The Best Chainsaws: Home Use and Professionals

A best chainsaws is a machine of excellent performance and of wide utility. It replaces a great number of tools like the ax and the cutter and distinguishes by its greater comfort and capacity. However, using a chainsaw requires taking precautions because it can cause numerous accidents.

Several adjudicate tried to the invention of the chainsaw in the 1920s; nevertheless, earlier, at the beginning of the century, a chain saw with a water-cooled boat engine had already been presented. It was then, they were much heavier and difficult to use. In fact, it was necessary that at least two people manipulate it. After World War II, began to develop saws and chains that made possible the creation of single-person saws. In 1959, the company Husqvarna created the chainsaw model as it is known today. Over time, they evolved to become lighter and less noisy. Today, there is a great variety for the different uses that are given to it.

The best chainsaw is considered an agricultural and forestry tool. Their uses can be very varied, such as the cutting of trees, the cutting of logs, and also the pruning of shrubs or hedges. For its comfort and performance, it is one of the tools most used in agricultural work and mainly in forestry. It is also widely used in gardening.

The chainsaws can be electric or gasoline engine. The electric ones are excellent for the smaller works like the pruning or other works of gardening. They are lighter and less noisy machines. They are easy to use and do not require much maintenance. However, they are not as powerful and require to be used near a power outlet. The gasoline engine chainsaws are more powerful and have very good mobility. They are used in heavier jobs and require maintenance. They use a mixture of oil and gasoline, so they smell. The starting system is with rope.

The best chainsaw is a great tool, but it is the one that produces the most accidents. Therefore, it is important to wear protective equipment and be informed enough to know how to use it safely. The first thing is to read the manual of the chainsaw. If it will be used to remove fallen trees and debris, wear entire head protection, thick gloves, special leg guards, and safety boots with steel tips.

Also, do not cut with the tip of the Guide bar; Hold the machine firmly; Not cut at a height above the shoulders do not extend the arms much; Chain, brake, lock, etc. Check that the carburetor is tight and if it is a gasoline chain saw, it must be recharged when the engine is cold. In addition, having sharp chain spare parts is very important. An uneven chain, makes the job more difficult and increases the chance of an accident.

If all of these precautions are followed, more often than not, using a chainsaw is one of the best options to do a job with less effort and a good time saving.

Chainsaw in History

The saw and the chainsaw are known from ancient times, for the primitive man managed to invent tools of stone with the edge of carved teeth that served him to cut trees or to cut them. These implements, made of metal, have been widely used for three millennia for these same tasks. The invention of the saw with motor greatly increased productivity, but these are fixed equipment, so a small and easily transportable variant was developed, manually operated, the “chainsaw”, indispensable in forestry operations for open field work.

Several tried to adjudicate the invention of the chainsaw in the 1920s; however, earlier, at the beginning of the century, a chainsaw with a water-cooled engine had already been introduced. At that time they were much heavier and difficult to use. In fact, it was necessary that at least two people manipulate it. After the Second World War, chain saws were developed that enabled the creation of single-person sawing. In 1959, the company Husqvarna created the chainsaw model as it is known today. Over time, they evolved to become lighter and less noisy. The chainsaw is considered an agricultural and forestry tool. Today there is a wide variety of models for a wide variety of uses, such as logging, cutting logs, and pruning shrubs or hedges. For its comfort and performance, it is one of the most used tools in forestry work. It is also widely used in gardening.

The manual chain saw

The manual chain saws can be electric or gasoline engine. The electric ones are excellent for the smaller works like the pruning or other works of gardening. They are lighter and less noisy machines. They are easy to use and do not require much maintenance. However, they are not as powerful and require to be use near a power outlet. The gasoline engine chainsaws are more powerful and have very good mobility. They are use in heavier jobs and require maintenance. They use a mixture of oil and gasoline, so they smell. The starting system is with rope. As an example we can mention a chainsaw with a motor of about 2-3 hp, guide bar length (effective cutting length) of 80 cm and machine weight (with its fuel tank full) of 20 kg.

How to choose best chainsaws For You?

A good chainsaws is a tool used for pruning, cutting or cutting wood or cutting trees. It consist of a motor that moves a toothed chain placed on a bar, known like Guide bar. There are several types depending on the engine they have and choose one type or another depends on the characteristics of the wood you are cutting, the frequency of use and the weight. A weight difference of between 100 and 200 gr can make the job more comfortable.

When choosing a top rated chainsaws, first, you must take care of the characteristics of the woods you are going to cut, and then choose, depending on the type of motor, which best suits your cut to the wood and the frequency of use.

