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One piece of gardening equipment any homeowner needs, especially one who has a lot a trees in their backyard, is a chainsaw. This powerful tool can make cutting and clearing larger branches easier and faster than just an axe or pruning tool. But there are so many types of best homeowner chainsaw on the market that it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. This is why it’s so important to be aware of all the different Chainsaw types available and which each kind is best for. The following is a handy guide to help you select the best kind of chainsaw that perfectly suits your individual needs.

Standard Chainsaws

These are your standard types that most people are familiar with, either gas powered or electrical. It usually features front and rear handles on the engine housing allowing you to hold it with both hands close to you. This best homeowner chainsaw type is perfect for felling trees, cutting firewood, pruning large limbs that are close to the ground or just shortening stumps that are in your way. These often come with some attachments or they can be converted from other types of chainsaws on this list. These are the ones you want to use for big jobs with large piece of wood you wish to cut or shorten. Make sure that if you’re going to use this one, you are either on the ground or are harnessed securely to any tree trunk while suspended in the air. Using a ladder with this type is dangerous, since you need both hand to operate it. This can often make steadying yourself on a ladder very difficult. Also, if you need to cut larger pieces, a gas powered model is much preferable to best homeowner chainsaw then electric chainsaw.

Pole-shaped chainsaw

This is often more common in the electrical variety than gas powered. This is a smaller chainsaw attached to a pole meant to be used specifically for higher, smaller branches on tall trees. Usually, this model can either be a corded or cordless model that runs on a rechargeable battery. These often come as accessories for string trimmers or can be converted to a standard chainsaw. The main issue to consider when deciding if you would rather have a smaller chainsaw that can be converted with a pole attachment is whether or not you plan on working with smaller pieces of wood rather than larger ones. If you only plan on pruning or clipping hedges and small limbs, than an electrical pole chainsaw is the most ideal. It’s more portable, lightweight and has more versatility than a standard chainsaw and is easier to use as well. If you plan on felling trees or cutting larger branches high in the air, you may need a standard chainsaw instead. Trying to cut large, heavy branches with a pole-shaped chainsaw can be dangerous since the user is often right underneath this branch when cutting it. It’s much safer to be near or beside a heavy branch you’re cutting rather than underneath it when it falls.

best homeowner chainsaw

Types of Chainsaw

Jawed Chainsaw

Some branches are difficult to get a grip on with a pole-shaped chainsaw and are either too small or high up for a standard chainsaw. This led to a recent innovation: jawed chainsaws. This entails a set or jaws or other kind of enclosure surrounding the cutting bar. These grip/clamp onto the branch or limb you’re cutting and steady this branch as you slice through it. This is meant to prevent the branch or limb shifting or falling away when it comes in contact with the cutting bar. Often there are serrated teeth on the jaws or enclosure that help guide towards the chain to cut this limb faster than normal. There are even versions that use a scissor action to facilitate the cutting process. This type is often a feature of smaller, pole-mounted electric chainsaws and usually used for pruning and light cutting of higher, smaller branches that are harder to control when high in the air. Because of these jaws, they are also significantly safer to use since the cutting bar isn’t exposed on either side and is less cumbersome to handle than a standard chainsaw. They do come at a significantly higher price point than regular chainsaws, but such an investment pays off when you find the right size that handles every cutting situation you may encounter. Jawed Chainsaw will be your most preferable The Best homeowner chainsaw ever.

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