Do You Know How Your Herb Garden Benefits You?

In every ancient culture, there is a history of the herb garden, herbal medicine, and superstition. Plants and plant mixtures were combined to flavor foods, to soothe pain, to protect against spirits, to heal physical and emotional wounds, and to enchant. So ancient are the applications that the oldest herbal garden guide was said to have been found in China in 5000BC. All around the world herbs were used in religious rituals, to bind couples in matrimony, to keep spirits away from a child, to anoint the sick and dying, and in the daily prayers of the faithful.

From ancient China to Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, Medieval Europe, and South East Asia, medicine men and women were herb gardeners. Herbal gardens were the work of the knowledgeable, the revered, and the mystical. A great degree of respect, awe, and fear went hand in hand with these master gardeners.

Using Fields of Herb 

Medicine World

Many herbs were also used for hygiene. Mint used as a cure for drunkard’s breath, aloe for women’s skin and hair, dill to freshen the air, cloves to rid the body of bad odors, eucalyptus to deter bugs and other pests, and many more various applications. These ancient rituals can still be seen in many modern day spas. Herbal garden remedies like guava baths, massages with oils scented by herbs, hair treatments, and other spa specialties all call back in humankind’s history of herbal culture.


Apart from medicine, religion, home, and cleanliness, herbs were also used as symbols of war and peace, since each herb has its own meaning in various people’s cultures and literature. A good example is in that of Shakespeare’s Hamlet when the deranged Ophelia begins handing herbs to the different members of the royal court, highlighting their faults by the type of herb she gave.

Food facts

Despite all of these various applications, the most traditional use of herbs is still its most popular use today. Herbs were and are still used for cooking. Flavoring food or trying to change the smell of food that is less than desirable was a great trick of herbs in the ancient world. In modern times, though, herbs used in cooking are mostly used for flavor and enhancement of dishes. Almost all exotic and haute cuisine dishes use one or two herbs and spices.

Great past time

Today, herb gardening is a favorite past time of plant and garden enthusiasts, chefs, and advocates of natural herbal remedies for the home. Herbs are used for cooking, for cleaning, and for relaxation. Herbal garden tricks have been passed down through generations, and many people will be surprised at the facts they know about herbs and their uses.

Importance of having a herb garden

Apart from its rich history, an herbal garden can be a fun, enjoyable, and fruitful hobby. Herbs will always be on hand, fresh and ready for when they are needed, and their many uses can prove to be irreplaceable in the home. Most of all, every time an herbal garden is tilled, weeded and tended to, its gardener re-enacts motions done all throughout history, emotions that have shaped society and the world.

Having a house herb garden gives its gardener many anecdotal benefits. While gardening may need a significant quantity of work, obtaining a home herb garden is helpful in many ways. When starting a home herb garden, consider what you want to use your herbs for. This will provide you right direction as to what sort of herbs will be seen in your upcoming home herb garden. You will realize that many herbs have more applications than you probably ever could have imagined! The excellent thing about herbs is that they have so many amazing qualities that we so often miss. Many are still being used in this manner today. However, for the average garden, they are not only developed for the natural reasons but also for the fragrance and culinary delight.

Throw some freshly grown herbs into your soup, salad or a number of other excellent dishes you have cooking away, and you will be amazed at the extra powerful taste. So fresh herb is altogether preferred taste over the dried herbs in those in little containers from the neighborhood supermarket.

As you begin your herb garden, you will discover the many benefits that come with growing your own herbs. Both you and your family can enjoy some of these benefits, while others will be your own personal joys. Here are the main advantages of having a herb garden in your backyard.


Generally, herbs are used for cooking. This benefit is probably the biggest one and the best of all. Many home garden herbs provide their own households with dry or fresh flavors for a many dishes. If you are passionate about cooking, check out what herbs are used commonly on your favorite sort of cuisine, and choose to develop a few of these plants. There are tons of dishes that use herbs. Some of them you may be familiar with, others you may be yet to try. Some herb flavors can enhance even recipes that do not use herbs. Something as simple as adding coriander or cilantro to your steamed rice, or chopping up some fresh parsley or basil to mix into your classic macaroni and cheese can make a world of difference in your dish. A good deal of herbs is great if used fresh, and you will love having the new herbs around.

Health benefit

One unnoticed benefit of herb gardening is the effect it has on your health. Though it may not seem like much, tending to a garden is a form of exercise. Checking on your plants in either the early morning or late afternoon sun does make you lose some calories. That is your own personal benefit. Your family has health benefits too. Fresh herbs are great for cooking, and many herbs have health benefits. Herbs can build up your immune system, make you feel stronger and more alert, and some even work great at bringing down high cholesterol!

