain that gets loose and keeps needing adjustment. Such a chain can be dangerous because it can cause serious injuries to the user.

Likewise, when the chain is too tight, it could easily break and cause damage or injuries. To avoid this, you need a chainsaw that has a tool-free tensioning system. The tensioning system helps you adjust the tension or looseness of the chain. Make sure you look out for the feature before purchasing one by chainsaw reviews. It is located on the side of the handle.


Of course, buying a chainsaw like making an investment- you must part with a few dollars. But, you should always work within your budget. So, find out the price of saws that you want to purchase. Noteworthy, high-quality saws are more expensive than the rest, so, you have to give up a few dollars for better performance. Gas-powered chainsaws are more costly than the electric and battery saws.

The Top 10 Best Chainsaw Brands and Manufacturers

The best chainsaw brands have ergonomic affordable, powerful features. Well, there are tens of chainsaw manufacturers, but it is important to know the best among them. The choice depends on whether you want the best chainsaw for home or professional use. Pundits agree that the best chainsaw manufacturers are Echo, Stihl, and Husqvarna. Others include Oregon, Remington, Craftsman, Makita, Worx and Poulan.  Below is a review of each brand.

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Anytime you want to purchase a machine, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether it is Husqvarna. In fact, in the manufacture of powerful machines, only the likes of Caterpillar and John Deere can rival Husqvarna.

Husqvarna has professional, home and lightweight chainsaws that are sturdy. They have lightweight electric and heavy gas-powered brands. Well, Husqvarna is the Lamborghini of chainsaws. It is more expensive than the other brands, but it is a better performer. Here is an analysis of the best Husqvarna chainsaws.

Stihl Chainsaws

A great name in the production of power tools, Stihl has some of the world’s top rated chainsaws. In fact, Stihl has some of the most innovative chainsaw technology, which makes them attractive. Stihl gas-powered chainsaws (which is what they deal with) are a masterpiece. In fact, Stihl is already working on electronic ignition, which will rid users of the need to struggle to ignite the chainsaw. Here is what residential and field users say about best Stihl chainsaws.

Poulan Chainsaws

Well, this is not Poulan Pro. Instead, it is a brand for lightweight cutters. If you are looking a domestic power saw, then you should think about best Poulan pro chainsaw. It has a 40cc cylinder, with an 18 inches guide bar. Poulans are cheaper than most brands, and they weigh between 16 and 19 pounds. This means it is not the best for commercial or professional use, but it is worthwhile for cutting firewood or doing other domestic chores.

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is the most expensive chainsaw model listed on Best Chainsaw Reviews guide, but it's also the most powerful. It's listed not more then $200, but it has a powerful DuraLife engine. Additionally, this model runs off of gas, so it's got a little more power than similar electric models. It's also got built in air filters that maintain the quality of your product, effortless pull start technology, and a carrying case and locking scrench holder to keep everything in place and working properly.

chainsaw reviews


  • DuraLife Engine - for longer engine life
  • Super clean air filter system - extends the life of the air filter
  • Effortless pull starting system and reduced vibration handle, reduces operator fatigue
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Includes carrying case and on-board locking scrench holder
  • Chain brake system: Inertia

Poulan advertises many features on this model to reduce fatigue of the user, because this model runs about 20 pounds (which is twice the weight of similar electric products). It comes standard with dual post and purge systems, tool- less access to the chain and filter,s and professional style clutch cover. It also holds a considerable amount of gas, so you aren't plugged into the wall!

Makita Chainsaws

A leader in the manufacture of electrical tools, Makita has some of the finest electric-powered chainsaws in the market. Makita’s products are a little dear than other brands, but their features step in for the costs. Makita electric chainsaws are powerful, with a guide bar length of between 14 and 20 inches. They have 30 to 80 cc.

Black & Decker Chainsaws

If you want chainsaws for domestic use, then Black & Decker chainsaw an awesome purchase. These tools are not for commercial purposes, but they have an amazing capability for home use. They are small, light and require less power of between 20V and 40V.

Jonsered Chainsaws

Jonsered has chainsaws for both firewood and forest use. The power lies between 21cc and 70cc. Below is a summary of the Jonsered chainsaw reviews.

Echo Chainsaws

Echo has been in the market for more than 30 years and still continues to provide quality tools. They work best for average users. If you want a powerful one for a lower price, Echo chainsaw is the way to go.

Oregon Chainsaws

Oregon is a big name in making chains, and chainsaws too. Their chainsaws are impeccable, especially for light duties. See the best oregon chainsaws review below.

