Garden Tools That Needs an Electric Power for Your Gardening

Gardening is not like an ever-ending task. That involve with hard work in planting, cultivating, weeding, pruning, and harvesting. In real world, it is hard to find who doesn’t love lush flowers and vegetables garden. Fortunately, we live in an era where some of power tools reduce our efforts that make smart garden & lawn. We already specify best electric chainsaw and now here some other electric powered garden tools that could be in your tools shelve.

The garden space & location of area always important issue when you take care of plants & trees. Whether your garden tools need a gas or electric/battery power. Most of tools are combine by power & flexibility. From range of light duty to heavy one, all are doing nice in garden works. We explore solely for electric power tools that are good for minor jobs like trimming, pruning and light cutting. They are less quieter & consume less power than gasoline. You also happy to see that start easily & low maintenance reduce your cost. Basically, electric power garden tools are usually comes with both corded and cordless varieties. Cordless offers more portability. Recent development of voltage & batteries improve performance greatly.

However, the weight of battery and limits of operating time still concern for many cases. This way you may need to recharge or swap battery with a fresh one. If you works on large amount of garden job. In that case, corded power tools are best. As it provides continuous power source, you do not need to refuel or recharge. It reduce the cost ultimately. Only one facts make you thoughtful for its extension cord. In addition, the short length of cord limit your workflow if you do not use another compatible extension cord.

Here are Some Electric Powered Garden Tools

Now a days most of garden tools powered by electric. They are Eco friendly & safe to care of your garden. Both corded & cordless (battery powered) are available & popular. As they are easy to operate with a single push button for any, even you are aged person.  All electric tools have some common things,

  • Perfect for all kind of user
  • Low maintenance cost & long durability
  • Lightweight with ease of portability
  • Safe for any accidental issue

String Trimmer

best String Trimmer

String Trimmer is a handy compact, lightweight and versatile electric powered garden tools that can trim right up to weeds & caring a neat edge of flowerbed, sidewalks and driveways. Where lawnmower does not reach or perform in tiny spaces. With a low price, portability and lightweight that make it perfectly trim grass flat and even. The inventor George Ballas from Houston, Texas introduce this machine in the early 1970s. x Depending on where you live, that tool has many names in real world.

Trimmer comes up with straight and curved shafts varieties. Straight shaft trimmer is for working further away from the lawn, such as working by stand or hillside up! If you are tall physique then straight one will not suffer a back pain. In addition, it keep you away from possibly flying weeds. Curved one is good when you trim near to plants. We advise to choose a curved-shaft trimmer if you are a shorter side. Therefore, the choice of models is rely only about preference of your work. 12 to 15 inches cutting path is a decent size for home garden care.

Cordless string trimmer also doing same thing but a little pricey than gas trimmer. Being its short run time, you may choose corded electric machine. That is enough to clean up suburban lawn or yards start with a single push button. Corded string trimmer is best for managing large garden or lawn.

To best safely use try to wear protective cloth, heavy trousers & safety shoes keep you safe from any kind of hazard. Also, protect your eyes from small piece of broken line, or debris. Take care of cables as it passes electric. Look after for any damages in insulation of cables. The tool works on the principle in a line spun at high speed, its inertia power gives it the energy to cut.

Hedge Trimmer

best Hedge Trimmer

The hedge trimmer is the most common tools for every gardener. Whether it would be electric or gasoline, both are used to keep shrubs and hedges neat & healthy. As Shrubs, bushes and hedges are most devalued, underrated unnecessary plants for all kind of landscaping.

Many types of shrubs and bushes grow besides gardens and hardscapes, such as walks, patios and stonewalls. They stay green and vibrant all year around but only if we maintained and neatly trimmed them. Because badly overgrown, misshapen of shrubs and bushes impact negative appearance that undervalued your home. Fortunately, hedge trimmer helps a lot as a outdoor DIY for landscaping beauties.

