Top 5 Timberline Chainsaw Sharpeners

You need to sharpen your best chainsaw regularly so that it continues to operate well. This is why a chainsaw sharpener comes in handy. With a sharp chain, cutting is safer and less strenuous on the chainsaw motor. This enables the saw to last longer. You know that it is time to sharpen it when it stops cutting straight and self-feeding. Then you have to push on it in order to make the perfect cut. You can get a Timberline chainsaw sharpener.  It sharpens fast and accurately. It is also highly durable. Here are several tips for choosing the best Timberline chainsaw sharpeners.


Powerful chainsaw sharpeners are better at sharpening. They come with differently-sized motors, ranging from 75 to 300 watts. Ensure that the sharpener you choose has a powerful motor to provide exemplary performance.

Rotations per minute

When looking for a Timberline Chainsaw sharpener, consider its rotations per minute. Select one with a high RPM. It can sharpen chains quicker and more effectively than that with a lower RPM.


The model and material of the chainsaw sharpener you pick determines its durability. Some sharpeners are made from plastic while others make use of heavy-duty metals that are not easily destructible. You should buy that which is made from a strong, long-lasting material.


Different chainsaw sharpeners are designed to work with different blades. Ensure that the one you pick is compatible with your chainsaw blade.


Always consider the price of the Timberline chainsaw sharpener that you are about to purchase. Ensure that the quality is worth the money that you have to part with.

Are you looking for a Timberline chainsaw sharpener?

Here is a compilation of sharpeners that you can try out.

This Timberline chainsaw sharpener is highly efficient. It allows you to sharpen each tooth within a few seconds. It is easy to use and works outstandingly well. 3/16” Carbide Cutter is best for sharpening .325” pitch chains. This machine comes with a soft carriage case that has two zipper pockets.


The chainsaw sharpener is made from high quality aluminum. It makes the machine strong and durable; thus allowing you to use it for a long time.


The tool is portable. With only 1.15 pounds, you can carry it anywhere you want whenever you want to sharpen your chain.

Precise and accurate

This chainsaw sharpener perfectly clamps on that bar.  Then, the chain can be pulled through as the teeth are being sharpened; to similar lengths and angles.  It has a quality tungsten carbide cutter that is hand turned using a handle for ultimate efficiency.

Fast and easy to use

The Timberline chainsaw sharpener takes seconds to sharpen each tooth. You do not need training or prior experience to use it.

This is the perfect chainsaw sharpener. It prevents your saw from ever getting dull. With its durability, you might not need another sharpener for a long time.

Like all Best Timberline Chainsaw sharpeners, this one promises peak performance. It is easy to handle and comes with incredible precision. 7/32” Carbide Cutter comes with a high-quality tungsten carbide cutter and a handle to turn it. It is ideal to use on .404” and 3/8” pitch chains.

Great sharpening speed

The chainsaw sharpener sharpens every tooth within seconds.  This makes it ideal since it saves you time.


The machine is long-lasting. It is constructed from high-grade aluminum that also makes it strong.


You can rely on this tool to sharpen each tooth of your chain to the same length as well as angle. It is quite easy to use hence you don’t have to worry about how to handle it.


The machine comes with only 1.2 pounds. It is therefore comfortable to carry using the carriage bag that it comes with.

Fast and effective chainsaw sharpeners are what we all desire. This one is perfect for you. It is reliable and you can use it to ensure that your chainsaw will never grow dull.

This is an easy-to-carry Timberline Chainsaw sharpener that provides outstanding performance. It ensures that the teeth of your chain are always sharp to make your cutting easy and comfortable. This Timberline chainsaw sharpener is convenient for 3/8” chains (Stihl).


The sharpener takes a few seconds to sharpen each tooth. It makes it ideal since you don’t have to spend hours sharpening your chain.


This is one of the most accurate chainsaw sharpeners. The teeth are sharpened to similar angles and lengths for maximum efficiency.