The OREGON Self-Sharpening electric chain saw is pretty impressive, delivering over 15 amps of cutting power and an 18" blade to cut through thicker tree branches. It's moderately priced (around $143) and has PowerSharp chain sharpening systems built in that keep the saw from losing its edge. It's ergonomic, lightweight, and doesn't vibrate like many other models, and like similar designs, it's ergonomic and easy to handle.

best chainsaw reviews


  • Built-in PowerSharp® chain sharpening system
  • Light-weight, balanced ergonomic design, low vibration.
  • High power motor, 15 amp for fast cutting
  • Instant start , Low noise and Low maintence chain saw
  • Over-mold comfort handle
  • Automatic oiler with translucent view-through window
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system.
  • 18" (45 cm) reduced kickback guide bar and chain
  • Integrated chain brake for safety

The integrated chain is easy to operate and provides a lot of safety features (like a brake and shielding), and comes complete with a one year warranty on parts and equipment. This model prides itself on its ease of use, instant start, and low maintenance costs, making it a great buy for the price.

Remington Chainsaws

For almost a century now, Remington has continually come up with amazing power tools. The company offer best Remington chainsaw that has both gas and electric driven. Which are useful for newbies and professionals.

The Remington Electric Pole Saw Combo is great for anyone that needs to cut branches above their house, especially before they fall and become a problem. The pole extends over ten feet, so users don't have to pull out a ladder to get the job done. Additionally, this model makes it easy to blast through branches and stems, and you can lock down the clamps to disconnect the pole so that you feel secure with the saw being over your head. Unfortunately, this saw is pretty small, and doesn't have the power that it needs to saw through anything bigger than a one-half foot or more in diameter


  • This 2-in-1 detachable pole saw is the perfect tool for hard-to-reach small limb trimming
  • Powerful 8-amp electric motor drives the saw with a low-kickback 10-inch bar and chain
  • The saw has the ability to cut high branches 10-feet to 15-feet overhead
  • Easy flip and lock clamps quickly secure pole length, along with nonslip grip for comfortable use
  • Chainsaw can be quickly detached from the pole without tools
  • Anti-rotation pole design for stable use
  • Comfortable nonslip grip

However, the Remington is highly affordable, easy to master, and has low maintenance costs. It comes oiled and lubricated, and is small enough to fit practically anywhere you need it to in a snap. The pole also rotates to ensure that the grip is comfortable and ergonomic.

WORX Chainsaw

WORX chainsaw is a brilliant brand that is both affordable and powerful. Best use for household garden task.

The WORX has been labeled providing as much power as gas chainsaw of the same size. The chain doesn't get furled up either- which means you won't be constantly replacing it. Plus, it's easy to install any necessary maintenance without tools. With a 16" bar length and an impressively light 11 pound weight, it's built to last without using any gas power at all. The WORX is already oiled, lubricated, and ready to go. You'll never complain about injury either- it's all sturdily built with a rubberized handle and ergonomic front grip to give you the most control and comfort possible.

best chainsaw reviews


  • As powerful as a gas chainsaw with 3.5hp and 14.5 amp
  • The chain mechanism prevents over-tightening and stays at the right tension for hundreds of uses
  • Install and tighten a replacement chain with no tools
  • Low kickback bar and safety chain stop
  • Designed for Safety and Comfort
  • Built-in chain brake for added safety.
  • Automatic oil lubrication and 4 oz. bottle built-in oil reservoir with level indicator.
  • Over-molded rubberized rear handle and ergonomic full-wrap front handle.
  • 3/8″ pitch reduced kickback chain safely improves cutting performance.

The WORX 303.1 is slightly cheaper than the Remington model, but it doesn't come with an attachable pole or extended reach. You never have to worry about gas, nor do you have to worry about your safety. This product is built to last, has an emergency switch, and guarantees to deliver a solid, reliable performance when you're working.

The WORX JawSaw308 is built for people who spend a lot of time cutting branches or bushes. The bar measures about 6 inches, but only cuts widths up to 4. It's electric, which means that you are straining to pull the cutting mechanism shut, and it can reach practically any tree height with an extendable handle, 5 amps of power, and 12 foot height reach, without any noxious emissions, gas, or oil.


  • Bar measures 6 inches; 4-inch maximum cutting length; weighs 11.7 pounds
  • This model (WG308 ) consists of a jawsaw (model#WG307) and an extension pole (model#WA0163) .
  • Electric pruner/chainsaw with extension handle for cutting extra-tall branches
  • 5 amp saw is powered entirely by electricity, with no gas, oil, or noxious emissions. Enclosed jaw guard around chain keeps cuts focused and fingers safe.
  • Cuts limbs up to 12 feet high; easy-to-use single-bolt Auto-Tension system

You'll never have to worry about the reaching anything with this powerful saw. It's a little pricier than the other models in this guide (around $150), but it's exceptionally easy to cut branches and bushes. You don't have to exert any force or pressure, because the saw does all the work for you! It weighs less than 12 pounds, is extremely easy to use, and doesn't need any additional tools to work properly.

You may also read more on best Ryobi chainsaw brands.

Questions To Guide You Choosing Your Best Chainsaw

You have paid attention to all the features, but you are stuck between an electric chainsaw and the gas powered-saw. You also don’t know whether to go for the heavier brands or, the lighter ones. To you, the features are too confusing, and you just can’t tell their difference. It’s time when you need to make the decision.

