Best Chainsaw Sharpener Buying Guide for 2018

Possibly, you may face how quickly the chainsaw’s chain can dull under continuous use. If you are a serious gardener, who spend a lot of time outdoors to cutting down trees or pruning branches, then you cannot compromise the importance of a right sharpened chainsaw blade. If you want to make your garden look good as well, then blunt or poorly sharpened chainsaw make gardening more difficult to plowing through massive lots of weeds and overgrown shrubs.

Chainsaw is a handy tool but has dangerous risk to injury and your garden! It can also be frustrating to operate chainsaw with dull blades. It may need stop repeatedly & fit the chain during your works. Dull chainsaw’s chain increase the kickback that could potentially increase the injury to user.

Therefore, smoothly running your chainsaw required well maintenance, it is not only just fill oil periodically but you also keep its chain sharp too.

How can you keep your chainsaw blades sharp? Of course! By using a best electric chainsaw sharpener, get that sharp blade only in a few moments. However, some basic tools can sharpen your chainsaw as well:

  • Chain Saw File: Flat file, Round File
  • Chainsaw Chain Filing Vise
  • Saw Chain Filing Kit
  • File gauge
  • file sharpener

A lot of chainsaw user looking for an answer before to purchase a best chainsaw sharpener. Most of questions are:

How often do I sharpen the chainsaw?

What is the time to Re-Sharpened Chainsaw’s chain?

What kind of chainsaw sharpeners do I need based on the type that to be perfect for chainsaw?

Here we pick some Best Overall Chainsaw Sharpeners of the year 2018 you like most by resolving the above questions

Factors you have to look at Before Purchasing a best Chainsaw Sharpener

Do not but if you have not figure out on certain factors of chainsaw sharpener for you in terms of gardening lifestyle. Several facts including the regularity of chain sharpening, removal of chains or not, size of chains and how you mount your tools. Not all chainsaw sharpener are perfect for all kind of sharpening that depends on household task or the frequency. Finally, your investment with different price range.

Chainsaw usually use by different power resources like electric, gas and battery. Nevertheless, most of sharpeners use an electricity that sharp chain in a fastest way. Though manually sharpen the chain is possible with hand file but a bit laborious task with giving extra care. An electric chainsaw sharpener save your time & money that allowing correct angle for sharpening your saw chains


Sharpening chainsaw depends on use of your chainsaw that make a great difference to have one chainsaw sharpener. If you are a serious gardener or arborist it would be better to choose heavier version. Vice versa light sharpener for those who occasionally use their chainsaw for a small space of yard.


This refers the size of chainsaw and its sharpener. First measure your chainsaw size, then you will need to look for sharpener corresponding with that. It is not wise use a small chainsaw sharpener with a massive large chainsaw! It might risky too.


The higher rate of speed make your work quicker & reliable. The rpm of speed refers the measure. One of important facts when you go for buy.

Manual or Electric

Hand held manual ones is not bad for user who use chainsaw once a week or month. It is good for lightwork garden task & sharp your chain blades very often by putting some grease or oil. It seems to be less expensive but you have to consider consistency procedures of a manual sharpened chainsaw.

Electric chainsaw sharpener is best if you are beast user or have a plenty of tree cut with your chainsaw frequently. It make you easier since hand held one, as it relief pain for constantly manual sharpen & getting tired. Unlike the manual hand file, the sharpening angle strictly maintained by this electric tools.


Now, we have look at invest for chainsaw sharpener. Depending your types of works & size of chainsaw. So, decide wisely with your needs.

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