High grade aluminum is used to make this chainsaw sharpener. It gives it high durability as well as strength.


The machine comes with 1.2 pounds. You can easily carry it with you even when you are cutting wood in the wild. It comes with a case for easy and safe carriage.

Easy to use

You don’t need any prior experience to operate this chainsaw sharpener. It has a hand-turned tungsten carbide cutter that comes with a handle for easy operation.

This Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener is exactly what you need. It comes with an ideal weight for easy portability. You do not need a manual to operate it and furthermore, it is precise and fast.

This Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener is designed for 3/8” Picco and micro pitch chains. It is also suitable for a low profile chain. It has a carriage bag so you don’t have to stress over how you will carry it once you make the purchase.


It is very fast. With it, each of your chain’s teeth will be sharpened within seconds. This gives you ample time to cut your wood.


This machine weighs only 1.2 pounds. You can carry it every time you go to cut wood. The bag that accompanies it makes it more convenient for you to move around with it.


Durable machined aluminum is used to make this Timberline chainsaw sharpener. With it, you don’t have to worry about the breakage of its parts while you are cutting wood.

Easy to operate

You don’t have to worry about how you will use this machine. It is easy and you don’t require any experience.


The chainsaw sharpener has a tungsten carbide cutter that you should hand-turn using a handle. Every tooth is sharpened effectively to ensure that you can cut fast and without struggle.

Used on the right chain, this sharpener ensures peak performance. It is easy to carry and use. 5/32” Carbide Cutter also sharpens the chainsaw’s teeth quickly. It is the perfect chainsaw sharpener for you.

Do you have 1/4″ pitch chain that needs to be sharpened? This is the chainsaw sharpener that you should get. You can take it anywhere you want and use it at any time.

High durability

The chainsaw sharpener comes with high quality aluminum. It makes it strong and you can rely on it to sharpen your chainsaws for years.

Easy to carry

This machine has a weight of 1.2 pounds. Therefore, you will have an easy time carrying it. It comes with a Timberline carriage case that you can use.


The chainsaw sharpener is able to sharpen the teeth to similar lengths and angles; each within seconds. It fast speed saves you time and energy.

Easy to use

Using this chainsaw sharpener is not problematic. You will require no instructions; even if you are first-time user.


You can depend on this chainsaw sharpener to safely sharpen your chain. The machine clamps on the bar as the chain is pulled through to ensure that all the teeth are sharpened. There is a handle to hand turn the tungsten carbide cutter which is convenient.

Dependable chainsaw sharpeners are not always easy to find.  This one is easy to carry and use. It is very accurate which assures you of safety while you use it. With it, you can ensure that your chainsaw is always sharp.

Are you having a hard time choosing between Oregon and best Timberline chainsaw sharpeners? Here is a comparison that can help you make your decision.

Type of chainsaw sharpeners

Oregon manufactures various types of chainsaw sharpeners. Even though, they specialize in the electric ones unlike Timberline that mainly provides bar mounted sharpeners.


Both Oregon and Timberline have been known to provide highly durable chainsaw sharpeners. Most of them are made from aluminum, metal or strong plastics.


Timberline sharpeners weigh less than two pounds unlike Oregon ones that come with up to 22 pounds. A Timberline chainsaw sharpener is, therefore, more portable than an Oregon one.


Timberline chainsaw sharpeners come with a low learning curve.  They are easy to use and they require fewer adjustments. On the other hand, Oregon sharpeners have a high learning curve. Setting them up can take as much time as two hours.

Last but not least!

Best chainsaw sharpener is necessary to ensure that your chain performs well. Best Timberline Chainsaw sharpeners are worth buying. They come with different carbide cutters and are designed for various blade sizes. Timberline constructed from extremely durable materials that guarantee long-term use. They are also easily portable due to their small weights. When making the perfect pick, ensure that it is powerful and compatible with your chainsaw’s blade. The cost also matters. It is always recommendable to choose a quality machine that is affordable.

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