The Best Landscaping Lawn Edger: Review & Smart Buying Guide

Landscape Edging is the process of setting boundaries in your garden. It involves demarcating areas for lawns, flowerbeds and pathways. The best lawn edger is the tool for this work. It has a blade at the tip which slices the ground to provide regular shapes for your edges. Then, it has a shaft with a handle at the top from where you operate. As this review will reveal, myriad varieties of edgers do exist; these include the best manual edgers as well as the power edgers.

Garden edging your lawn keeps it neat and beautiful. The following are some of the basic uses of lawn edgers.

Best Lawn Edger Buying Guide: What Makes the Top Lawn Edger?

Buying the best landscaping lawn edger for the first time can be tedious. Especially, you have to put to consideration lot of factors. Then, the market is full of brands and you might not be sure about which one best suits you. In this section, we’ll guide you on the considerations you need to make when buying a grass edger. And, because we do not want you to spend all your time scouring online stores, we’ve reviewed the best lawn edgers for you. Before then, below is the formulae we use to determine the best edgers.

Type of edger

By now, you definitely know there exists at least 3 types of landscaping edger tool. The manual lawn edger is the simplest- both in use and technology. If you have a small lawn to edge, this is your type of tool.

Consider buying an electric edger if you have a medium sized lawn that needs regular maintenance. In this case, you may need to find out its weight and motor type. Then, if you want an edger to maintain the lawns around your homestead, the corded edger will do. The cordless battery-powered edger is ideal for manicuring lawns far from home.

If your lawns are large (like in the case of a soccer or American football pitch), then; it’s advisable you go the gas powered edgers. These are powerful and more efficient. Noteworthy, they are also heavy and more expensive. They are noisy, so you might need to use them in places far from urban centers, schools and hospitals. They also emit fumes.

Gas powered edgers are the best tools to use for commercial landscaping. They do the work fast. Depending on the size of lawns you handle, you will go for either the two-stroke or the four-stroke engine.

Size of lawn

The size of lawn and type of grass will help you understand the model of edgers you want to take home. No doubt, it’d be tedious to use a manual edger on a soccer pitch. The power edgers will work best for large lawns while smaller lawns can just have the manual variety.


The amount of money you are ready to spend is literally the most important factor. If you have below $100, then you can just go for the manual edger. We already have a list of the best manual edger under $100.

However, if you are ready to get the best lawn edgers, then you should opt for the electric and gas tools. The best stainless steel edger would also cost you a few dollars more than the iron blades or other brands. The gas-powered edgers are more expensive than the electric tools. This is because the engine and its construction is dearer than the motor. If you buy an electric edger, be sure to buy the accessories involved. For instance, you may need spare batteries for the cordless edgers. For corded edgers, you may also have to include longer cables in your purchase list for efficient work.

Are power lawn edgers are better than the top manual edgers?

Every type of lawn edgers has its purpose and targeted users. While the power tools are quicker, more powerful and bulkier, the manual edgers are lightweight. Thus, the manual varieties are ideal for domestic use on small yards while the power tools are suitable for large and medium lawns. The good thing is that you can find a blend of both. For instance, the Worx WG896 is both manual and powered. And, even when you connect the cable, you will still need to control it manually through the lawns.

Buitl in JumpStart Technology Troy-Bilt  4-Cycle Wheeled Edger

Since 1937, Troy have been part of the revolution of farming in America. The Ohio-based company manufactures some of the best gardening tools in the country. Their Troy-Bilt TB516 is the kind of edging tool you need for heavy duty performance.

First, Troy-Bilt TB516 comes with a powerful 29cc 4-cycle engine. The power produced by this engine is enough to drill and cut through the most stubborn roots in your yard. The four stroke engine is also efficient and thus, you will not require to mix oil and gas. It is also cost effective.

Again, it is easy to start the engine. The Spring Assist Starting Technology makes it stress-free to ignite the engine. The string makes starting the engine smooth and seamless.

Then, the wheels are adjustable. The edger comes with 3 wheels which allow you to change to six height positions. Adjusting the position of the wheels will not only let you determine the depth of the cut, but also run on uneven lawns.

