Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw: Is It Worth Buying?

The Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw might be the most practical product Husqvarna has released most recently. The gas powered chainsaw spans around 18 inches and boasts a 45.7cc engine that is backed with 2.8 horsepower. And apart from its lightweight feature, you will definitely like its air cleaning system. When buying a chainsaw of its calibre, you will always worry about the price. To buy it, you just need $320, which is very impressive. To many individuals, that will sound cheaper considering the many important features on the machine.

About the manufacturer

Husqvarna started up as “Jonkoping Rifle Factory” by rule of the Swedish king. During the first years, the factory produced around 1500 musket pipes per year. Their signature product inspired the “gun sight logo,” which people are still using today in its updated nature. After Sweden started boosting its army in the year 1689, the company started a branch for grinding and boring musket pipes – 7 km from its head office.

Between 1757 and 1850, the crown transferred the company to a private owner and the name changed to Husqvarna Rifle Factory. In 1918, the company acquired Norrahammars Bruk which added two products to its portfolio – lawnmowers and boilers. In 1919, the company started manufacturing engines. Since then, the company has been releasing many new products including chainsaws.

Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw Reviews

Grip and feel

One of the things you will surely like after using the 455 Chainsaw for the first time is the grip and feel. The product features a protective guard at the top hand location, which will protect your hands from any flying debris. The manufacturer has coated the handle with rubber and therefore you will manage to maintain a tighter grip throughout the cutting process.


The 455 Chainsaw features 18-inches bar length that permits better leverage than most other models within the price range. With the product, you will cut almost anything ranging from oak to wood for your woodworking projects. What’s more, you will realise that the vibrations felt through your hands during the cutting process are not as seeming as those felt with many other models in the market. Overall, the 455 provides a greater feel and with the light weight – standing at 10.8 pounds – your hands are less likely to get tired during the cutting process.

Easier starting

To start up the Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw, you just need to fill up its gas chamber. To do that, just pull the cord. With the included starting instructions, you will easily start the chainsaw in both cold and warm conditions. And when done properly, the model starts up on a single pull.

Easier gas fill up

For the chainsaw to function, you must fill up its gas tank. The model requires 89-octane gasoline. According to the manufacturer, you should avoid using 87-octane gasoline as that is likely to cause knocking. Improper gas usage may also cause other engine problems. Thus, before starting up the engine, ensure that you have filled it with the right fuel. Consider the premixed Husqvarna fuel. Buying the 3, 32 ounces cans will help you extend the warranty by 2 years.

Filter and air cleaning

The quick release feature allows the air filter to pop out faster. For the machine to remain in the best working condition you will have to clean the filter and change it regularly. In fact, a clean filter allows the motor to remain in pristine shape throughout. The great part is that the manufacturer has gone an additional mile to include centrifugal cleaning system.

The key purpose of the centrifugal system is to remove any debris and big particles in the air, which would otherwise reach the air filter. Fundamentally, the system ensures that the chainsaw’s engine never meets any harmful debris. That alone eliminates chances of any unnecessary filter replacements due to big debris damaging or clogging the air filter. Remember that, for all purposes and intents, the best chainsaw is excellent and will surely get your jobs done. Husqvarna has included a side tension adjustment feature that ascertains the chain’s proper adjustment.


The product is lightweight, powerful and will cut including the toughest trees such as butter. When buying a chainsaw, you have to remember that the weight becomes a problem when cutting above your shoulder height. Its reduced vibrations also make it a pleasure to use the machine.

Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw performance

Speaking of performance, the product can handle any type of tree – including the large oaks. Among the features that you will like is the easier start up – the product starts after a few pulls. And immediately after starting, the machine will easily cut down any tree that has a diameter above 35 inches. Personally, I liked how the saw handles and cuts almost anything. It is an ideal chainsaw for professionals and homeowners.

Durable and user friendly design

The machine uses a 3 piece crankshaft that makes it extra durable including when faced with the tougher jobs. The front ergonomic handle permits for more improved grip and reduces fatigue. The manufacturer has located the chain tensioner on the machine’s side for easier access. The inertia that activates the brake chain reduces risk of injuries.

The compatible accessories

You can buy all the compatible accessories through the manufacturer’s website. They include:

  • 325” and 3/8”, 1.5 mm chains
  • 325” and 3/8”, 1.3 mm chains
  • 325” and 3/8” laminated bars

In addition to the two main categories, laminated bars and chains, you can also purchase transportation bags and boxes.

Husqvarna 455 pros and cons


  • Easier air filter cleaning system
  • Cheaper compared to many other products of the same class
  • Powerful motor
  • Light in weight
  • Lower vibration
  • Lower noise production
  • 18-inch bar


  • Starting can be a hassle particularly if you are not remembering the instructions. It is the only complaint.

The bottom line

The Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw is perfect for both professional and recreational arborists. The heavy duty product works well in all conditions and some of its key features include X-Torq which reduced the fuel consumption. The front hand ergonomics allows for easier use and the LowVib reduces vibrations and lessens user fatigue. The product is 3/8 in pitch and has 0.50-gauge.

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