Trimming the garden with shears needs a lot of work then hedge trimmer. It allow your hedge & shrubs looking smart way without giving much time & efforts. Best hedge trimmer easier your garden task safe & fast. You would realize invest in hedge trimmer is not drain to your money. However, manual hedge trimmer are effective & mostly safe to care of your shrubbery too.

The right trimmer depends on size of the garden & power source it use. Depend on several factors hedge trimmer comes in various size from 16 to 24 inches, which mean the length of the cutting bar. Trimmer housed with two toothed blades usually measure ½ inch to ¾ inch.

Electric hedge trimmer could be corded or cordless. Both have same function, as they are extremely easy to use, quiet & maintenance free then to gas-powered. Corded electric hedge trimmer are popular for many years but recently cordless hedge trimmer is going to best choice & taken seriously. Cordless trimmer give you a freedom to take to any place around your yard, require no gas/oil, no fume also. Corded hedge trimmer is best for relatively small yards & shrubs that close to electrical outlet. However, limitation could be avoided if any one use extension cables.

Hedge trimmer are easy & fun to cut for most garden job. However, safety should be a top concern, as risk of serious injury is high. Do not use them in while it is raining. Always take extra care of the blades during use. It is suggested that use safety eye-wear, gloves and hearing protection equipment as well. Also, follow the safety guidelines of each trimmer you buy.

Leaf Blower

best Leaf Blower

Autumn has arrived, the time when our green beautiful gold, red and green leaves disappear beneath a brown dead leaves, our drainage system clogged with a mulchy mess, streets & lawn full with debris that’s need to dumped on the ground. That does not matter how big or small your garden is! A garden leaf blower mess out all crazily by blast up air at 185 mph that is greater than a category five hurricane. This little blower machines blowing and bagging many fallen leaves.

Best leaf blowers, a seasonal landscape machine available in all type of verity, shapes, sizes and price value. Considering facts of speed, handiness, budget, weight best-corded electric blowers are powerful enough for most of your yard job. That does not emit fume & keep your environment carbon free. You can work up to 100 feet with an outdoor extension cords. Cordless blowers portability keep you free from the cord and works in a distance, such as in top roofs, near outside the balcony. Even your neighbors will love you for it quiet sounds.

Most Handhelds leaf blowers speed up to just under 400cfm and around 160kph. Whereas backpack blowers push air speeds of 320kph and run from 400 to 700cfm. However, some of best leaf blowers available with combined of garden vacuums. Great majority of homeowner & gardener potentially buy for them as it sucking everything up or blow everything! Easy to reconfigure just switched to a vacuum mode from standard mode.

Safety is main issue for all electric tools. Wear goggles and hearing protection with a dust mask is most essential when you going to clear. For greater efficiency, use instruction manual completely. Always mindful of local rules & ordinance to use leaf blowers. Be respect to nearby people and property too.


best Cultivator

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Many of time you may not like weeding by hand, mixing or turn over garden soil, in that case cultivators are useful tools to prepare the soil for planting. Digging takes a lot of hard work and time. A best cultivator is good purpose for stirring compost, fertilizer, and mixing loose soil and in vegetable garden or flowerbed. However, do not aspect to breaking or loosing hard soil. As it is less power than tiller. Surely, cultivator mixture soil much better than a tiller. Making them great for placing final touches to make airing, loosening and removing the weeds throughout your garden before planting.

Since different people have different selection to find the best garden cultivator to meet their needs. For that, they are in gas power, corded electric, and cordless/battery oriented models. A cultivator is features with high-performance motors and functional wide range of additional steel tines for optimum plow. That maneuver easily between plants to prevent weeds from twisting. Electric garden cultivator effortlessly grinds soil and aeration properly to prepare the seedbed for planting. Electric powered cultivator keeps dirt, debris, and dust away while you are working. That has unparalleled versatility to weather and rust resistant to increases maneuverability through garden rows.

