Get Better Cuts from Any Circular Saw of Your Wood

Many saws that are plugged in do not have the easiest cuts. Sometimes you just want more precise cuts, in which a circular saw can help with. In a nutshell, circular saws are essentially a power saw but the blades form a circle. This allows you to work around wood the way you would like without having to use a normal saw.


In the eighteenth century, circular saws were invented to use in sawmills. They became very popular by the nineteenth century and spread all over the United States. The sawmills heavily benefited from the invention because it allowed quicker and better results.

How It Works

Imagine a power saw shaped in a circle with a hand held type stick on the end. The circle resembles like a wheel but with blades. When you turn on the saw the blades spin just like the wheel and help you cut wood or plastic the way you would like.

How to Use

Different saws may change but these are the typical steps for using a power saw. You want to set the material on a table meant for saws, and mark where you want to cut. Then, set the mark to line up in the middle of the two saw friends tables. Hold firmly to one of the sides but remain a distance so your hand is not harmed. Then use the directions from the saw you have to cut along the mark you made.


The best circular saw can be versatile. They can each also have other qualities like a narrow surface to be able to get smoother results. Saws can be relatively straight which helps provide more accurate cuts.

Blade Teeth

While some saws use a disk instead of a blade, the most common saws will have sharp, metal blades. Forty tooth blades can usually cut through many objects like plywood. If you are looking to cut through thicker objects however, you can blades with up to one hundred twenty teeth. Blades with sixty to eighty teeth should be used on plywood or melamine. If you chose to use a sixty to eighty tooth blade on other materials, there is a chance is can mess up the project you are working on.


There are different ways to charge a saw. They essentially can be made with a built in battery, or a cord that can be plugged into an outlet. Built in batteries are typically more popular because you do not have to worry about where the cord is and such. The batteries vary amongst brand but usually are replaceable. Other batteries could be rechargeable but it depends on the brand and batteries you use.

Types of Circular Saws

Of course when it comes down to you actually buying a saw, it can be kind off difficult. According to there are different types of saws that excel in one area. Their list of top circular saws include:
– best overall
– power
– durability
– and balance.

Saw Options

When buying a best circular saw, it can come down to which circular one to buy. Many have small differences between the blades and sizes. Some types of saws are:
– biscuit joiner
– cold saw
– and radial arm saw.

Prices can range from generally cheap to expensive. Beginner type saws can start at around thirty dollars. More expensive saws can go up to seven hundred and fifty dollars. Of course this means you can buy saws for prices in the middle which whatever works best for your preference.

Large hooks in a blade can be easily used to make deep angles in thin materials. The standard hook is ideally five to fifteen degrees. The steeper cuts for thin materials can start at eighteen degrees, up to twenty two degrees.

Saws come in many different styles. Some can be five inches while others can be ten. The size of the saw will determine the size of the cut it makes. Common blade sizes will normally be around seven and a half inches, creating two inch marks. Sizes also will determine what angle they can move at. Normally angles will be approximately forty five degrees.

What Can it Cut Through?

Normal saws do not go through too many objects, typically just wood. Power saws however can cut through wood, plastic, masonry, and metal. Some materials may be harder to go through but they will on average go though these. When you buy your saw make sure you know what you will normally cut through it with to ensure you buy the best option for you.

How Many Amps are Needed?
Typically the average saw will use about fifteen amps. There are lower options that can be used better for your home. These common options can be around one thousand, four hundred, and forty watts.

Saws in which the blades or disk are more angled towards the side are called a sidewinder saw. These saws a perfect for if you are hoping to move the saw and cut at a better angle. When the average circular saw cuts at a forty five degree angle, the sidewinder can cut at a ninety degree angle.

Safety is especially important when dealing with sharp objects. If you have never used a saw or are relatively new, then it is important you know safety tips. A face mask is recommended when dealing with wood or materials in which small fibers would get in your lungs. Goggles are always recommended during the sawing. If you plan on using the saw for awhile, than it may be important to use ear muffs to protect your eardrums.

Changing Blades
At some points you may want to change the blades and replace them. You may want to do this when you change what materials you are working on, or because one blade may be getting dull.
You want to start by making sure it is completely off, plugged in and locked.
Then you want to continue by removing the screws that keep the blade in.
Next you remove the guard and the blade.
Put the new blade where the original one was.
Lastly, make sure to tighten all the screws back in as tight as possible.

If you are noticing your blade has been getting dull, you may want to sharpen it. Once you remove the blade you can secure the blade so it will not slip. Make a mark so you know where you started and file. You can buy filers at many stores or online too.


There are many things to remember when you use and buy a blade. If you chose to buy and use a power saw like the above, then be sure to remember about what blades you are using and what the specific disks are for. The amount of teeth and safety tips are also keen observations every saw owner should use. Hopefully this information was somewhat useful for your next best circular saw purchase.

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