TOP 5 Best Sprout LED Aerogarden Reviews and Guide

Supporting life on earth should be the main responsibility of humans. Yes- we owe our life to the existence of plants and animals around us. Sometimes, it’s not just that- the flora and fauna make our environment beautiful. For so long, we’ve always believed that pets can only be members of the fauna part of nature. But, why can’t we try out the flora too? Sounds odd, but can’t we have plants in our houses? Well, the aerogarden reviews I’m presenting to you today will help you do exactly that! Let’s see the best sprout LED aerogarden!

What Is An Aerogarden?

Precisely, best aerogarden is a foolproof and dirt-free indoor garden in which you can grow best aerogarden plants all year round. You can grow anything in it, literally. I hope you won’t demand to grow an oak in an aerogarden, though. But, smaller plants, herbs and vegetables can fit in the standard aerogarden. Maybe, science is going to find a way of growing the tall cypress in future- who knows?!

Aerogardens make the life of gardeners quite simple. They are made in a way that can help you know when to add water or even turn the lights on or off to mimic the sun.

How Does Best Aerogarden Work?

The best way to understand how the best sprout LED aerogarden works is to appreciate that it’s an indoors, sunless and ‘soil-less’ tool in which best aerogarden plants are grown. An art of the style modern agricultural technology powers the garden. This comprises of everything that the plant needs in its growth. Thus, the system provides optimum conditions for plant growth. This speeds the process of growth for the plants.

How Does An Aerogarden Work

Image showing how an aerogarden works. (Courtesy of Aerogarden.Com)

Main Features of an aerogarden

Seed pods:

These are vessels designed to deliver enough air, water, and various nutrients to speed up the germination of seeds. The pods provide plenty of oxygen and they have no soil or dirt.

Grow Bulbs:

These are full spectrum light emitters that simulate the sun. So, the plants can grow healthy without needing any sunny windows. The aerogarden plants get all the light they need as the bulbs come on and off in an automatic manner.


Plants need both macro and micro nutrients for their healthy development. Each type of plant needs a specific amount of the nutrients. The aerogarden chips in to remind you to add these important ‘plant foods’ in a pre-measured form. Thus, you will neither starve nor overfeed your plants while they grow in the aerogarden.

Root System:

The roots are very important part of plants, and good care needs to be taken when handling them. They provide support to plants grown outdoors, but in the case of an aerogarden, they are mainly inlets. Simply, you can think of the roots as the ‘mouths’. The engineering of the aerogarden is such that it provides support to the roots. The water and nutrient levels are controlled and the machine will alert you when the levels are either too low or high.

Maybe this video will help you best understand how the aerogarden is able to support plant life indoors.

How To Use An Aerogarden And Why Would You Want One?

There are many best aerogarden reviews in which you can use your aerogarden. If you have the best sprout LED, for instance, you can plant herbs indoors where you give them optimum conditions for growth. Other reasons why you should try and get an aero garden include the following.

  • The plants will freshen and purify the air in your rooms. Plants exhale oxygen and this means you will not suffocate in the office.
  • You can turn your aerogarden into an indoor kitchen garden. So, you may come grow lettuce, spinaches, coriander and others for your sandwiches.
  • Beat aerogarden plants such as flowers grown in aerogardens will make your home and office beautiful.
  • The best aerogarden keeps your vegetable fresh. A long as you bring them to your home with their roots intact, you may not need any refrigeration!
  • Some seeds are so rare and delicate that you fear they’d be damaged outdoors. The aerogarden gives you the power to start seeds indoors and later transfer them outdoors when they can withstand the environment.

Top 5 Best Sprout LED AeroGarden Reviews

The stores have hundreds of aerogardens that you can buy. But, which of the hundreds that there are would rank among the best ten or so? Well, we have the perfect top 5 best sprout LED aerogarden reviews for you!