Also, the Troy-Bilt TB516 has a strong nine-inch dual tip blade which cuts through 2.5 inches deep. The steel blade is not only sturdy, but also sharp and effective. The blade cuts your edges clean.

The gas power edger is ergonomic and easy to operate. It as a foldable handle from where you operate the machine. Then, the edger’s three-premium wheels offer stability and easy maneuver.

Ergonomic fordable control handle

3 Premium wheels for stability

4 stroke fuel efficient engine

Sharp nine-inch steel blade

29cc is not powerful enough for established lawns.

Ryobi ZRP20021 Shaft String Trimmer/Edger

Ryobi ZRP20021 One Plus is a cordless lithium-ion edger, which can also work as a trimmer. As we’ve already mentioned about cordless edgers, they are versatile and ideal for use in remote places. Ryobi ZRP20021 One Plus has a number of special features that won’t go unmentioned.

First, it has a telescopic shaft which gives the operator comfort. Although the shaft is strong, it is lightweight to save you the stress during transportation.

The edger also has a Gripzone over-mold design that increases the grip and control. The controls are pretty easy to understand plus the handles are ergonomic.

Then, the edger has a pivoting head that allows you to trim through sloppy terrains and uneven lawns. The pivoting head also lets you edge in places that have obstacles such as rocks, bones and roots.

The 12 inch blades cut deep, but they also stay 0.65 inches in a single line. This allows you to make near-perfect cuts as you do your edging and trimming. The 3 position trimmer rotates for edging too. You only need to fold out the edging guide.

Comfortable telescopic shaft

3 position trimmer with edging capabilities

Gripzone over-mold for comfort

Motor runs on a powerful 18V lithium-ion

Responsive customer care service

Easily cracks

Worx Grass Trimmer/Edger WG163.4 20V Cordless 12”

Worx WG163 is a battery-powered edger that can also work as a trimmer. It’s a product of Worx, who are among the leading manufacturers of gardening power tools.

The cordless edger comes with three rechargeable lithium-ion 20V batteries and a dual charger. It takes the charger about two hours to charge two batteries.

The power edger has a quick release lever which allows you to adjust the height of the shaft. You can also tilt the shaft to suit your needs. 90 degrees is the recommended angle of tilt, but you can always adjust.

The cutting diameter is about 12 inches. The edger has a modern Command Feed Spool technology that feeds he line instantly.

Worx WG163 is an innovative 2-in-1 gardening tool whose combo qualities are useful for keeping your lawns tidy. While the trimmer keeps the grass short, the edger keeps the boundaries manicured.

2-in-1 gardening features

3 batteries and a dual charger

Quick release lever

Sharp blades with a 12 inch cutting diameter

Not powerful enough for large lawns beyond ½ acres

The AMES Border Edger

AMES 2917200 is one of the best manual edgers which will help keep your lawn borders neat and regular. If you have tight angles, or you need to make round edges around your flowers or trees, then you should probably give this edger a shot.

First, it has a special footplate for consistent depth. Manicuring lawns means you must keep everything regular. The depths of your edges should be equal as it would be horrid to have parts that are deeper than others. AMES 2917200’s footplate ensures that the cutting depth is consistent.

Second, it has a strong, durable and sharp serrated steel blade that is able to slice through turf in one go. A good edger is one that has a strong blade- one that will not break easily. AMES makes their blade serrated because they understand the importance of tearing dandelion roots and weeding them out. Again, with the serrated blade, you do not need to worry about rocks on your edges.

Strong Serrated blade

Special foot plate for straight and consistent cutting depth

Ideal for straight lines, curves and tight angles

Ergonomic handle design

Cost effective

Time saver

The handle would have been better round than flat

Seymour Half Moon Turf Edger  (WE-65)

Half-moon edgers are some of the most effective manual tools for manicuring your lawns. Their shape allows them to mold cut the edges into straight lines. But, with the half-moon shaped edger, you can also pout a near-perfect round curve to your flower beds and tree edges.

Seymour (WE-65) has a strong handle for the job. The hardwood handle can last for years without breaking or bending. It is also ergonomic as it has a thumb/palm grip at the end.

This edger also features a sturdy steel blade edge. Steel is not only a hard material, but also easy to sharpen. And, unlike iron, it seldom rusts. With this steel edger, you will cut through dandelion and the majority of grass or weed roots on your edging path.

