Best Chainsaw types? Know the best for you

If you have a lot of tree or bush growth in your front or back yard, then having a best chainsaw types is an essential investment that's both time saving and effective. But everyone's standard idea of a chainsaw is much different than what you might actually need. It may not require buying one of those 10-20 pound gas-powered behemoths meant for felling trees if all you want to do is prune the shrubbery around you deck. The diversity in the types of uses for chainsaw that led to many different kinds on the market. It can be hard who decide which is the best for you. Therefore, we've assemble this list of the three basic types of chainsaws and what kind of job each is ideally suited for.

Electric Chainsaw Types Review

Though most people naturally assume that a gas-powered best chainsaw types is the most common, the truth is an electric chainsaw is more ideal for the average homeowner just needing something for light to moderate garden work. These always use an extension cord and are usually a lot quieter than a gas-powered model. It has no fumes or exhaust, requires almost no maintenance, are much lighter than gas units and are inexpensive and cheap to operate. You are limited on power, as an electric chainsaws can only draw 15-20 amps at most. But unless you're trying to chop massive amounts of firewood or cut down a large stump, you won't need a 38cc motor to do most or all jobs in your back yard. In electric chainsaw review, it is ideal all types of pruning and hedge-clipping jobs, cutting light-to-medium-sized dry branches hanging off of trees, felling smaller sapling and younger trees as well as cutting medium-sized piece of firewood. As long as you have an outdoor plug in both the front and backyards and a long enough extension cord, you shouldn't need anything else to handle all types of yard work you might face.

Electric best chainsaw types offers a number of advantages over any other type, especially the gasoline driven chainsaws. A major safety related advantage for home user is the reduced risk of kickback-a potentially, even a laymen can use it. As it run by less power than gas chainsaws, so it has a lower chance of making a kickback.

These environment friendly chainsaws are also much easier to start and much less noisy than gasoline chainsaws. Being much quieter – which is ideal to please the neighbors. In addition to them maintenance is easy & help to reduce cost.

Even the electric chainsaw are much easy to start, the user does not have to wait for the chainsaw to cool down for refueling. All that they have to do is plug the chainsaw with ant power plug.

Being portability it is much easier to store anywhere than a gasoline-operated saw, which needs to be empty of gas and oil before storing in a vertical position. See best electric chainsaw here.​

Advantages of Electric Chainsaw

Lightweight: Electric chainsaw is smaller in size & less complicated to makes less weight.

Easy to operate: Starting this type of chainsaw is much easier, just to plug in electric source

Cost effective: Reduce your total budget when it has less maintenance cost though it becomes difficult to clean the various parts of the device.

Safe: less risk of kickback technically implemented to reduce any injury.

No storage concerns: Being a great portability, it may stores anywhere of your living surroundings

Environment friendly: Electric Chainsaw doesn’t produce any fumes or emit any toxic gases & less noisy which helps to keep environment green.

Although the advantages would be very alluring for anyone to use electric chainsaws but it is not expected that Electric Chainsaw is best of all when it comes to working with. There are some drawback that you’ll need to be consider of before purchasing one.

One of these is that they don’t have the more power that the gasoline chainsaw models offer. This can make it a little scrawny when you need to cut down some thick timber. Even the chainsaw cutting bar is smaller on these models (much smaller cutter bar i.e. 8 to 15 inches).

The power cord need to be connected to electric power source for that the mobility of the device would normally depend upon the length of the cord. It is not feasible for him/her to use it far from the power source or outside home.

Also, these kind of chainsaws are specially designed for maximum safety, which makes it difficult for the new user to adjust or oil the chainsaw's parts.

Disadvantages of Electric Chainsaw

Less powerful than the gas powered chainsaw: Much concern when to cut down heavier thick branch of tree without two-cycle engines, they are significantly lower on power.

Small cutter bar: not very handful in felling heavy loads and is equipped with a much smaller cutter bar

Less portable: Length of cord determines user portability far from power source.