Home Remedies

Herbs have been used as home remedies for years. To this day, old nannies have their easy herbal tricks removed in their home herb garden to help soothe many a disease. Chewing mint is usually used, and has been demonstrated great for bad breath while gargling with water boiled with sage was proven to whiten teeth. These quick remedies are natural and organic and are an excellent use of your home herb garden. You can benefit from your herb garden by practicing some old herbal remedies from time to time. Dabbling in the old remedies can be fun, and several of them to work at curing small ailments. You can learn about the old ways of healing with your children, and see how well they like it. Not only is it a benefit to having natural remedies around, but you gain more understanding of old cultures and their ways of living!

Beauty Tricks

Herbs can produce wonderful and natural beauty suggestions. Creating your own tea tree oil for zits will be tough, but other herbs are simple to use. Mostly they are used for the hair and skin. Among those older tricks for aloe vera is to split off some leaves of the aloe vera plant and squeeze the gel out. You may apply this gel right onto sunburn, and it soothes the skin while keeping it well moisturized and supple. You may also combine this gel with a tiny bit of water and apply it on any kind of hair. It assists with softness and shine. Some water boiled with cracked or crushed rosemary leaves it is a perfect for rinsing out the hair. Several hair treatments use herbs. Others can be used for teeth whitening. Still, others can be used to enhance the skin, making it supple and soft. Mastering the art of herb beauty treatments may mean you will never need a spa day again! Think about that for savings!

House Keeping

The odor of herbs around the house can be quite soothing, and you can use many herbs to not only soothe your senses but also to keep your home sweet smelling and bug-free. Lavender is excellent to keep in the towel or linen cupboard, and it will keep your towels and linens smelling beautiful. The odor of fresh basil is actually nice in a kitchen, as many folks associate it with some modern dishes.

Money Saving

Having a house herb garden saves a whole lot of money. If you would like to purchase fresh herbs from any grocery store, it would be costly. Additionally, it is an unbound fact that local grocer does not maintain the herbs as you needed. When you try to buy the herbs separately from specialty stores, it may even cost you more. Furthermore, you may not get the genuine fresh herbs from the stores as it may have been collected some time back. During a proper evaluation, you may completely agree with me that, possess a herb garden is significantly saving money and serve you fresh blossoms each time you need them.

Herb Gardening Experience

Education about various herbs as well as the applications become popular daily. All children and adults can learn different kinds of herbs and get experience doing plant gardening. Besides, learning about herbs gardening and using in a different recipe and enhancing health is always a fun and fresh experience. There are many resources and courses across the country about herb gardening that is getting trendy. While you may have the ability to learn, lot more in the home growing herb gardening yourself.

Sharing is Caring

Growing own herbs might be an excellent way to make more friends and connect with your friends, relatives, and friends. There will be many more herbs in your garden than you require. You might share additional herbs together with your neighbors, friends and loved ones. You may be attending dinner together using a basket full of different fresh herbs and get a smile on their face. When you care for others, they will care for you. Just straightforward as that!

Mind Refreshment

Having a herb garden at your place can relieve your stress only by visiting or walking in the garden. Herbs can also be used to relax and rejuvenate you. You can make yourself some herbal tea, draw yourself an herb bath, or use other herbs for their beautification purposes.  People are busy all, the time with works and other mental pressure, which are not good for health or mind. Moreover, anyone can spend quite a bit of time doing gardening on weekends when there is nothing to do really. The sight scenes and the sweet smells around the herb garden can revive the mind and refresh your body with all your stress out easy.

Fruitful Hobby

Most People have various tastes and hobbies partly within our Lifespan. Herb Gardening is among the most useful hobbies for plant and garden enthusiasts can practice. It is not just spending leisure time but also it provides you with in return that you cannot refuse. Good health and delicious food would be the very best most fascinating things which you can enjoy having an herb gardening hobby.

Natural Cleansers

While spending time at home, tending to your herbs and mastering your dishes, you can also employ herbs for its home-making benefit. Herb flowers do wonders for brightening up a room, and their fragrances can be welcoming. Dried herbs are also great for freshening the air, either through their leaves or through potpourris. They can keep away odors from closets or cupboards; they can drive away pests, and even absorb moisture. You can also create some herb mixtures, which can serve as natural cleansers around your home!

Herbs truly have many applications. Regardless of what you decide to employ your house herb garden for, odds are you will find yourself using the plants and herbs for a number of different applications as you learn about all of the secrets of herb gardening.

So, enjoy these benefits of herbs and stay fit. In addition, if you are curious to know about greenhouse kits, then visit the best greenhouse kits.

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