Why Basic Chainsaw Maintenance is the best for chainsaw?

Knowing how to operate properly a Basic Chainsaw Maintenance is one thing and knowing how to take properly care of it is another thing. Just like any equipment, proper care, and maintenance of your chainsaw will extend it lifespan and reduce cases of accidents. Most homeowners faces chainsaw won't start! & are aware of the potential of their chainsaws but never realize that without proper care the huge potential is lost. The chainsaws get damaged easily, and they find themselves in the repair shops where they pay a lot for repairs. If you have knowledge on Basic Chainsaw Maintenance, you can overcome & reduce chainsaw problem easily.

Basic Chainsaw Maintenance

Most of the Basic Chainsaw Maintenance involve the most important parts of the chainsaws. Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly maintenance routines can be done depending on how you frequently use your chainsaw. The following are simple but very crucial Basic Chainsaw Maintenance tips to help keep your chainsaw in good condition:

Mix the right gas and oil

If your chainsaw uses gasoline, then make sure you mix the gas and oil in their right ratios as recommended by the manufacturer. In most cases, the ratio of gas to oil is 50:1 or 40:1. There is an indication of the ratio on the fuel cap. Mixing these two without taking the ratio into consideration tends to make the chainsaws finicky. Chainsaw that tend to be difficult to start are caused by improper mixing ratios.

Regular check of the bar chain oil

The chain and bar lube oil should regularly be checked especially if you have a lot cutting to do. The chain usually goes through the oil faster when cutting a lot of wood. The oil should not be allowed to dry completely up at any point.

Chainsaw tightness

The best chainsaws should never be too loose or too tight. Maintaining the chainsaw’s chain require you to first to disconnect the spark plug. Secondly, loosen the nuts that hold the guide bar of the chainsaw. This helps remove the pressure guide bar. You can then use a screwdriver to adjust the tension of the chainsaw bolt. As the bolt is moved, the tightness of the chain will be adjusted. Always remember to reconnect the plug before starting to cut again.

Regular cleaning on major parts

Some of the parts that require regular cleaning include the sprocket, the throttle trigger, air filter, the oil inlet hole and the cooling fins. The air filter can be replaced if need be. Cleaning removed dirt that accumulates when cutting and helping keep every part in perfect condition for smooth operation.

The lubrication bar should be checked every time you have a cutting task to ensure it is not clogged. The bar can be lubricated if it has a sprocket tip to prevent uneven wear.

Taking care of your chainsaw simply means you ensure everything is right before starting to use it. Make sure every part of the chainsaw is well tightened. All loose chainsaw chains, nuts and screws should be well tightened. The chainsaw chain should be sharpened whenever you notice it does not cut smoothly. If not sure you are doing a good job at sharpening, you can seek professional help. However, learn from friends on how to properly sharpen your chainsaw as you will be required to do it more often on your own.

Chainsaw storage is also paramount if you need to maintain it in good condition. Store the chainsaw in a dry, secure place. It is advised that you use all the oil before storing it especially if it is winter time.


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