Best Electric Pole Saws - Top-Rated & Best-Selling Pole Saws For 2017

A pole saw is a piece of equipment which is designed to help prune trees and cut branches. This is a nifty tool to have because it is basically an electric saw on a pole, hence the name electric pole saw. There are many types available on the market. You can get an best electric pole saw, cordless poles saws, gas powered pole saws and other types. Each type has its own features and each type comes with a different price.

Here all the types of pole saws, the good things and the bad things and our reviews on the models available on the market today.

Best pole saw type

There really is no best pole saw type though many different types of pole saws are available. Depending on what you want to work with then the best pole saw for you may not be the best type for someone else. There are many things to consider and each pole saw comes with a different engine, brand, price and style. Think about an electric pole saw or a cordless pole saw as these tend to be the best around. We will give you a better idea at what to look at when considering how to use pole saw one.

Manual pole saws

Manual pole saws come with the lowest price. They basically come in the form of a pair of prunes or a saw like tool on a pole. This is manually operated. It can be hard on the arms. Typically they have curved blades to make it easier to use.

Electric pole saws

Electric pole saws come in many different styles. This is typical to a best small chainsaw on a pole which is powered by electric. In most cases the pole can become detached so you can use this tool is various situations.

Cordless Pole Saws

Cordless pole saws are battery operated with rechargeable batteries. These are ideal if you plan on using the pole saw in an area where you don’t have an electric output. Although more expensive they are typically easier to use.

Gas Powered Pole Saws

Gas powered pole saws aren’t the best type to choose from. They are designed to be fuel efficient which is a plus but come with other issues as well.

The Benefits of a best Electric Pole Saw

A good electric pole saw has many benefits then other chainsaw reviews you find. It can make your life a lot easier. If you have a back garden with trees and hedges that need taken care of then an electric pole saw is for you. Rather than pruning manually and climbing up on ladders an electric pole saw will get the job done safely, quickly and will give you a better result.

An electric pole saw will also help you get into the trees easier. It will reach the areas that manually could be a difficult task. Although the initial investment might be more than you was hoping to spend, it will save you money in the long run. They are a lot more durable and will last longer than a pair of pruning scissors.

Best Electric Pole Saw

An electric pole saw will reach the masses you can’t and can conquer those tough branches that nothing else will. The job at hand will be made simpler. No more lugging about stepladders, no more climbing up trees to reach that branch and no more will you have a shed full of pruning scissors which aren’t any good.

When to Choose an best Electric pole saw

A best electric pole saw is a corded device. This is an ideal tool for smaller backyards. You need to make sure you have an outlet nearby or an extension lead long enough to reach the hedges and trees. They are a lot stronger and durable than cordless models so will get a hard task done. They are also cheaper to buy so if you are on a tight budget then an electric pole saw might just be for you.

If you have an orchard of trees spread over a large area then an electric pole saw might not efficient enough and a cordless pole saw might not be as powerful. In this case then a gas powered pole saw would be the more logical choice.

What to look for in a best electric pole saw?

When you are looking to purchase an electric pole saw there are certain things you have to consider in order to get the most out How to use pole saw.


You need to make sure you purchase a model with enough power to get done what needs to be done. Think about the thickness of the branches, the amount of trees and talk to an expert on the model which suits your garden and yard perfectly.

Length of bar

The bar is known as the part which the chain travels around. These come in different lengths to suit everyone's needs. The best choice is looking for one with a longer bar. This is so that you can reach places within trees easily. The longer it is, the more places you can reach and the easier it will be to use. Lengths vary so think about which would work best for you.

Working Height of pole saw

An best electric pole saw in general will have a working height of twelve to fifteen feet. The advertising height at which it reaches isn’t actually the length of the tool and pole. If a company claims it will reach up to ten feet then consider the fact that they are including average arm's length in this claim.

What do they weigh?

An best electric pole saw weighs a lot less than a gas powered one. At average they weigh about ten pounds less which is a huge difference. You will want to choose one which doesn’t put any extra pressure on your back and arms. If you aren’t used to heavy gardening work then the lighter the model, the better.


You always need to ask about the warranty on a pole saw before making any choice. Some may come with a two year warranty and other may come with a five year warranty. Always look carefully at what the warranty covers before you make a purchase.