Best cheapest AeroGarden Ultra (LED) Herb Seed Pod Kit

This is one of the cheapest best sprout LED aerogarden under $200 in this list. That doesn’t mean that it is any less in quality though, as you will find out in the features below.

It’s a 12.85 pound garden which measures 19.2 by 14.8 by 34 inches. Thus, it is far more compact and lightweight that the majority of standard aerogardens. Again, it has an adjustable light stand that can stretch up to 24 inches. This is important as it gives you the limit beyond which you cannot grow your plants. The good side of this is that the majority of herbs grown on aerogarden do not exceed that height.

Best Aerogarden Reviews

Image Courtesy of

You can grow up to 7 plants at a time on the garden. Well, seven may sound too few, but; if you choose the plants wisely, you will get the maximum results. Every AeroGarden Ultra LED comes with a 7 pod Gourmet herb seed kit. The kit contains mint, thyme, dill chives, dill, Thai basil, Genovese basil as well as 3 ounces of patented nutrients.

The garden has an interactive LCD screen control panel that acts as a record and time keep for your plant. It will alert you when you need to add water or nutrients. It will also turn the lights off and on automatically. Again, the screen will give you timely tips to help you get the best from your farming. If you need any technical support that has to do with the controls, you can get it from the display.

It has a sturdy hydroponic system and sprout LED system. The lighting system is efficient- it lazily consumes your energy but the output is great. The 30-watt LED system is able to emit the best spectrum for photosynthesis.

What we like about the AeroGarden Ultra LED

  • 30 Watt LED Grow Light
  • Extends 24″
  • 20,000 Hour Rating
  • Intuitive LCD Touchscreen
  • 7 Pod
  • Full spectrum
  • Pretty black plastic design
  • Measures 17.25″ x 11.25″ x 15″-34″

What we don’t like about AeroGarden Ultra LED

  • Plastic construction

Energy Saving High Performance AeroGarden Harvest

Aerogarden Harvest comes in four types; the black, red, white and then the teal version. You can also try out the Elite version but it’s a little more expensive and advanced. Below are the aerogarden’s main features.

First, it has an energy saving high performance 20-watt LED system that is specific in terms of the spectrum necessary for photosynthesis. This saves your power bills and fastens the plant growth.

Best Aerogarden Reviews

Image Courtesy of

Second, it allows you to grow at least 6 plants at a time. Some workarounds on this suggest that you can have two plants per opening. But, this may end up stressing the nutrients and overall plant health.

Third, has an interactive LCD control panel. This feature lets you control the electronic garden. It alerts you on important issues such as when to add nutrients. Again, it turns the lights on and off automatically.

Fourth, it has an adjustable lamp arm which it supports a plant height of up to 12 inches. The white high gloss plastic construction is not only elegant but also durable. Further, it has a 20,000 hour rating that makes it worthy to grow plants all year round- for more than two years.

What we like about the AeroGarden Harvest, White

  • 20 Watt LED Grow Light
  • Full spectrum 6 Pod Extends 12″
  • White High Gloss Plastic
  • 20,000 Hour Rating
  • Interactive LCD Controller
  • Measures 10.75 by 7.5″ by 10.5″-17″

What we don’t like about AeroGarden Harvest, White

  • Plastic Material

Interactive AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

This brand comes in two versions. One has the seed pod while the other (costs a few dollars more) has a seed starting system. It has and year round ability to grow herbs, vegetables and flowers as it is independent of the rain, soil and sun. This allows the aero garden to grow plants about 500 percent faster than in normal outdoor conditions. Anyway, the following are the features that have placed Bounty in our top 5 best sprout LED aerogarden reviews!

First, it consists of high performance 45-watt LED lighting system. This produces a full spectrum light that simulates the sun and provides the plant with ultimate conditions for growth.

Best Sprout LED

Image Courtesy of

Second, it has a fully interactive touch screen interface on which you can control the addition of water and nutrients. It is also programmed to give you tips on how to maximize your plant’s growth.