Take into account the weight and length of the Guide bar before acquiring a chainsaw.

Do not forget to clean the chain after each use and to use protective elements, like glasses and gloves, when cuts with the chainsaw. Also, you must sharpen the chainsaw with periodicity.

Types of Good Chainsaws

By type of motor we can distinguish between electric chainsaws, with battery and gasoline.

Electric-Powered Chainsaws

The electric motors of the chainsaws have a power of 1600 to 2200 watts. For maintenance the oil grease tank in the chain must be filled and cleaned after each use. Periodically you must sharpen it to maintain its cutting capacity intact. They are easy to use although, as they should be connected to the electric current, they will deplete you autonomy. For this you can count on an extension cable but you have to make sure that it can support the watts that the tool needs. Another option is use generator if you need to work far from home. For a long time

This type of chainsaws with length of Guide bar of 35 to 40 cms are indicated for soft woods of up to 20 cms of diameter.

For jobs at great heights.

For large heights, of 3 or 4 meters, there is a chain saw with extendable control that allows to cut with total security without having to climb a ladder or a tree.

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Battery-Powered Chainsaws

The chainsaws with lithium battery have a power of 18 to 36 volts. They need the same maintenance as the previous ones. They are simple to operate and allow you to have autonomy for the duration of the battery, since they do not need to be connected to the electric current. Its biggest drawback is the battery life, so we advise you to always be equipped with extra 2 batteries.

They are proper for cutting softwoods up to 15 cm in diameter (such as poplars, cedars, pines, redwoods …). Also fit for pruning height, as long as their weight does not exceed 3 kilos and can be handled with one hand.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

The chainsaws of gasoline have motors that oscillate between the 33 to 50 cm3. They have much more cutting power than an electric or a battery, although they require a maintenance superior to the others: cleaning of spark plugs, mixture of oil … To start up they need like gasoline mixed with oil and you have to combine the entrance of air with the fuel to work properly.

Because of their power, they are prepared to cut thick and hard woods (such as oak, oak, cherry tree …) and to perform intensive work.

Other three categories can be established:

Lightweight chainsaws

Weighing less than 5 kg, which are driven by a motor of less than 40 cm3 of displacement and which provide a power of less than 2 kW, to which a 35 cm bar or Guide bar .

Medium chainsaws

Weighing between 5 and 8.5 kg, driven by motors of displacement between 45 and 65 cm3, which supply between 2 and 5 kW of power, with a 45 cm bar.

Heavy chainsaws

Weighing more than 8.5 kg, equipped with a motor of more than 65 cm3, which supplies more than 5 kW of power, in which a 60 cm bar is normally placed.

The engine is generally 2-stroke and single cylinder, with the cylinder upright in modern, but also horizontal in older designs, forced air cooled with a powerful turbine, and capable of reaching 12 to 14 000 rev / min , Which makes possible to have high power with low displacement and light weight. The fuel supply is made by membrane carburetors that operate regardless of the position of the chainsaw, or electronic fuel injection systems. Electric motors can also be used on domestic chainsaws.

Which best chainsaws should to buy?

First of all the choice to buy a top rated chainsaws comes from you are going to use, both in intensity and frequency. These can be very varied: professional use, use for garden or domestic farm, pruning trees, cutting logs, pruning height, etc. All these uses will determine the professional chainsaws that I should buy.

There are many models of best chainsaws both electric and gasoline. The former are suitable for small domestic tasks, not professional. These electric models are not totally autonomous since they depend on a connection to the electric network. However they have low noise levels, they are light and very easy to use.

The models with gasoline engine are chainsaws where they vary their displacement, power, cut length. The models with small motors, of two times, are ideal for the maintenance of gardens or more extensive farms, cut logs, felling small trunks and until average. Models of chainsaws with larger motors are already indicated for professional uses.

In this way we will always have a chainsaw that meets our expectations and serves perfectly now and in future for the use we are going to give. Always try to choose according to its lightness, with little vibration (the generated vibrations can make the user fatigue more quickly), and that the engine is updated to the current regulation. In general, chainsaws with two-stroke engines reduce emissions and have lower consumption. Safety features (back guard, chain brake, right guard and chain catch bolt) that are easy to maintain (side chain tensioner, which lubricate and sharpen it, frequent tasks, can be carried out easily and without risks) must be other characteristics that lead us to choose one or another chainsaw.

