Best Chainsaw Bar Oil: How to Improve Efficiency

If you have a Best Chainsaw Bar Oil, then you probably know the importance of maintaining it. Cleaning and oiling your chainsaw properly will get the job done fast while maintaining your chainsaw. Every had your chainsaw wear out too soon? The bar can easily discolor along the edges leaving you wondering what has gone wrong. Well, this has to do with

your best chainsaw bar oil. The flow rate of the oil might be an issue or the oil itself. Choosing the proper chainsaw oil goes a long way keeping your chainsaw in a good shape.


Chainsaws operating at high speeds, heating up to 3500 RPM motors. The motor drives the saw chain around a guide bar for cutting wood, which generates a considerable amount of friction between the chain and bar. Chainsaw bar oil is used to reduce the friction, helping to prolong engine life chainsaw.

Maxpower 337045 1-Gallon Bar and Chain OilBar and Chain8 pounds
Poulan Pro 952030204 Bar and Chain OilBar and Chain5.75 pounds
Echo 6459006 Power Chainsaw Bar and Chain OilBar and Chain2 pounds
Makita 181116-A 1-Gallon Chain Bar Oil for Chain SawBar and Chain7.91 pounds
NV Earth Biodegradable Bar & Chain OilBar and Chain3.7 L
Green Earth Technologies 1121 Bar and Chain Green OilBar and Chain946 ml


Bar oil lubricates the chain joints and helps reduce friction between the chain guides and the channel in the guide bar. This lubrication allows the chain to move faster, with less effort required by the engine. Maintains the temperature of chain and bar, it helps preserve the life of the chain as well.


Chainsaws have a reservation in the body of the saw bar oil exploitation. The oil is applied to the chain either manually, with the push of a control on the handle, or in some saws, automatically distributed as the saw is used. Auto-oilers are designed to distribute all bar oil in about the same amount of time it takes for the engine with a fuel tank.

Oil Types

Most manufacturers recommend using chainsaw special bar oil rather than other types of oil. Bar oil is naturally thicker than the engine oil to adhere to the chain (where finer motor oil can be thrown off by the speed of the chain).

Oils to avoid

Some have tried alternatives to oil bar, with varying degrees of success. A type to prevent engine oil is used. Typically used engine oil viscosity has lost some through its use in a motor and often has microscopic scales of metal that can cause damage to the bar and chain.

Other alternatives

Some alternatives to bar oil include new engine oil mixed with a generous amount of thicker lubricants such as STP. While this used to be a popular alternative because of the cost difference, in recent years, the cost savings has been reduced to the point that oil specially designed bar can actually be less expensive than the alternatives.

One of the best chainsaw bar oil I can personally recommend you to is the Oregon 54-026 Chain Saw Bar and Chain Oil Quart. This oil provides the chainsaw with maximum lubrication helping minimize resistance and friction as the chainsaw spins. Most people who use the chainsaw bar oil never understand it exact use. Contrary to some beliefs, the chainsaw bar oil is not used to provide lubrication between the wood and saw. The oil is used to lubricate the bar and the groove. This helps reduce the friction and resistance as the chainsaw spins. Excessive friction will damage the chain reducing the lifespan of the chainsaw.

Features: Oregon 54-026 Chain Saw Bar And Chain Oil - Quart

• Provides maximum engine power, low friction and faster cutting time

• High film strength prevents wear or scuffing of chain links and bars, while protecting metal parts against corrosion and rust.

• Resists build up of deposits such as pitch, sap or gum

• Petroleum based oil & very viscous.

When a chainsaw develops resistance, the speed of cutting drastically decreases as the chainsaw cannot spin at faster rates. There is a lot of users can benefit with the chainsaw bar oil. Less resistance simply means a faster chain and these results to faster cutting. The Makita 181116-A 1-Gallon Chain Bar Oil for Chain Saw is another excellent option working for all chainsaws.

Benefits users can gain by using the chainsaw bar oil.

The oils provide the engine with maximum power meaning even the toughest jobs can be handled with ease. Faster cutting is achieved fast the resistance is significantly reduced.

Wear and scuffing on the bars and chain links are greatly reduced which increases the lifespan of the oil tremendously. Without proper oiling, the chainsaw is likely to wear off due to friction, and you know what this means to your beloved chainsaw.

Various parts of the chainsaw are protected against rust and corrosion. We all know the chainsaw work in areas where they are exposed to all forms of weather. Proper oiling prevents rust and corrosion ensuring your chainsaw remains in good condition for longer periods.

The chainsaw bar oil also helps resist the buildup sap or gum when felling trees. When felling trees, the gum from trees or pitch can build up within your chainsaw. However, a properly oiled chainsaw resists such build up ensuring your saw remains clean even after long hours of working.

A chainsaw oil bar is a must when it comes to chainsaws. The oils will keep the chainsaws up and running without unnecessary breakdowns. Make sure you select your chainsaw bar oil correctly as the market is filled with all kinds of chainsaw bar oil. The Oregon bar and chain oil are one of the best chainsaw bar oil to provide tackiness and prevent throw off. The Makita 181116-A 1-Gallon best Chainsaw Bar Oil is another great option, but you can rely on these two to get the job done right and faster.



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