Third, it allows you to grow about 9 plants. The 9-pod garden has a lamp arm that extends up to 24 inches. Thus, you can grow any plant as long as it will not exceed that height.

Fourth, it is made of a sturdy form of synthetic fiber. This makes it lightweight and at the same time durable. Well, it may not be as rugged as the stainless steel but it works just fine. It weighs 12.05 pounds.

What we like about the AeroGarden Bounty

  • 45 Watt LED Grow Light
  • High performance full spectrum
  • Fully Automated customizable Interactive LCD Touchscreen
  • 25″ W x 11.25″ D x 15″-34″ H
  • 30,000 Hour Rating
  • Extends 24″
  • 9 Pod
  • Black Plastic construction

What we don’t like about AeroGarden Bounty

  • I just don’t like plastics

Platinum AeroGarden Bounty Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

The Platinum AeroGarden Bounty Elite is one of the finest aerogardens small scale growers. It supports up to nine plants. The LED sprout aerogarden is also affordable and durable as you will see in the features below.

First, it is elegant and durable. It has a cute platinum stainless steel finish and looks great when placed on your countertop. This doesn’t make it any heavy as the shipping weight is about 13.75 pounds. It’s compact enough and measures around 17.5 by 11.5 by 34 inches.

Best Sprout LED

Image Courtesy of

Second, it is astonishingly simple to use the Bounty Elite. You can assemble in in just a few minutes and you will neither need tools nor specialized knowledge to do that. It comes with a user guide, so you don’t have to pay for set up. Then, it presents you with an entertaining and easy way to plant your herbs. All you should do is insert the pre-seed pods into the aerogarden. Then, add water plus the nutrients.

Third, it has an advanced LED lighting system which mimics the sun by providing broad spectrum light. This helps the plants to carry out photosynthesis and thus boost quick healthy growth. The LED bulbs are ideal for such situations as they use less power and produce maximum light for photosynthesis.

Fourth, your plants get to grow healthily without needing any sunlight soil, herbicides, GMO or pesticides. Only you, the plants and the aerogarden!

What we like about the AeroGarden Bounty Elite

  • 30,000 Hour Rating
  • 45 Watt LED Grow Light
  • 9 Pod
  • 24″ growth height
  • Interactive LCD Touchscreen
  • Fully Automated
  • Customizable
  • Platinum Stainless

What we don’t like about the AeroGarden Bounty Elite

  • 9 plants is probably too few

iRSE Indoor Garden Master Kit with Hydroponics LED Growing System

Sometimes, I like long brand names as they give every detail about the product. Well, what you see in the name is what you get. This garden is a product of the tech engineers at iRSE Garden. The Hydroponics system is ideal for vegetables, green tea and other herbs. Oh- plus it requires no soil either! Below are some of the features of this garden.

First, it the LED system has three modes of light. These include the 16-ON and 8-OFF hours, OFF all the time as well as ON all the time. The garden includes a full spectrum adjustable LED lamp. The pink light simulates sunlight and is necessary for photosynthesis while the white light is for general lighting.

Herb Seed Pod Kit

Image Courtesy:

Second, the box is easy to use. Every unit of the product contains a user guide book which teaches you on what to do next.

Third, the garden comes with two detachable planting pods. You can separate them for easier portability or when you want to grow herbs that require different kinds of light.

What we like about the iRSE Indoor Garden Kit

  • 2 Planting Pods Cover
  • User Manual
  • Basin Body (Water Container)
  • 2 Detachable Planting Pods
  • Fertilizer
  • 16V/1A Power Adapter
  • 8W LED Lighting Control System
  • Best sprout LED under $100

What we don’t like about iRSE Indoor Garden Kit

  • Customer care and support

Best Sprout LED AeroGarden Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Aerogarden for You

Now, which is the best sprout LED aero garden to buy? Well, for first time customers, this question is usually a brain gym. Scouring the online stores to get the best for your choice isn’t always a bread-butter affair. Fortunately, we understand it already. So, we’ve come up with a metric that could favor you. Noteworthy, the best aerogarden for one person is not the best for another. So, check out for the following variety of features to consider when buying one.