Greater safety: Sometimes a bit of concern

Best chainsaw types

Chainsaw Types

Cordless Chainsaw Types Review

But what if you don't have electrical access at your job site and you don't want to use a gas-powered best chainsaw types for just a simple job. Maybe you're out camping and you want to clear out an area for your tent, but you also don't feel like lugging a gas can and 2-cycle engine oil everywhere you go. Maybe you need to use an pole extension but you don't have a cord than leads up as high as the branch on that tree you're reaching for. This is the beauty of a cordless chainsaw. They have all the versatility and portability of a gas-powered model but without all the exhaust and heavy weight that type has. These chainsaws are ideally suited for lighter pruning and clipping work and trimming hedges and shrubbery. You are limited by power more so than with a corded chainsaw since you're working with a 12-amp motor running on a rechargeable battery that drains quicker the longer you use it. You also can't cut piece of wood or give a lumberjack a run for his money with this type. Also, backup batteries for cordless chainsaws can be pretty expensive. But if you only plan on needing something for smaller jobs, than in our chainsaw review you really don't need any thing more that this.

Knowing the different categories of best chainsaw types as well as the capabilities and limitations of each is quite important when planning to buy one. In general, chainsaws are majorly categorized into gas and electric chainsaws. Battery powered chainsaws lie within the electric chainsaw category, together with their counterpart, the corded electric chainsaws. Buying a chainsaw is something entirely governed by several factors including specific project requirements, your physical stature, as well as your budget. You do not just guess and buy one. When deciding to buy a battery powered chainsaw, you should consider how much you can benefit from it as well as what you cannot get from it. The followings are the pros & cons for battery powered chainsaw types.

Advantages of Cordless Chainsaw

  • No electrical cord to be worried about. These chainsaws use batteries while working hence no cord to limit your movement. This means that they can be used even away from electric power.
  • Battery powered chainsaws are not heavy and can be carried easily. This provides easy movement from one point to another while working.
  • One can work for long hours while using battery powered chainsaws because of their light weight. They can be held comfortably for extended time periods.
  • They require low maintenance unlike the case with gas chainsaws
  • They are quieter while cutting wood unlike gas chainsaws
  • They can be utilized both indoors as well as outdoors
  • They do not release any exhaust or even fumes to inhale as it is the case with gas chainsaws
  • They are safer and light hence best suited for people with no chainsaw experience
  • Do not require any fuel mix
  • They are fast as well as easy to start

Disadvantages of Cordless Chainsaw

  • Limited power is a major drawback when it comes to battery powered chainsaws. Most of them are not meant for continuous heavy duty cutting. However some try, they cannot be compared with gas chainsaws. They even have lesser power than the corded electric chainsaws.
  • Battery chainsaws are very expensive especially those with large batteries. This is because manufacturing of batteries is not cheap.
  • Time usage is a problem as batteries run out faster requiring a recharge. A battery might only take approximately between 20 and 60 minutes, depending highly on the workload, as well as the battery model.
  • Battery powered chainsaws are limited to medium and light duties
  • Battery powered chainsaws have a limited bar length as it is the case with all electric chainsaws hence, they cannot cut trees with huge diameters.
  • They have no chain brake

Battery powered chainsaws are best utilized in cutting small trees or pruning. They are recommended if working near neighbors you would not like to disturb with noise. With regard to this, they are the best to work with near hospitals, churches, schools, and courts, among other areas. On the other hand, they are not the proper equipment to use in the forest where big trees are to be cut down.

If you are planning to buy one, consider the requirements for the project to be undertaken. Consider looking at user reviews as well as Pros & Cons Of Battery Chainsaw. They can help you find the best cordless chainsaw or even the best battery type. Here is best cordless electric chainsaw reviews.

Gas-Powered Chainsaw Types Review

Finally, let's discuss the granddaddy of them all. A gas chainsaw's engine power is measured in CC's rather than amps because you could power a small motorcycle with its motor if need be. These chainsaws do have slight disadvantages - from being overly heavy to having to maintenence them more often and balance out the oil and gas mix for it to run properly. And not everyone can yank that recoil rope and get it to turn over on the first draw or can stand all those fumes. But the fact of the matter is that for the job of felling large trees, cutting thick stumps down to size, chopping thick pieces of firewood in a short amount of time or just cut down a branch that has landed on your roof after a major thunderstorm - nothing beats a gas chainsaw for raw power and limitless versatility. These also come in so many sizes, from two-footers meant for medium-to-large sized branches to four-footers meant for chopping long and thick timber logs in the deep woods. As long as you don't mind the constant upkeep required with gas-powered models (this includes maintaining the right mix of oil and gas and keeping the motor clean and spark plug firing) or the loud noise, a homeowner who has a lot of heavy jobs ahead of them needs a gas chainsaw more than any other type.

