Best Wood Router For Fine Woodworking-A Neat Reviews

A best value wood router is one of the most essential tools you get for your workshop. A router helps you make holes through wood as well as trim them to a perfect size. In a layman’s words, the router is a simple small machine with a motor that’s joined to a shaft for holding the wood. Many carpenters across the world rely on the best wood router because they make the work easy. Moreover, the router comes in handy when making a complicated design.

best wood routers

What Are The Features of Top Wood Routers?

The wood router designs, color of a wood router may not be the features to check out when considering a top wood routers. Of course, most manufacturers add pompous features just to attract the customer into buying their product. But, if you are looking for a best wood router on the market, then your checklist should have the following features.


Whenever you are purchasing a wood router (or any other equipment for that matter, you need to consider the amount of space it occupies. A submarine-sized router might not be the best, and neither can a spoon-sized do. Wood routers come in three sizes- the trim router, mid-size, and full size. The trim router is the smaller, and it creates soft edges and makes finer joints or hinges.

  • The mid –size router can be held by hand and has a horsepower that ranges from 1.5 to 2.25 HP. 
  • The full size is the most powerful, with about 3.0 to 3.25 Horsepower. Thus, you must make sure that you have the right machine.

Base type

You need to make a decision on whether you need a fixed base or a plunge based router. The plunge based helps you to make plunge cuts in the wood. It is fast, but a little harder to use especially for neophytes. But, a fixed base router has a broad range of potential cuts and allows you to make precise depths.


Power is the speed that a motor can attain when making a cut. A good router has a power that can cut the hardest wood or plastic materials. No matter the kind of wood you are cutting, the router should work without hitches. A motor that ranges from 1.0Hp to 2.25Hp is worthwhile. Noteworthy, a powerful router means fatter electricity bills, too!


A good wood router speed are variable. You see, you need different speeds to make the perfect cuts. Thus, a router should allow you to have a soft start or a feature that controls the rate of making cuts.

Dust collection

Every good router has a cleaner ergonomic way to handle dust and dirt. This ensures that your machine does not litter around your workshop. The dust collection features also protect your eyes.

Picking the Right Router for Yourself

Finding the best wood router can be a little bewildering, but with this guide, you should not have a problem at all. Before you decide to add that device to your cart, you need to consider its price, size or features. Of course, this is too basic to explain why you should do it. While many buyers consider price as a priority factor, you should go for the best quality as opposed to the cheapest. You see, if you focus on function, you will be able to find the router that best fits your needs. Thus, the size of a router and its base type should always be top of your mind.

Buying a Full-size Best Budget Wood Router

When you have the money, a massive router is quite luring. But, do you really need a full-size best budget router? Well, a big router is essential for doing heavy-duty woodwork. If you are cutting big bits of wood, then a large router is necessary. For instance, if you are profiling large panels or cabinet doors, a best full-size wood router may be required. If your job deals with light woodwork, such a large investment may not be useful.

For example, if all you want to do is create a joint or to complete ordinary tasks, lighter models will come in handy. In fact, a big machine not only strains on your budget and space, but it also increases the maintenance costs. The smaller-sized routers are also lighter enough for hand-use- you don’t need to mount them onto a table. Why purchase such a big machine while the smaller and cheaper can serve the purpose? If there are the best wood router for the money, go for them! However, after your business grows, then you can buy the full-sized machine. If your budget can cover a bigger best value router, though, then you can go for the 3- and 3.25hp router.

Fixed vs. Plunge Base

When you want to purchase the best wood router, the very first decision you have to make is whether to go for the plunge base or the fixed base router. Like the pipe plunger, the plunge based router exerts pressure to push the tool into the wood. It drills inside the wood. Then, the fixed base router does not give you enough control, and they are best suited for beginners.

Best Wood Router For Woodworking

Manufacturers of Wood routers produce different varieties of wood routers as Plunge Router, Fixed Base Router, Laminate trimmer, and Variable Speed Router, among many other types. In short, there are many varieties that you can choose from. But in general, the wood routers should be versatile and speedy (measured in revolutions per minute) and efficient at wood work. Some of the important factors to consider in buying top router brands are: horsepower, its size, speed, convenience, and cost.

