Top 6 Best Remington Chainsaws Buying Guide

best remington chainsaws

Everyone looks forward to having a saw that will ease cleaning up of your yard thus, making the task faster to perform. The Remington industry made their best Remington chainsaws while considering this problem. Their chainsaws come in multiple chain lengths so as to adjust to any job they are subjected to. The saw’s blade is also strong making it easy to break tough debris hence ease of moving the pieces from your yard. The Remington chainsaws also feature a powerful engine making it durable and enabling the saw to cut through the toughest material. The saw is equipped with a system of quick starting which reduces the effort needed in pulling.

Basically, the saw is of two types; the electric and gas chainsaw. The electric saws basically help in preventing oil from mixing with gas while still preventing idling of the saw. The electric motor also enables the saw to roar back to life immediately its trigger is pulled. The gas powered motor chainsaw makes the saw so powerful such that it can quickly cut through the hardest wood.

Since 1921, Remington Company has been producing power tools and in 1990’s the company release their first electric chain saw. Since then, the company has come up with numerous saw brands, with each new brand being an improvement of the previous. The industry has maintained production of light saws which make it easier to operate and increases its portability. The saws also come when fully assembled ready for operations.

Features and benefits of Best Remington chainsaws

Vibration free

Everyone can agree that the shock and vibration of a saw make the job more stressful and tiresome. The vibrations also make the user unsure of handling the saw hence could easily slip from the hand. Remington chainsaw features an anti-vibration system which guarantees comfort during use and the fatigue associated with too much vibration is also eliminated.

Quick start technology

At times when it is cold or a saw has not been used for long, starting it will be a problem. The best Remington chainsaws are equipped with spring start mechanism which is of great value as it makes it easier and effortless to start the saw. This feature is also necessary as when it’s cold, it is easier to start the machine without complications.

Automated oiling system

This is another special feature as it helps reduce wearing of the sprockets, bar and chain. Thus, ensuring the chains remains sharper for a long time. The system guarantees no wastage of oil as only the correct oil ratio is fed.

Chain brake

Safety at the work site is necessary as the last thing you would want is injury reports at the workplace. This is why the chainsaw features a chain brake; it enables the saw to stop whenever it encounters an abrupt impact. The chain brake also allows you to manually activate the brake.

Low-kickback bars and chains

Kickbacks are very dangerous and cause most of the accidents that occur in the working site. Best Remington chainsaws are safe to use as they are equipped with anti-kick bars and chain which enables them to also reduces the risk of the saw being forced back and up unexpectedly.

Chain adjustments

The chain saw features tool-less chain adjustment which will allow the user to easily and quickly change the chain’s cutting tension. The tool-less chain is made of metal hence guaranteeing durability. This feature allows faster and accurate cuts to be made.

Top best Remington chainsaws on the market

Best Remington chainsaws

It is a light weight best Remington chainsaws for home use which allows you to cut easily and also makes the saw portable. It is designed to cut saplings and limbs with ease. It also features a reliable tensioning system and low kick-back chain and bar hence ensuring user’s safety. It also comes with a wraparound hand guard protecting the user from debris, this allows users to perform dangerous tasks with fewer risks. Customers are pleased by its light weight and its accurate and clean cuts. However, you will be required to manually add oil to it .it’s another disadvantage is its oil leakage. At amazon, the saw has been awarded 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Best Remington chainsaws

One of the best Remington chainsaws for firewood features with a powerful 51cc and 2-cycle engine which guarantees you enough power to perform heavy tasks quickly and easily. It is also equipped with the quick start technology making it effortless to pull start the engine. Its anti-vibration handles make the user’s job easier. Amazon consumers have awarded it 4 stars out of 5. The customers love it because of its ability to cut trees fast, anti-vibration feature, lightweight and the automatic lubrication works fine. However, the biggest complain of customers on this product is its cheap chain which calls for sharpening after a hard job