The electric chainsaws & the gas chainsaws are the two major best chainsaw types available today. There has been a lot of improvement in the production of chainsaws, which has led to the production of more user-friendly chainsaws. Sometimes back, it would take more than a single person to get a gas-powered chainsaw to work. Not only was it heavy, such a chainsaw was quite inefficient. On the other hand, gas chainsaws today have been improved and are very efficient.

A chainsaw that is gas powered and is of a similar bar length and weight to an electric model is more powerful as well as cuts more smoothly due to the fact that the chain is being driven at a higher speed. Most gas chainsaws are intended for all day use. They happen to be rugged and can very first cut a tree that is 75 foot tall into some 18 to 24-inch parts for splitting to firewood. Gas powered chainsaws may be utilized specifically anywhere outside doors. One can use them for trimming trees at home or take them deep into the forest for logging. They are highly preferred by homeowners with wood stoves or fireplaces specifically for cutting firewood. They are heavy duty and given that the machine is well maintained and has a steady supply of the oil mix and gas, and with chain lubricating oil within a different chamber, the machine will keep on cutting. Gas best chainsaw types has bigger bars that measure up to a length of 3.5 feet. Such a large bar becomes handy in cases where trees to be cut down are of large diameters. This is one reason why most people would prefer gas chain saws over other types.

Gas powered will always require more maintenance compared to an electric one. Gas powered chainsaw types are heavier compared to electric powered chainsaws they produce a lot of noise when in operation, unlike electric chainsaws which are comparatively quieter. Gas powered chainsaws emit fumes Gas chainsaws need several hefty pulls upon the start code so as to get them going. Because of the high power they have, it is highly likely that they kick back injuring an operator. Given the gas chainsaw's 2 stroke engine nature, it might be somewhat challenging to start after having been left unused for some time. This is because the carburetor could get blocked. Leave alone the carburetor, a gas chainsaw engine has several other parts that need monitoring as well as maintenance, for instance, he air filter, the spark plug, etc.

For people willing to get a gas chainsaw, it is always important to know what they offer in terms performance. Here are the pros and cons of gas best chainsaw types

Advantages of Using gas chainsaws

More power- a chainsaw's biggest strength is its power. Gas chainsaws have more power compared to the electric ones. This is facilitated by the fact that they are equipped with a 2-cycle engine that is powered by an oil and gasoline combination through the hard tasks. With regard to this, such chainsaws carry out more demanding tasks, for instance, cutting down trees efficiently.

Bigger Bar- gas chainsaw bars can measure up to a length of 3.5 feet. Such a large bar becomes handy in cases where trees to be cut down are of large diameters. This is one reason why most people would prefer gas chain saws over other types.

Portability- it is possible to take a gas chainsaw anywhere. This means that one can go over relatively longer distances to work with the chainsaw and not feel very uncomfortable. Carrying a reasonable size of gas as well as an oil reserve, then it is possible to handle all sorts of work.

Disadvantages of Using Gas Chainsaws

Handling- due to its kickback, the machine is a little harder to deal with, unlike the electrical type. For this reason, it is better that a powerful one be dealt with by a person with experience.

Safety is a Concern- safety is to be observed when trying to refill the fuel tank. First of all, the chainsaw needs to be shut off the given time to cool. This creates idle time. The other issue is the oil. One must get the right gasoline and oil mix. Failure to this, the machine could cough out all of it as well as sputter on an attempt to start it.

Storage- again in safety, storage for gas chainsaws is an issue of concern. Appropriate steps must be taken to ensure safety. The machine must be given time to cool down first. After cooling, the bar can be put and tucked safely. Again, the entire gasoline, as well as oil within the tank, must be drained. Now the machine can be stored in an upright position within a well-ventilated area.

Selecting the right best chainsaw types especially if you are not used to dealing with them may be difficult. It is always important to seek advice from experienced persons. Also, you can always check on gas chainsaw reviews as well as customer ratings to make sure that you identify what is best for your needs.

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