Best Wood Routers

This product has received positive reviews from Amazon buyers, garnering 4.6 out of 5 stars all-in-all. This product comes in a kit that includes an edge guide, a plunge base, and an adjustable base for attaching the edge guide for wood work. The Wood Router is also easy to maneuvers and has a variable speed control dial of 10,000 to 30,000 RPM. The product is also double-insulated which means that it is really safe to use.

Best Wood Routers

This entry level product is considered as one of the best plunge wood router in the market and is also one of the most popular. It also has functions of other types of wood router. Although the Black & Decker does not have a strong motor compared to others, it was not manufactured to be for heavy-duty work.

The product has an amazing variable speed of 8,000 to 27,000 rpm. This wood router has a sightline which allows for better work visibility and accuracy. One disadvantage of this product, however, is the base plate. Because of its small diameter, the maximum size of the bit is limited. If you are up for heavy-duty work, you might also want to consider other products as this product is for entry level work.

best wood Routers

This product is considered as one of the best small wood router by Amazon reviews. It has a variable speed of 15,000 to 35,000 rpm which is quite fast. The product is relatively light in weight at 11.8 pounds. This product also has aluminum construction which is good for durability and its depth adjustment mechanism, finger support, and soft grip adds to convenience and comfort when doing wood work construction. It also features the Constant Response Circuitry which is used to maintain speed and is compatible enough to handle edge trimming, slot cutting, window cut outs, plank trimmings, and decorative inlays.

best Wood Routers

Fixed based router are most suitable for people who are just beginning in wood work because they are used for edge cutting and making designs. It is also light in weight. This fixed base router has a 2-stage motor release clamp for adjustments and base changes. Priced at $121.80, this is a good value for your money. This product also has speed control mechanisms to make smooth cuts with excellent precision. The Hitachi Wood Router has a weight of 7.3 pounds and produces a speed of 8,000 to 24,000 rpm. This is slower compared to the Makita Compact Router but it can easily cut through tough hardwoods.

best Wood Router

This product has a wide speed range of 8,000 to 25,000 rpm which means that you can adjust the speed according to your preferred work. This is Bosch’s best-selling unit and is the first wood router product to place an on/off switch in the base of its handles. This product is also durable and was manufactured to withstand heavy-duty work for many years.

Good Wood Routers

A plunge router is a type of wood router that has a spring mechanism so that you can maneuver down into the wood while you work on it. This will securely hold the wood in place so that your craft will be accurate. The spring mechanism also allows you to control the depth of wood work.

This Porter-Cable Wood Router has a speed of 21,000 rpm and has an automatic release system to remove wood bits. The Porter Cable Wood Router also has the most horse power in a 15 amp hand tool and is considered as a commercial grade production router. This product is a bit pricy but it is perfect for heavy-duty commercial wood work. It has also received a perfect score in Amazon customer product reviews.

Good Wood Routers

This product has a speed of 8,000 to 24,000 rpm and has a d-handle for easy precision. The d-handle base has fine depth adjustments and provides balance and control. One important feature of this product is the dust control, and as a matter of fact, a vacuum can be inserted to the bottom of the router. The aluminum casing makes it durable to rust and dusts. What sets this product apart from other wood routers is that the motor is interchangeable between all bases. When it is used with the fixed-base mechanism, this product is easy to maneuver because of its size. You must be careful in using it though, since there are many complaints that the magnetic ring that controls speed disintegrates through constant and continuous use.

Best wood router

This heavy-duty fixed-based router has a variable speed range of 10,000 to 22,000 rpm and has a 15 amp motor. This router is durable because it has an aluminum base and the kit is completed with a strong cable, and it is also easy to use. It has received mixed to positive reviews on Amazon customer product reviews. The usual customer complaints is that this product requires two wrenches when mounted in a table and the wrench holes gets easily filled up with dust.

Always remember that in purchasing a best wood router, you should know your ability in woodcraft first. This is because manufacturers have designed a variety of products depending on a users’ capability. Smaller products are usually good for beginners as they are easy to use, while for expert and experienced users, bigger and aluminum covered wood routers are always a good choice because of it being heavy-duty and durable which makes it last even after many years of constant use.

The Wood Router Accessories

Like every sword needs a sheath, so does every router need accessories. In brief, router accessories are the items that you might need to buy together with the best wood router. These things make the router more efficient.


Clamps hold the wood in position to ensure it does not move when making a precise cut. The clump also holds the wood onto the table to avoid errors.