Best chainsaws are very precise instruments that are used in gardening, to cut wood and to make some reforms. Get out of your head the horrible and scary scenes from films like SAW or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in which this device is the character of the scene.

In general, a good chainsaws can be classified into 4 categories:


They provide maximum performance and optimum ergonomics. They are designed for professional use whether intensive or occasional.


They are robust chainsaws and manufactured in a similar way to the professional chainsaws, only with a slightly lower performance. They are designed for occasional use.


Small, easy-to-use chainsaws designed for home use by “amateur users” who do not use their chainsaw too often.


These chainsaws have been developed for use by professional arborists.

Size of the chainsaw

The size of the best chainsaws is determined by the displacement (cm³) and power of the motor (expressed in horses and kilowatts). The size you will have to choose will depend on the following two factors:

Level of skill and experience: The less experience you have, the lower your chainsaw engine should be. A small chainsaw will be easier to handle than a large one. If the chainsaw is too heavy, your arms and hands will feel bitter, which may in the long run pose a risk to your safety.

Types of wood and size of trees: The chainsaw has to go in accordance with the size of the tree to be cut. One of larger size and power if you want to cut larger trees; especially those of hardwood. If the selected model is too small, the chainsaw will be subjected to great stress and unnecessary wear.

What features should you be looking for?

If you are thinking about acquiring a chainsaw you should keep in mind some points. First of all you should value what you want it for, what you are going to use it for. A chainsaw is not the same for domestic use as a chainsaw for work. It is not the same a chainsaw that will be used for several hours each day that one that will be used several times a year.

It will not be the same to use the chainsaw for simple garden tasks or to cut wood. Once this is done, you should start to consider other important points.

The safety of the tool that we are going to choose. Our chainsaw review have some elements and characteristics that guarantee the safety of the people that will operate with it, among these measures include chain brake, recoil and chain protection. They should also carry comfortable handles, which protect against the vibrations that occur.

The power of the chainsaw is another point to consider. You should choose one that has adequate power to perform the tasks that we want to perform.

The cleaning system or filter. Another interesting point would be that the chainsaw you choose has some system of cleaning the accumulation of dust or sawdust, so that it is not stored continuously.

Maintenance and use. A chain saw should be selected, the use and maintenance of which is simple, practical and efficient, to save time and operate correctly and effectively.

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The accessories. In order to say it between a chainsaw or another, you can also check the accessories present in each one of them, in order to choose the one that suits us best or suits the use we are going to give it.

Thus, it is also acquire knowledge in differentiate of between chainsaws of gasoline, chainsaws of battery or electric chainsaws (or electric saws). In order to choose one or the other, we must also take into account the use that we are going to give. The electric ones are mainly recommended for the users who are going to give it a domestic use. The higher-powered gasoline engines are usually used for working and battery-operated ones, such as electric ones but with greater autonomy, are used for various types of uses (both domestic, for example garden and labor).

Chainsaw Buying Guide, Comparison and Reviews


Time To Choose…

Do you need a best chainsaws? Here you will find a special selection of chainsaws: simple or with more features, economical or slightly more expensive, so you can choose the one that you prefer and best suits your budget.

best chainsaws

Practical chainsaw with chain saw AKE 35-19. Very fast tool with a very powerful engine of 1900 whose chain has a speed of 12 m / s, which allows it to have a magnificent performance when cutting. It is a very handy saw that has a special system that allows the chain to be changed without needing any tools.

It is a robust saw of high quality and with a guaranteed durability, since it is designed to be used frequently. You can work with it in any position because thanks to its good performance will remain balanced. It also has a quick stop brake, fast and very efficient. It has an ergonomic handle designed to cut in different directions and with steel claws with which it will be easy to guarantee the attachment of the tool. The chain links are crafted and a sturdy steel.

best chainsawsHigh quality Black & Decker chainsaw. With a high cutting capacity, it is an electric saw that will work quickly. Also a very safe tool, because you can control the chain, block it and has a very powerful brake. It is also a tool that weighs very little and has a very good balance, so it can be used to cut in all directions.

A very powerful tool and is especially recommended for use in private gardens. The chain is automatically lubricated, and it is easy to fill and recharge the chainsaw, its operation is simple and it is a very practical tool. As a negative note, it should be noted that the cable is very short and it will be necessary to use extension cords.


best chainsawsSpecial chainsaw that runs on gasoline brand Makita. It is a basic best chainsaws, but at the same time very good and is very well valued by users. The length of the chain is 40 centimeters and the weight of the tool is 4.1 kilograms. It is a chainsaw whose engine has a power of 1.35 kW and is really good.