Then, the edger has a cast iron socket. This helps hold the blade onto the edger’s handle. The tightness of the blade onto the handle gives you a seamless experience.

Seymour (WE-65) is ideal for home use. You can use it to manicure the edges to your flowerbeds, kitchen gardens as well as walkways. It may not be the best tool to edge large lawns, but it will certainly do the job well for home lawns.


Sharp sturdy steel blade

Hardwood handle

Half-moon shape edges the best shapes

Cast-iron socket


The handle may be rough

For small scale edging only

Best Manual Lawn Edgers under $100

If you have a small lawn to maintain, then you might like to use the manual lawn edger. The hand grass edger is easy to control and you can use it on places that have bricks or irregular-shaped lawns.

The manual lawn edger is ideal for a couple of reasons. First, it provides a way to exercise. Second, they are inexpensive edging tools for landscaping. Their design is simple and they neither include a motor nor engine. You do not need any expenditures to maintain it as they do not rely on gas or electricity.

Then, the manual edger is eco-friendly. You realize that the majority of edgers use materials that are toxic to the environment. While the gas edger is noisy and emits gases, the electric variety leads to electronic waste. The manual edger leaves no kind of debris, gases or wastes.

Again, you do not need any special knowledge or skills to operate the manual edger. You do not need any complicated operation manuals or maintenance skills. Just grab your edger and start working!

The best manual lawn edgers are ideal for small-scale lawn maintenance. It’s necessary to sharpen the blade, wipe off the dirt and oil the movables. Of course, they are far slower than the power lawn-edging tools.

Using the landscaping edger tool is pretty straightforward. But, you might find it difficult to pick the best tools. Noteworthy, the market has an overwhelming number of brands but it all comes down to the best for you. Consider the size, comfort and ergonomic aspects of the edger before you add it to your cart. Also, be sure to find out its efficiency and durability.

The best edgers fetch a fortune at the stores- but, not always! Price doesn’t always match quality and sometimes, we have some underrated brands. Yes- you can get great stuff for less! So, we picked the best manual lawn edgers under $100 and reviewed them for you.

Worx lawn edger WG896

Worx is one of the most popular power tool makers in the world. You may want to find out some of our reviews of Works products from our dedicated list of the best Worx chainsaws. But, they do not stop at that. The company has some of the best electric lawn edgers you can ever get. And, the Worx WG896 is one of them.

Worx WG896 is a corded electric edger with a powerful motor of up to 12amp. The motor produces enough power to rotate the blades seamlessly. It works well with a power voltage of 120V and 60Hz. You can purchase a separate cord to suit your length needs.

Worx WG896’s shaft is adjustable to suit the user’s posture. It has three wheels and a shaft that you use to control the edger. Then, it has a handle for pivoting and efficient control.

The blade is probably the most im0ortant part of an edger because it is involved in the actual work. Worx WG896’s blade measures 7.5” with a three-position depth adjustment. This allows you to choose how deep you want to cut into the lawn. In my view, Worx WG896 is the best lawn edger!



Orange and black (trademark Worx colors)

Adjustable shaft

Weighs 14 lbs.

Edging indicator for precision

Ideal for commercial and heavy duty use


You need to buy a separate cord

Truper Rotary Lawn Edger 32100 Tru

Every time our readers ask for the best rotary lawn edger, we often tell them to check out the Truper 32100 Tru. Truper is a highly-reputed garden tool company from Mexico and operates in the entire North American region. Their Truper rotary edgers come in two styles: the half-moon and the dual wheel rotary. In this part, we’ll review why Truper’s dual wheel rotary edger is part of the best edging tools.

The rotary lawn edger has a long 48 inch handle for a steady edging. The North American ash handle is both strong and durable. It is long to keep rid you of the need to bend of kneel while gardening.

The clear coated steel blades are not only sharp, but also strong. They will not only last long, but do the job well. The blades slice tuft and strong grass or weed roots. Then, the heavy duty lacquered ash handle is sturdy and durable.

The rotary lawn edger is ideal for home use, and for the maintenance of medium sized lawns. The Truper 32100 Tru is the ideal edger for your walkways and gardens.