Router Table

A router table is a raised platform that allows you to set the router and its accessories.


Cutting joints and hinge recesses require you to hold wood firmly. Jigs help you do this.

Router Fences

A router fence is a boundary beyond which your cut should not exceed. In short, a router fence guides your cuts. It ensures that the wood does not shift, thus helping you to make precise cuts.

What does a Wood Router Do?

No doubt, any serious woodworker must have the top router brands. The fact that the tool is handy for the ‘Do It Yourself’ tasks and arts make it valuable. When making well-designed furniture, it is inevitable to use a router. Now, the wood router applications depend on the type you are using. Noteworthy, the plunge based router can do more than the fixed based. In brief, here are the wood router projects that you can do.

Making dadoes

With a wood router, you can make a dado for bookcases, wardrobes, or cabinets. A dado is a groove made into wood surfaces, to articulate the edge of another piece. With a little patience, you can make this hollow space quickly.

Making wood route templates

A template is a piece of timber that guides woodworkers to make designs and patterns. These templates not only demonstrate the skills of a woodworker but also act as the road map for making a design. A wood router is a handy tool for creating route templates.

Making inlay recesses

Although making inlay recesses is tough, a wood router makes it an easy thing. All you need is have the template, and the router will help you maintain precision. The recesses are essential in decorating the piece of furniture or in patching up cracks.

Making signs

You must have wondered how to make calligraphic letters on wood. But, you don’t have to anymore- you do lettering with the wood routers! The plunge base router does this with precision because you can adjust micro depths.

Making Mortises

Since the beginning of civilization, woodworkers have relied on mortises and tenons to join wood without using nails. While the chisel is the most popular tool for this purpose, the plunge base router is easier and more efficient.

Creating round pieces and patterns

One of the essential functions of a wood router is to make circular designs. If you want to make an ace-shaped cut, the router comes in handy. The router also helps in making round corners. This means you don’t need a saw!

Making key holes

A best wood router helps you to create keyholes for doors, cabinets, and boxes. The fact that a plunge base wood router can create holes in the surface of wood makes it ideal for routing out key holes.

Importance of a Wood Router

Why do you need a wood router in your workshop? If you are wondering why you should purchase a router over other tools, this part of the best wood router review will guide you. Now, here are the reasons why you should working with routers over other tools.

It has diverse uses

With a wood router, you don’t have a limit when it comes to making designs and patterns. This tool lets you make all kind of furniture, from desks, cabinets, and beds to shelves and tables.

It is professional

When using a wood router, you can work in a professional manner. In fact, the router has so many professional uses that it requires you to have the right skills. It encourages you to learn and acquire woodworking skills for using each bit.

It is versatile

The plunge based wood router is versatile and can cut multiple designs without any hitch. The router cuts mortise, circles, curves and straight edges.

It offers quality furniture

If you want a tool that can make straight shapes as well as smooth circular designs, think about the wood router!

It produces durable furniture

Anytime you want an instrument for creating tough joints, then a router is what you need! Not only is the router strong itself, but also, it makes durable edges, joints, and mortises.

It is efficient

If you are a woodworker, a router will not only help you complete your jobs faster, but also help you give them a perfect tough. With a router, you can make precise cuts, which means you save on wood too.

What is the Best Router for Woodworking to Buy?

By now, you are already asking about the best wood router brands to buy for your woodworking. While this can be baffling, you should be able to tell after reading this review. Of course, you need to consider some factors before settling or working with routers for home use. For instance, make sure you consider your budget and skills. Then, find out if the router is versatile, ergonomic, and powerful enough. If you follow the guidelines in this article, you will find the best router to buy!

Which Is The Best Place To Buy A Quality Wood Router?

After this comprehensive review of the wood router, the most pressing question on your mind right now is ‘where can I buy mine?’ But, you don’t have to look best wood router on the market yourself. Of course, the store in your neighborhood or town is close- but you may not find the best router or the accessories. You see, most storekeepers only have a few brands of routers. This means that your choice is limited to what is available at that moment.

For professional woodworkers (or those aspiring for this title) there is no room for error when making such an important investment. So, you should get the exact product that you are looking for. That’s why you need a convenient and full-size store like Amazon. Here, you will not only get all the types of routers but also discounts for your products.





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