Both the quality of the materials with which this chainsaw is made and the power of the cut obtained with it are of quality. It is a motorcycle more than recommended at a very good price and with a chain with a great quality. It is easy to mount and handle and has the perfect weight to work with and handle. A great choice for both domestic uses in home gardens and to use as a working tool.


best chainsawsPractical and useful battery operated best chainsaws, Greenworks brand. It is a product that weighs 4 kilos with a battery-style power supply. This chainsaw has a large cutting capacity and is available in green and black. It is an interesting option to use as a basic domestic chainsaw.

In addition, it is a “green” chainsaw, specially designed to consume less, so it is much more ecological and is available in nice green and black colors. It is a machine that does not need and does not include batteries, also interesting to use as an option for different garden tasks (for small gardening, simple hedge cutting etc.).


How to use a chainsaw?

Like other tools, the best chainsaws should be used with great care, as improper handling can lead to a serious accident and even death. According to estimates by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hospital emergency departments receive an estimated 36,000 injured each year from the misuse of chainsaws, a figure that increases even more, following natural disasters such as heavy rains Or hurricanes, when using this tool to remove fallen trees or branches.

Safety measures to avoid accidents with chainsaws

First of all, carefully read the instruction manual of the tool you have.

Check that chain brake, chain retainer hook, throttle trigger lock, master control lever, and spark plug work properly.

Use the saw only to cut wood objects, this will prevent accidents and damage to the tool.

Wear a safety protect helmet for the head and face; Safety glasses with upper and lateral protection; Earmuffs or earplugs to protect the ears; Leather or cotton gloves to handle the chainsaw; Protective blankets or trousers for legs and thick safety boots with non-slip soles and iron tips. Avoid all kinds of loose clothing, scarves or ties, as garments can get caught in moving parts. Always use certified products for use with best chainsaws.

Before using the chainsaw, be sure to be fully lucid and rested, since it requires a lot of concentration and strength to handle it properly.

To avoid bouncing or the risk of kickback injuries, use a reduced kickback Guide bar, low kickback chain and chain brake. Also, avoid that the tip of the Guide bar rubs with any other object, since the Guide bar would jump upwards and backwards constituting a serious danger.

To ensure accurate cutting and for your own safety, avoid holding the saw by stretching the arms excessively or making cuts above the shoulders.

To move on foot with the tool in hand, be sure to turn off the engine and place the sheath on the chain and the Guide bar. When traveling in a vehicle, grasp the tool to prevent it from overturning and spilling the fuel.

To refuel, wait for the engine to cool. Note that if the chainsaw has no fuel, it should be allowed to cool for 30 minutes. Open the filler cap very carefully, because of the pressure, gas can emanate and cause severe burns.

Never smoke while recharging the chainsaw and always keep in mind that the best chainsaws is designed for outdoor use and never indoors.

In order to be able to replace the chain in the event of damage, always have several spare chains that are sharp and in accordance with the model of your tool.

Always use original accessories and spare parts.

When cutting a tree, observe well which side is exerting pressure, placing in the opposite direction to prevent it from falling on it.

Turn off the chainsaw when it is not in use. Make sure it is not accessible to people who are not authorize or has training to handle it.

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What Are the Benefits of Chainsaw?

The characteristic angles of the cutting links are of particular importance. On a U-shaped recess. A protrusion at the front limits the penetration of the chainsaw chain, and, behind it, a blade, bent 90 ° with respect to the plane of the bar, draws wood chips as a result of its cutting edge.

It is defined as the frontal attack angle of the cutting element which forms the upper edge of the same with a line perpendicular to the Guide bar; should be maintained with values ​​between 30 and 35º. As this angle becomes smaller, the cutting speed is reduced, which may be appropriate for cutting very hard wood; However, as this angle increases the cut tends to deviate from the intended line, while increasing chain wear.

The ideal angle of cut, is that which forms the leading edge of the cutting edge with the vertical. It should be maintained between 85 and 90º, because if it becomes bigger the tooth penetrates badly in the wood and tends to provoke the kickback, offering a greater tendency to break and to lose the edge. If the angle is lower than these values, it tends to cut off end, which leads to an irregular cut and the lock of the chain by retention of the chip.

The angle of the edge is that which forms the upper edge with a plane that rests on it; this angle should be 60 °. In case it is bigger, it is necessary to make more force on the chain to deepen, with less performance. By reducing the cutting angle, the chain wears off quickly.