What amount of space do you have? The answer you give to this question will help you find out what brand and size of an aerogarden you may need. Remember, you do not need a giant-sized garden of you do not really have enough space to keep it. The good thing is that they come in several sizes for you to pick.

Family consumption

How much does your family need? This question is important especially if you are interested in a kitchen aerogarden. If you live with your extended family, you probably need to go for the larger varieties. But, when your family has three people, you’d probably want the smaller brands.

Plants variety

Well, plants need different conditions for seamless growth. That’s why you’ll not find apples growing naturally in the Saharan desert or mangroves in the cold Greenland. The point is- you need to find the aerogarden that provides the perfect optimum conditions for your plants. Legumes and members of the bean family may not need as much nitrous nutrients as those from the wheat and barley. So, you may need to grow them in separate aerogardens. 

Construction and durability

You definitely want your aerogarden to last for long. But this only means that you must be ready to look for one that’s made of sturdy material. AeroGarden Harvest Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, Stainless Steel is one of those made of steel. Ensure that the material used to make the water and nutrient vessel is not prone to rusting. You see, iron could rust and damage both the plants and the aerogarden.


The ideal aerogarden should be easy to use and maintain. Some modern aerogardens are made in the highest standards of technology and you can even control them right from your computer or phone. For instance, the AeroGarden Bounty Elite supports Wi-Fi connections which help you to control the aerogarden from anywhere!

BONUS: Best Sprout LED Aerogarden for Kids and Young Gardeners

I’m sure you’d love to know the best LED sprout aerogarden for kids/ young gardeners. And, I can’t think of anything better than the AeroGarden Herbie Kid’s Garden.

If you are a parent, you could be getting irritated whenever kids damage your hard-grown herbs. Some kids even end up destroying the garden. The dilemma is whether you should punish them for trying to do what they see you doing. I’d advise that you buy them their own garden instead. They’ll love it and besides, it will teach them how to be responsible gardeners. So, what does Herbie offer?

Herb Seed Pod Kit

Image Courtesy of

First, it is designed for young gardeners aged above 6 years. It has a 12-week guide on how to grow vegetables that you will eventually use in a pizza party. Then, it has a 32-paged activity book that make it fun to seed, plant, prune, and harvest the crop.

Second, for less than $100, get an efficient 8W LED aerogarden. The lighting system makes the plants grow fast. You can turn it on when you wake up and off when you are going to sleep.

It’s easy to set up the garden. Plus, it comes with grow domes, sponges, dry eraser, dropper, seeds and plant food (fertilizer and nutrients). All you need to add is water. The plants grow without any soil or mess, plus the seeds have are non-GMO.

What we like about the Herbie Kid’s Garden

  • Designed for kids
  • Efficient 8W LED system
  • Manual on and off lighting
  • 32-page activity book
  • 18 different fun learning activities
  • Pizza Party at the end!

What we don’t like about Herbie Kid’s Garden

  • Not suitable for adults or advanced gardening

Final Word on the Best Sprout LED Aerogarden Reviews

Nothing tastes yummier than fresh salads, herbs, or cherries and tomatoes that have ripened right on the vine. It’s the same case with green lettuce. They are both fresh and healthy to eat. That’s exactly what aerogardens help you achieve.

The fact that plants grow 5 times on the garden makes it more convenient than conventional organic ways. And, the plants are healthier too! You do not need any herbicides or pesticides and this makes it cheaper and healthier to use these best aerogarden.

In fact, studies have revealed that lettuce grown in an aerogarden contains more than double ascorbic acid (vitamin C) than those grown under normal conditions.

So, I believe you will pick one of the bets sprout LED aerogardens in our aerogarden review. Oh, and don’t forget to pick Herbie Kid’s Garden for your children, will you?!

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