Basic Tips For Keep Your Garden in Top Condition

It’s a fact: season changes in every year in the clutches of the routine with a busy time in gardening. These long and pleasant days always changed to one to another. In every season that allowed us to dedicate time to one of our favorite hobbies. To take care by our garden with garden care tips, orchard, urban orchard in the field, lawn etc. But  lack of time loose to preparing our garden?

Do we have to leave for another year the care of the rose bushes, the lawn irrigation or the trimming of the hedges? The answer is no”.

Caring for plants cannot wait for us to have more or less time. To enjoy a free afternoon or to have evening at six in the afternoon instead of nine at night. Our orchard or garden needs us all year and that is why we have just written the article today. We explore you seven basic tips that will allow you to take care of your garden when time is scarce.

Do you find it interesting on garden care tips? Let the tiny start!

Tip 1: The best is not always good

Surely you have seen thousands of images of wonderful, stunning home gardens, full of green plants and flowers of a thousand colors. Well, you know what? Most of those images of home gardens have not been taken in the fall.

In most of our climate geography, autumn is the same with the fall of the leaf. The appearance of patchy spots on the lawn and the dominance of brown and ocher tones that are a prelude to the cold. As we will pass inside nothing as soon as winter arrives. So, the number one garden care tips is quite simple and, I think, very sensible. Autumn is not the best season of the year so your garden looks all its beauty. It is a rather complicated time in which the main thing is that the garden is Keep it healthy, hydrated and without pests.

Tip 2: Prepare the garden for the winter

One of the main tasks that we have to deal with during the months of September, October and November is to prepare our plants, flowers, lawn, etc. That resist the rigors of winter. Autumn is the time to clean your garden of dirt, dig up bulbs, collect leaves, cover the feet of newborn plants with compost, redo the irrigation grooves. Also we have to think about protecting the most delicate species, protect the box from the compost, , Prune …

Tip 3: Prune and trim

In the fall month’s sales of chainsaws, hedge trimmer and pruning shears skyrocket for a very simple reason. Professional gardeners know that with the fall of the leaf comes the time to prune. So you know: reserve at least one weekend this fall for pruning work, your garden will smile to you …

Tip 4: Plan and review

Before you start to prune like crazy (or crazy) it plans the work. Then it is necessary to reviews the state of the branches of the trees and the hedges to locate diseases or presence. Consult with an expert if you do not know the pruning work. Applying the compost and verify that it is protected from the harsh winter, check the lawn in case there are moles, etc.

Tip 5: Prepare the lawn

One of the basic tasks that we have to do in autumn is to prepare the lawn for our garden . This preparation consists of several complementary tasks: flush mowing, trimming the edges of the pool or the roads. Scarifying the roots to oxygenate properly, covering the soil with new soil and replanting. Applying a layer of lawn fertilizer, Automatic irrigation, etc.

Tip 6: Planting in the face of spring

Not all garden tasks in the fall are as heavy as scarifying, trimming and cleaning. We can also have some fun planting plant bulbs that will appear in spring. It depends on your flavors, but you can plant tulips, daffodils, violets, hyacinths … And since you have stained your hands, remember to take a look at the plants you have in the garden. Protect them with compost or new soil, transplant the most delicate plants To pots and place them indoors, etc.

Tip 7: Renovate Your Gardening Equipment

Autumn is one of the most suitable seasons for changing chainsaws, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, water cleaners, height clippers, accessories. In these months most manufacturers offer great discounts to their customers. They launch offers, they offer extra accessories for the same price … Autumn is, then, an excellent time to renew the machinery of your garden but with head.

Keep your garden in top condition with these general tips.

  • Do not watering in same area. If you always do it from the same place, that will cause the soil to be dragged out. The roots to be left out in the open air, which impacts on the stability of the plant. Take time to prune. Remove dry leaves to make room for new ones. Try to change the irrigation area.
  • Remove the weeds or weeds that grow around. Therefore, your plants will get sufficient nutrients and water from the soil.
  • Try to watering the plants in first time of the morning or at sunset. In fact, this is the best time to water as it is not evaporating and absorb water by soil. It saves the plants from being burned by the sun.
  • According to the gardening experts at The Home Depot, plants that grow in clay pots require more water. As clay pots has absorbent material.
  • Plant some plants that keep away some harmful insects. Which keep your garden free of pests & insect. A rosemary plants is a good choice.
  • Nourish the garden is essential for proper care. Obtain suitable products depending on the type of flowers and plants you have.
  • Consider to grow native plants. As they can adapt local climate of that place and require less irrigation.
  • Choose plants that bloom at different times, so that your garden always colorful all year around.

Choose a durable, flexible and adapted tool to your real needs, if you have to buy a new mower or chainsaw.  Never to carried away by the enthusiasm and choose a machine with too many benefits. But do not stay short and buy a tool of poor quality. Or an international supplier you do not know and who sells suspiciously cheap or without guarantees of any kind. Buy only on websites (like AMAZON) of absolute confidence that will guarantee you quality, guarantee and, of course, good price.

Plan, protect, scarify, collect leaves, plant, take advantage of offers in gardening machinery … These are basic garden care tips & maintenance tasks for your garden in autumn that will not take you long if you have a little foresight and, Enjoying your garden or your garden for many years.

Would you like to add some more basic tasks? Write your opinion, in the wood cutter Blog we will be happy to learn from you …

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