You will never get tired even after long hours of shattering and grinding soil as for very lightweight, controllable function. That comfortably meet all of your gardening needs. Without extra weight Corded, electric models are suitable for most garden aerating. It is a more important that Electric garden cultivator is secure from any accidental engine start, you can trust for its reliability and durability!


Electric Power Chainsaw for Your Gardening

If you don’t have heavy works to fallen tree or cut a thick branches then electric chainsaws are best option for perfectly pruning, light cutting and yard cleanup! Chainsaws are violent, crazy machines that could ground a tree in minutes.

During emergency and natural disaster, fallen trees block the roads or railroads there need to be chopped and cleared in an urgency. In that case only, buzz of a chainsaw are welcome. Nevertheless, we do not advise you to buy such types of beast (as chainsaws are destructive for Kickback) for homeowner or small garden owner. Since 1780s, this machine is part of human life as you can easily find in brief history of chainsaw.

Now, we are explore you more on electric chainsaw. Usually that has two category, one is corded electric chainsaws that required electrical power outlet & need to be plugged in during garden task. Another one flip side is the battery power chainsaw or cordless chainsaw, no require of cord to plug in! You are worry free to move any place wherever you need. Only a few downside is price range & carrying a large battery. We can also divide another category that lead to standard saw, pole saw & jaw saw. All types of them are using electric resource.

Do not look for only single word of ‘best’ chainsaw, but figure out what type of job you want to do with the right chainsaw. If you are aged person or new to tree cut, maintain a small yard & want more safety issue, then best electric chainsaw is perfect for you. Finding them is not complicated, as all manufacturer release electric power chainsaw in several different sizes & varieties to its user. Therefore, you can get everything for light tree trimming, chopping and pruning with electric-powered saw.

Lawn Mower

best electric lawn mower

Many of times, you watch out through the window, & realize that green lawn is not comes up itself. You plan to spend more time sitting in summer or sitting in front a warm fireplace in winter. Only a lawn mower do the best job of your feelings. A green lawn of around the year is most passionate for home gardener. This might achieve by proper maintenance, care & right use of garden tools. The best electric lawn mower is comes first to greenify your yard. Whatever they are large or small, you cannot avoid mowing your lawn. A lawn mower of electric powered is good option for your needs. As it is available too. Even lawn mower repairs service is available. You just find & call up them.

Don’t aspect lot of power fur cut some types of thicker grasses. However, less expensive but definitely less convenient for the long power cord. If that make hassle then cordless model is the right choice. However, battery is the most important issue for more efficient and last longer service. Very often, you need to recharge after 50%-80% usage or replace the battery. Some manufacturer offer dual lithium-Ion batteries support to supply additional power. Before to buy have a look for higher voltage battery. Count your lawn mower power multiply voltage with amperes to overall smooth cut within 70 decibels (approx.).

You will need to mow more yard frequently, if your lawn is thicker.  A relatively dry lawn helps improve the quality of the cut. In general, electric lawn mower covers up to 1/3 acre and in some cases up to 1/2 acre. Extra Li-ion batteries or extension cord required if you mow more than that. Mowing with corded or battery-powered mower is not difficult within 1/2 acre yard with few tress/shrubs or other obstacles like terribly thick grasses.

What do you need to know before buying?

  • Consider your yard area and layout of the lawn
  • Know your mowing area is that flat or inclined
  • Place to store safely
  • Deck size & weight of lawn mower
  • Avoid getting big motor mower
  • Getting bagging and mulching capability mower

Last, but certainly not least, when you shop for an electric mower then several features should put on your priority. Prior decision will pay off in long run & make sure what the price you pay & what you needs.

Lets Move on!

Growing own garden is now easier & rewarding with decent plants & tools. There are enormous number of electric gardening tools are available, sorting out them is a challenge, even for the skilled gardener. Only the right use of garden tools help you to be a good gardener.

Many people dream for a beautiful landscape of their yard, but finally they are bored. As it takes huge time & efforts. In our article, you already realize how the electric garden tools can revolutionize your gardening experience.

Do any of you use electric garden tools? Let us know your experience!

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