Best electric pole saw Brands

There are many popular chainsaw brands to choose from. Notable and well known power tools companies are competing with one another to create the best electric pole saw on the market. Here is an outlay of the brands which are the best on the market today.

  • Oregon - Oregon is a well-known company when it comes to gardening and power tools. They are best in making cordless, lightweight pole saws for the simpler tasks in the garden.
  • Greenworks - Greenworks have a large range of cordless pole saws available. They are great value for money and have combined new features which beat other cordless pole saws out there.
  • Poulan - Poulan is another notable company that have a large variety to choose from. They are known mostly for their gas powered pole saws.
  • Sun joe - Sun joe are best known for the electric pole saw range they offer. They have designed their poles saws with safety in mind. These are great for beginners.
  • Black & Decker - Black and Decker is a top company when it comes to power and garden tools. They specialise in all type of pole saws and have a large range to choose from. Gas powered, electric powered and even cordless.
  • Remington - Remington is another famous brand that pride themselves on the design and features which come with an electric pole saw.
  • Worx - Worx make corded pole saws which run on electric. They are great value for money and their customer service is impeccable.

The best electric pole saw models On The Market Today

Best Electric Pole Saw

This cordless pole saw is an electric pole saw which runs on battery power which can be recharged. The battery power roughly lasts for about 500 cuts on two to three inch branches. The motor is designed and mounted in the middle of the bar. This allows for the weight to be balanced evenly for ease of use and for extra safety.

The bar is eight inches thick. It also has a branch removal hook to make cutting easier. The vibrations are hardly noticeable and the motor works quietly. The working height is just over five foot. This pole saw comes with an extra extendable pole made from fiberglass. This then makes the working height up to ten foot. This pole is lightweight and powerful and has a unique battery performance.

Best Electric Pole Saw

This cordless electric pole saw comes with a charger and a 2 amp battery. The bar is eight inches thick making this powerful and lightweight at the same time. This tool is designed to make trimming branches easier. The one great feature about this pole is it is has an automatic oil dispenser. The oil dispenser applies oil to the bar when needed. This is a long wearing pole saw for sure.

The easy chain tensioning system makes it easy for the chain to be adjusted. The pole can be extended to a working height of over eight feet. The fully charged battery will offer users 120 minutes of working time. It additionally comes with a four year warranty as well.

Best Electric Pole Saw

Next up on our review list is this electric pole saw from Black and Decker. It comes with a rechargeable battery and is an inexpensive model which will get the job done.

The extensionable pole allows for a choice of lengths which can reach up to fourteen feet high. The battery power offers up to roughly 100 cuts when cutting at average thicknesses of around two to three inches. The average eight inch cutting bar can beat up to a possibility of 6 inch thick branches. This tool comes with a two year guarantee on all parts and the battery. It is slim and lightweight and is so versatile that anyone can use it.

Best Electric Pole Saw

This poulan electric pole saw with rechargeable batteries offer power, performance and quality all in one product. It comes with an instant push button start. It runs quietly and is easy and comfy to use. The 40 volt battery is also compatible with other Poulan power tools which is a major plus.

The 8 inch thick bar and chain have a self-tensioning system which adjusts itself when needed. It is extendable up to eight feet which is the perfect height for those tall trees. This model comes with an automatic oiler which will keep the chain lubricated. This black, classic model is not only easy to use but safe to use. It also comes in at a great price which is why this is one of the more popular pole saws on sale this season.

Sun Joe have made this model which comes with a 6.5 amp motor which is powerful enough for cutting those thicker branches. The pole is created like a telescope and can reach working heights of up to 15 feet which is a plus. The chain and bar have the automatic oiling system to make sure everything is lubricated. This will maintain the pole saw a lot longer meaning you don’t have to do the hard work.

This model is probably the best electric pole saw to buy when it comes to price. It is also sleek and modern in a lime and black design. It comes with a fully two year guarantee as well. We can’t forget the safety switch either. This means that it is built safely and no accidental starts will happen.

Best Electric Pole Saw
Best Electric Pole Saw

This pole saw if different to other models on the market. The lengthy extending pole can reach up to heights of 21 feet. There are four poles which attach to one another to reach this length. The 15 inch blade is powerful and thick enough to tackle those thicker branches. This model is lightweight and weighs in at just seven pounds.