Chainsaw. Machine equipped with a motor, used to cut trees or branches. Its small size makes it possible for a worker to move and to work with his hands in the forest or in any open space. Fixed machines and hand implements for sawing (sawing) wood are simply referred to as sawing.

Components of chainsaws

Motor. It is the energy medium that moves the chain saw. The operator has easy access to all control mechanisms: start, accelerator, clutch, etc. It has a silencer to reduce the noise of the exhaust gases.

Chainsaw Guide bar, Guide bar or Guide bar. It is the elongated and flat piece that on its periphery supports the chain. The length of the appropriate Guide bar will be determined by the size of the tree and the degree of user experience. If you are used to the use of chainsaws, you must always have at least two different sizes of Guide bar.

A shorter Guide bar will weigh less and will be easier to manipulate when carrying out de-icing tasks. Also, a long Guide bar will be useful for cutting larger trees.

Chain saw. It is a chain of links (similar to those of bicycles) that travels along the periphery of the saber blade. Each link is provided with a cutting tooth, replaceable when worn. The chain has a mechanism to maintain its tension and a “chain catcher”, which picks up the chain inside the casing in case of sudden rupture of it. It also contains the “quick stop” chain brake, which in case of rebound stops automatically, the anti-vibration system and the chain seal, which blocks it if it slows down.

Handles. There is a hilt-shaped piece at the rear end of the best chainsaws that the operator grabs with his right hand, and another at the upper front that serves to control the direction of the cut, hold the machine and maintain its stability. Both handles have parts for hand protection.

Already know that, good chainsaw are made up of a saw guide bar, which is the support where the chain turns. Also it has;

  • A lubrication system, to avoid overheating;
  • The handle, to hold the machine and protect the right hand;
  • The chain tensioner; the left hand control to control the operation;
  • The accelerator lock, to lock the throttle;
  • The idle stopper, to brake the chain when decelerating;
  • The security chain;
  • The chain catcher, which picks up the chain inside the casing in the event of a sudden cut;
  • The protective plate, which protects the handle of the left hand;
  • The “quick stop” chain brake, which in case of rebound stops it automatically;
  • The anti-vibration system and the chain seal, which blocks it if it breaks.

Care & Maintenance

  • Clean the chain after each use.
  • Sharpen the chain periodically.
  • Each chain saw has a length of guide bar and chain suitable to its power. Varying the length of the Guide bar would detract from the performance of the tool. For example, if you increase the length of the Guide bar it would cause the machine to lose speed and with it cutting force. On the other hand, if you decrease it would cause the machine to revolutionize a lot and lose cutting power.

Nine Operation for Using Your Chainsaw

  • Always use safety features such as gloves and goggles.
  • Never move the chainsaw on
  • Make sure that in the trunks or branches you are cutting there are no metallic elements such as nails or screws
  • When working with a best chainsaws, grasp it firmly with both hands and keep the body in a position. That allows a good balance.
  • Never start cutting wood with the front of the blade, as it can cause the arm to vibrate and the saw to rebound.
  • Other elements that should be taken into account and that facilitate the use of the tool are:
  • Easy start: This system allows a start-up by avoiding strong pulling of the rope.
  • Chain tensioner: With this element you will not need tools or disassemble the chain for tensioning, making this maintenance task simple and comfortable.
  • Ergonomics: A handle with greater grip makes it easier to use. Preventing it from slipping from your hands and facilitating the work you do.

Safety Measures for Using Your Chainsaw

The best chainsaws is a machine that carries various hazards to the operator or people nearby. It is important to wear protective equipment and to know how to use it safely. Full head protection, thick gloves, special leg guards and safety boots with steel tips should be worn. Also, do not cut with the tip of the Guide bar. The machine must hold firmly. Do not cut at a height higher than the shoulders. Not to extend arms much; Chain, brake, lock, etc. Check that the carburetor for properly adjust and if it is a gasoline chain saw, it must be recharge when the engine is cold.

In addition, having sharp chain spare parts is very important. An uneven chain, makes the job more difficult and increases the chance of an accident. When driving, the chain saw must be keep at a safe distance. Since it rotates at high speed and because of the nature of its work, is not covered. Other hazards come from trees, splinters and cut branches, which can injure the worker in his fall or by projection. The operator must also work with earmuffs to reduce engine noise. Even though the exhaust muffler, continue work can be harmful if no ear protection is use. They are also hazards to consider the vibrations of the equipment during its work. The contact with hot surfaces of the engine or the muffler, the accidental breakage of the chain, etc.

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