How to Maintain an Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers offer multiple advantages over gas models – they are often quieter, easier to handle, and require only an outlet to keep power. Not requiring gasoline or oil, these machines are often much less susceptible to the constant need of tune-ups that gas-powered ones constantly need. There also is less worry in the form of tainted gasoline, which can wreck these smaller engines. This isn’t to say that these mowers require absolutely zero maintenance.

Like any machine, there are a few tips you need to look out for. Maintenance of an electric lawnmower isn’t necessarily a difficult affair, but should never be overlooked. Taking only a few minutes each cutting session in keeping this machine in proper working order is not only easy but has multiple benefits for you and the environment.

Why Maintain an Electric Lawn Mower?

It may not be immediately obvious the reasons why you need to maintain an electric lawn mower – since they don’t have any gasoline or oil to show for leaks like traditional models. Many of the same principles hold up for these versions though. For instance, a poorly kept up electric model won’t be able to effectively do its job as one that is kept in good shape. This means spending more time on the same amount of area, wasting your precious time along with having you expend extra energy. Oftentimes the same lawn mower might even rip the grass, making your lawn more susceptible to disease and browning.

Well maintained electric lawn mowers not only work better but also last considerably longer. Just a little bit work every year will allow you to save money in the long run – few people have the expendable income to buy a new lawnmower every year. In addition, but because you’ll have the same mower longer, you’ll actually be helping the environment. Broken batteries, tattered extension cords, and battered mowers can clog up garbage dumps and even create toxic residue that can leak into the environment

Electric Lawn Mower Maintenance – What to do?

The number one thing you can do to keep your mower in excellent shape is to keep it clean. While it won’t need a really deep cleaning after every use, you should at least get into the habit of wiping it down. This means to use a moist rag and gently remove any muck from the undercarriage, vents, and blades. To avoid cutting yourself to make sure you are using a tough set of gloves. Grass deposits can accumulate underneath, holding liquid for a much longer time. This extra moisture can erode important pieces.

A small amount of lubrication can do wonders around any moving metal parts – this not only keeps them slipping and sliding along, but also give an extra layer of protection against the corrosive effects of humidity.  Before each use, you should make sure that all bolts and nuts are securely in place. Batteries and all the cords should be fastened correctly – this is especially important when you are charging. It’s recommended to give your lawn mower a tune-up before the typical cutting season – which for most environments is spring. As per the user manual check the belts and air filters – the latter of these might not need a full replacement, but rather just a quick cleaning. You should also spend this time making sure that the most important part of your electric mower, the blade, is sharp enough for the season ahead. While a full replacement might be needed, some hardware stores do offer a sharpening service.

Some Extra Tips on Electric Lawn Mower Upkeep

First, make to check out the user manual – many people think they don’t need it, only to find out they put their mower together the wrong way. It’s amazing too how often people set the mower at the wrong height – setting it too low can put unnecessary strain on the blades and motor, while also damaging your lawn. Make sure that you invest into the correct length of cord too – don’t skimp out on price either, as heavy duty outdoor cords will provide more consistent electricity while also not breaking or getting tangled as easy.

Probably the most important thing to avoid is keeping your mower out in the open.  Just in the same way you wouldn’t keep a laptop or a television set out in the open, so you shouldn’t keep an electric mower. Humidity, rain, sun, and the rest of the elements will eventually pierce the housing of the mower regardless of how tough it is.

When cutting, make sure to avoid doing so after a rain – not only can water be damaging to the motor but wet grass is more difficult to cut through putting extra strain on the mower. Don’t wait around too long to cut your grass either – really tall grass can cause constant clogs in your engines vents along with having you accidentally cut up something hard and hidden in the grass.

Final Thoughts

All in all, because it doesn’t have any spark plugs, oil filters, or combustible liquids to deal with, an electric lawn mower is significantly easier to maintain than a gas powered model. This carries not over in requiring less time on your part but saving money in the wallet as well. That being said there are a few things you can do to keep your electric machine in great working order – take some time to wipe it down after every use, while giving a deeper clean once or twice a year. Make sure that the blade is kept good and sharp, while also avoid leaving it out in the open for the elements to devour it.  Electric lawn mower repair are much more convenient and have only come leaps and bounds in the last decade in terms of power, features, and affordability. Follow these tips and your machine will work better and for longer, allowing you to get the most out of your investment with little sweat on your part.

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