This is more of a professional pole saw. It has a comfortable grip where you hands will be and the oval shaped poles allow the user to precisely control it. This model is well built, super light and will get the job done. Although not made by a notable brand, consumers who have brought this pole saw are more than satisfied with its performance.

Best Electric Pole Saw

If you want a simple electric pole saw then this is the choice to make. The ten inch bar is created with an automatic tension system. This technology tightens the chain when needed. The 8 amp motor allows for a quick and reliable performance which is powerful enough to cut through thick 5 inch branches.

The extension pole can reach heights of up to eight feet. The design is lightweight and compact and doesn’t put any extra tension on your back, shoulders or arms. The pole is also detachable so you can choose to use with or without the pole depending on how and what you need to use it for.

Best Electric Pole Saw

Sun joe have designed this electric pole saw which is great for around the home. It is ideal for thinner branches up to a thickness of seven inches. It is built with a powerful 6.5 amp motor which offers a consistent performance. The cutting bar is eight inches. The chain comes with an automated oiling system which lubricates the chain when needed.

This sleek design is great value for money. It is lightweight and easy to use. It also comes with a full two year guarantee. It simply starts up with the power button and is safe to use because of the built in safety switch. You can reach up to fifteen feet of working height with the extendable pole.

Best Electric Pole Saw

Last but not least on our list is this telescoping electric pole saw. It can reach a working height of up to nine feet. The 6.5 amp motor is powerful enough to reach and slice through those tough branches. The handle is designed with a rubber grip for ease of use. The lock clamps allow the pole to be extended safely and securely.

The built in lubrication system allows the chain to be lubricated when needed which is something consumers look for in pole saws. It comes with plastic covers for the blades which prevent rust when it is in storage. With a one year guarantee, a quiet motor and reduced vibrations this is a lightweight pole saw everyone can use.

What Size of Branches can Electric Pole Saw Cut?

A best electric pole saw which is eight amps can cut softwood branches that are a few inches thick. Even hardwood trees can be cut with ease if the branches aren’t too thick. The bar on the pole saw is usually an indication of the thickness of branches it can conquer. There will usually be a guide on the product description which can give you a rough idea of what it can eat through.

Quick Tips on How to Use best Electric Pole Saw

A best electric pole saw is a power tool which means it needs to be handled with increased care. If you want to make sure you are safe while using it then you need to be careful. If you want to maintain your electric pole saw as long as possible then you need to keep up regular maintenance.

  • Before you start using the pole saw make sure there are no electric cables or phone wires in your way that could cause a fatal accident.
  • You need to look around and make sure there is nothing you can trip on. A lot of models have a cut out switch which will turn the tool off if you trip and fall but be careful and take these extra measures before you start using the power tool.
  • Always use both hands to operate the saw. It might be lightweight but you need two hands to control the saw at all times.
  • Never use the best electric pole saw in windy or wet weather. This is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Why You Should Invest in an Electric Pole Saw

An electric pole saw will get a hard task done with ease. These are tools which have been designed to make gardening easy and enjoyable. Pole saws also provide safety, convenience and are good value for money. You should invest in best electric pole saw because:

Safety - Poles saws are safer to use than climbing up ladders to get a pruning job done. You can keep your feet firmly on the ground while pruning and trimming make your gardening job a lot easier.

Convenience - Pole saws are convenient to use. They are powered so all the hard work is taken out of the job.

Price - Although the initial investment might seem a lot you will save a lot of money in the future. Manual pruning scissors aren’t as durable and replacements are made more often.

An electric pole saw is powerful and durable and comes with a long warranty meaning you are saving more money in the long run.

Making the Decision

Making the right choice depends on your budget and your ultimate purpose. If you have a small backyard then an electric corded pole saw will be efficient enough. If you don’t have access to electric outputs then consider going for a cordless model. Look for models with a motor which is at least 6 amps. This will cut through thicker branches.

Consider the safety features and gripped handles. These will make the pole saw easier and safer to use. You are making an investment so consider a model which offers a longer guarantee. Overall the working height is perfect if it reaches ten feet but again this depends on your height and the type of trees you will be pruning.

There is no perfect pole saw but there is something out there on the market which is perfect for you!

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