Best Remington chainsaws

This is a two in one saw, where it has a detachable chainsaw or pole saw.it allows users to cut branches of up to 15 feet high hence suitable for trimming the very high branches.it is made of aluminum of more strength and control. It also features an anti-kickback bar and chain for safety. It also features a non-slip handle for safety and a firmer grip. This saw has been awarded 4.2 out of 5 stars. The great rating is due to it great power, durable materials and its automatic oiling system work fine. The only problem is its heavy weight.

more to know ​RM1025SPS/RM1015SPS Ranger Pole Saw

Best Remington chainsaws

It is alight saw hence easy to handle.it has a 12 Amps motor which is suitable for easy and fast trimming , cutting and also pruning. It also features a wraparound hand guard allowing easier cutting in different positions and also protects user’s hands from debris. The handles are also soft hence comfort and less vibration. It comes with an automatic oiler which allows easier maintenance of the saw. Due to these great features, the saw has been awarded 4 out of 5 stars in amazon.

Best Remington chainsaws

It is of light weight hence easy to operate. It uses electricity hence no need to worry about gas emissions. Comes with an integrated hand guard which enhances users safety from debris as they perform difficult tasks.it is designed in a way it is easy to view the gauge level of the reservoir. The product has many complains turned to it most especially is that of the saw failing after a few working day. It is incapable of handling tedious work.

Best Remington chainsaws

It features a very powerful engine of 42cc thus; making the saw capable of doing hard jobs.it also comes with an automatic oiler which ensures the saw’s maintenance. Its quick start mechanism also makes the saw easier to start especially during winter without many complications. Its cushion wrapped handle also makes the saw comfortable to handle and also minimizes the vibrations. The saw has been awarded 4 out of 5 stars with numerous positive compliments accompanying it. The only complain was directed to its oil leakage.

A powerful motor or engine provides its users much control as well as better cuts without much power consumption. The saw also features an integrated hand guard thus protecting the user from debris during a heavy task.

Best Remington chainsaws come at the right price range and satisfying customer reviews. The customers are pleased by the chainsaws ability to cut trees like butter.

The low kick back bar and a chain is of great advantage to the users since allows you to cut tree trunks with ease while still ensuring user’s safety. Its anti-vibration handle guarantees users comfort and control. They also come with their own storage case ensuring safety and convenience in transportation. The chain saws also come while fully assembled hence capable of starting the job immediately. The Best Remington chainsaws comes with a bonus 2-year warranty. Another crucial feature which makes the saw stand out is its lack of cords which means that your movements are not limited. Thus, you are able to move from one side to another as needed.

Buyers guide

Best Remington chainsaws

Whenever you are out to buy a saw you should basically consider the job that you want to perform. The engine or motor power which you require is determined by the size and type of wood which you will be dealing with. The chainsaw should also have enough power to cut through hard and soft wood. However, there are some critical features which bring down its overall performance. So, make sure that you choose an efficient power tool as your companion as they act as a backbone supporter for its users.

Guide bar length

Guide bar length refers to the measurement from the tip of the blade to where the blade enters the housing. It is also the active area as it mainly shows the largest size of wood the chainsaw can cut. For a safe cutting, the bar length should be 2 inches longer than the wood being cut. The number of times kickbacks occur is determined by the bar length, as the longer the guide bar length the more the kickbacks occur.

The power type of the engine

Having a powerful engine means that the blade will move swiftly hence increasing the chances of an accurate cut being achieved. This means that if the engine is powerful the user will have more control which is directly proportional to the saw’s cutting power.so; you should always look out for chainsaws with higher ratings.


As much as chain saws can be helpful, they can also be dangerous. This is why it is necessary that for your to look out for safety features when shopping for a saw. Chainsaws pose great risks to its users but the risks can also be totally avoided. This is why it is very important to choose best Remington chainsaws that enhance safety at your work place. The primary safety feature a saw buyer should look out for is the presence of anti-kickbacks. Anti-kickbacks are essential as they help in preventing the saw from being forced back or up. The protective gear should also be a necessity when buying a saw.

Personal fitness

The ability to handle, hold and control the chain saw highly depends on your personal strength. You should buy a saw which you are able to handle comfortably. Buying saw which is heavier or bigger than you can handle will make the saw unbalanced during work hence increasing the risk of injury during work.




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