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How do you buy a good worx jawsaw? When you have information on its features, you will always know WORX jawsaw review what to look for when buying one . Many buyers have been able to understand its specs have had the best products when purchasing from the dealers both online and offline. Here is a review of WORX Max Lithium Cordless with Jawsaw Chain Saw that you should know prior to buying:

WORX Chainsaw with guard covers chains for an enhanced safety

This WORX Max Lithium Cordless with Jawsaw Chain Saw has guard covers chains for an enhanced safety when using it. You will never be worried about injuries when using it when looking for a perfect product. Those who have used it have been contented with its quality when cutting trees with it. You will work with it for several days without having to worry about the safety of yourself. The buyers of buyers who have acquired it have increased tremendously due to this excellent feature.

It has a steel teeth hold work in the right place when cutting for stability

The product has a steel teeth hold work in the right place when cutting for more stability. This means you will use it effectively thus making it one of products that you can be sure of their quality after you make that perfect choice within a market. In addition, it would bring you comfort while cutting thus making it among the best rated products selling in the market today.

WORX Jawsaw Review


  • Powerful and lightweight 2.0 Amp MaxLithium battery delivers long-lasting performance without self-discharge or memory effect
  • Cut or trim materials up to 4-inches in diameter
    worx jawsaw

    WORX WG320 Max Lithium Cordless Jawsaw Chain Saw, 20-volt

  • Innovative auto-tension feature guarantees optimum tension at all times
  • Features an automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator
  • Blade housing allows for safe cuts directly on the ground
  • Scissor cut action limits dangerous kickback for safer operation
  • Includes a 3 Year Warranty & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Guard covers chain for enhanced safety
  • Steel teeth hold work in place while cutting for stability
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What’s in the Box

Worx WG320 JawSaw, WA3520 battery, WA3732 charger, 50022097 wrench, 3.4-ounce bottle of chain oil, 50022096 bottle.

Has an auto-Tension feature that sets well the proper tension

When you purchase the WORX Max Lithium Cordless with Jawsaw Chain Saw, you will be satisfied at the auto-Tension feature, which will sets well the proper tension as opposed to other products in the market. The features of the product has been the main reason why many customers prefer it today when compared to others selling in the same market.

The chain saw has an automatic chain oiler with an oil level indicator

Those buyers who have bought it have found an automatic chain oiler with an oil level indicator that has made it one of the best products currently selling in the market. The product will simplify your work when cutting trees without feeling fatigue especially when working for longer hours. In addition, when using the product, you will have an easy time cutting trees due to its high efficiency rate.

Scissor cut action that limits dangerous kickback

This chain saw uses a Scissor cut action that limits dangerous kickback thus you do not need to worry about your safety even as you use it. This feature has made it superior to other chainsaws that you can buy during your shopping. You will also protect yourself against the injuries that are associated with other chainsaws when buying from the dealers selling either online or offline.

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In conclusion, when you understand the above review of WORX Max Lithium Cordless with Jawsaw Chain Saw, you will learn about it well before buying one from the market. In addition, whether buying the product offline or online, you will be certain of saving money.


  • Easy oiling on the JawSaw &  has a window for checking the oil level.
  • Light weight makes it easy to use with less fatigue
  • Perfect for handling the smaller stuff such as branches, young trees, saplings, palmettos, and other brush. , cuts through scrub quickly, isn’t noisy. Cuts branches up to 4 inches
  • Squeeze trigger instead of pushing the handle inward to have a cut


  • Difficult in adjusting the tension
  • Chain may falls off frequently
  • Battery charge life is remarkable, 20 minutes at a time


  • It’s no issues with the chain slipping and no issues with the oil cap coming off. This tool has made yardwork so much easier
  • 2nd Battery Highly recommended since run time is only 20 minutes.


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