Unfortunately, 50 per cent of Amazon buyers tends to use the ‘toss the coin’ philosophy of decision-making. But as far as logic is in place, you should not result in such superstitious methods. You need a way to get the best chainsaw for you. The way you answer the following questions will suggest the kind of chainsaw that you should add to your cart.

How often do you plan to be using the machine?

If you are planning to use the chainsaw for light duties a few hours a day, then you should go for the electric or battery-powered models. This is because, unlike the gas-powered saws, the electronic brands are not for professional use but rather simple domestic tasks for best small chainsaw. They are beneficial because their maintenance costs are lower than the petrol or diesel-powered saws.

But if you are planning to use the machine for professional services, then you need the gas powered brands. Gas powered brands not only have more horsepower, but they are also sturdy design. Professional users prefer the gas powered chainsaws to the electric brands because they are durable and consistent in the field, too.

How experienced are you in using chainsaws?

Are you an expert or an amateur user? Your answer is a direct reflection of the best personal chainsaw reviews. If you are new to the job, then you should NOT go for the heavy machines. No doubt, the heavier models are more advanced, and they may be less ergonomic for newbies. Remember, it is a cutting machine, and you don’t want to be the subject. If the machine is heavier than you can handle, it will not only stress your arms but also put your health and life at risk. So, find one that is light enough for your work, and one you can comfortably control.

If you are a seasoned expert user, then you need a good performer. In this case, the heavier models are the best. Heavier models are more advanced than light saws, and they can do much work than the lighter chainsaws.

What type of trees do you intend to cut?

There are two types of trees: the hard wood, and the softwood variety. Not all chainsaws can cut through a hardwood safely. To cut trees like ash, oak, and hickory, you need some strong, powerful chainsaw. These trees are so hard that it may get you thinking they are metallic! If you try using delicate chains on them, the bits break and wear out after a few tasks. So, for such cases, get a sturdy and more powerful chainsaw. Preferably, you should be using a gas-powered chainsaw for the hardwoods, and their engines must be powerful, too.

For softwoods, you do not need a 100-rpm engine. Instead, you can use the available ordinary saws. Some of the most popular conifers in America include pine, cedar and cypress. These trees are easy to cut into, and you can use lighter less horsepower electric chainsaws.

What diameter is the type of trees you want to be sawing?

If you are planning to fell a 250-year-old African Baobab tree, then you must have some real big powerful chainsaw. Some baobab trees have a diameter of about five meters. Well, baobabs are not many in America, but some states have broad trees, too. If you are cutting a wide trunk, make sure that the chainsaw’s guide bar is long enough. This way, you can cut through the thick stems without having to create several fronts.

A shorter guide bar cuts small diameters. If you want to cut two feet diameter logs, then the shorter guide bar chainsaws are worthwhile.

For what purpose are you purchasing the chainsaw?

The kind of chainsaw you should take home largely depends on why you need it. Chainsaws have myriad uses. For instance, you can cut trees; shorten trunks and stems or sizing fallen tree branches. An electric chainsaw is best for the lighter duties. Light electronic brands are less noiseless than the heavy varieties. This makes them ideal for residential use. The gas powered heavy duty chainsaws are noisy and have engines that are more powerful. The large varieties are good for professional use because they can cut several trees in a day, and still function well.

Maintenance & Safety

Caution is necessary when dealing with cutting tools. Especially, when it comes to great cutters such as the chainsaw, you must always be vigilant. While the chainsaw is a useful tool, it can easily maim you. But all you need to do to remain safe is to read and apply the following basic maintenance and safety tips.

  • Wear the appropriate safety gear
  • Ensure the chainsaw is in the best condition. Do not use any faulty machine. Sharpen the chain.
  • ​Adapt to the guide bar length. Longer bars are not versatile, and you could injure yourself in case the machine is not stable
  • Be careful about chainsaw kickback. This occurs when the tip hits a harder object and throws the chainsaw towards you. This is common when using chainsaws with long guide bars.
  • Keep the chainsaw clean. This includes ensuring the drip oil tank is clean.
  • If you intend to cut trees far in the woods, have a person with you. In the case of emergency, the person can help you out.
  • Have a well-equipped emergency first aid kit
  • Learn how to use a chainsaw. You can get a course through online programs, or from distinguished educators.
  • When cutting hardwoods, the chainsaw can produce sparks. This can ignite nearby grass and result in a severe bush fire. Carry a shovel or extinguisher.
  • Remember to read and understand the chainsaw’s manufacturer guide.

Parting Shot On The Best Chainsaw Reviews

While reviewing the best chainsaw reviews assumes several personal preferences, this analysis reveals key factors to consider. Well, the decision on which chainsaw brand is the best for you is yours to make. However, it is worthy to consider the features of each tool. The best quality chainsaws are a little expensive, but it is worth it. After purchasing the top chainsaw, apply the safety instructions, and you will have an easy time. We wish you all the best as you find your best chainsaw!

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