Strong lacquered ash handles

Long shaft

Sharp, resistant steel blades


Requires manual operation

The AMES Dual-Wheel Rotary Edger

The Ames companies manufacture some of the best garden tools in the market. They are the brains behind the Ames brand. And, they have been in the market for long enough to know what is good for gardeners. This brand comes in five styles. These include; the Thatch Rake, Deluxe Weed Cutter, Steel Blade Grass Whip, Dandelion Weeder and the Rotary Edger. Here’s a review of the Rotary Edger.

AMES 28112200 Rotary Edger has a sharp, tough and durable steel blade. You can operate it on three levels. This allows you to adjust the depth of the cuts you make in tuft. The three levels allow you to determine whether you want to hit the next-to-ground cut or just a shallow depth. The good thing about these blades is that they remain clean thanks to the self-cleaning feature.

For seamless control and comfortable grip, the handle has a cushion at the end. The cushioned handle prevents your hands from bruises or blisters.

The handle itself is long and strong. The 54” hardwood handle is what you need to work without bending or squatting. Remember, the edger’s handle size determines whether you become tired easily.

The dual wheels at the end promote easy traction. The dual wheel makes edging efficient, and also allows you to do it quick.


54” handle

Cushioned handle grip

Self-cleaning steel blades


Not the best for thick tuft

Radius Garden 206 PRO Stainless Steel Edger

Image Credit:


Radius Garden has some of the best tool-products for gardening. Their Radius Garden 206 PRO steel edger gets accolades for its comfortable and effective nature. The tool is one of the best lawn edgers under $100, and there’s a reason or that!

First, the Radius Garden edger has a resistant steel blade. The shaft is a carbon steel encased with resin. The edger’s construction is therefore robust and effective in manicuring tough lawns.

Second, the Radius Garden 206 PRO has one of the most comfortable grips you’d ever find in an edger. The patented Natural Radius 0-handle Grip ensures you have extra support. The handle has an O-shape which is ideal for comfort and efficiency. In short, you use your entire hand to hold the handle. This is different from the case of the pole handles where you use your thumb only. The non-latex handle reduces any stress caused on your hands and wrist.

Further, the handle grip is four times more ergonomic than the normal D handles. The grip is probably the most unique feature of the Radius Garden 206 PRO. If you are looking to buy a simple domestic manual edger for less than $100, this is the best bet!


Ergonomic O-shaped non latex grip handle

Durable 54” carbon steel handle

Sharp resistant steel blade


It can be short for people who are taller than 6’

Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite

Just like Radius 206 Pro above, Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite is yet another outstanding manual edger that you can use. By manual, I mean that you do not need a motor or engine. But, the benefits will make you want to keep using Pro-Lite.

First, it has a heavy-duty fiberglass shaft. This shaft is strong and can take years to break. Plus, it does not lose shape or crack when used for edging touch tuft.

At the end of the shaft is a strong but lightweight carbon steel blade. The blade is performance-oriented, and can slice through any kind of sod, roots or dandelion weeds. The sharp half-moon shaped blade makes tough tuft look like butter.

Then, Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite has one of the best handle designs an edger can have. The patented Natural Radius O-shaped handle grip has a 4 times larger grip surface than the average D handle tools. The ergonomic handle reduces stress on your wrist.

In short, the Radius Garden 25602 Pro-Lite ranks among the best manual edgers under $100 that you can buy. It has a comfortable grip, and a super-strong shaft and blade. So amazing is the edger that several health-dedicated magazines have featured it. No doubt, place your money on the best carbon steel edger!


Ergonomic grip

Sharp carbon steel blade

Heavy duty fiber glass shaft

Affordable – under $100


Short shaft

Best Half Moon Edger

One of the best lawn edging tools is the half moon. They get their name from their design- they look like a half moon. They often have a long stick attached to a moon shaped steel blade. And, when using it, you only need to roll the semicircular blade on the edges of your lawns. The blades cut through the grass roots and soil to give you a regular straight line.

The best half-moon edger comes in several brands, but it is important to know which is right for you. Some brands have a special handle that you hold when manicuring your lawn edges. The handle-type is usually the best as it gives you a comfortable experience. Plus, it is ergonomic and you will not bruise your hands. But, it is not compulsory that the edger has a grip-handle. You can check our list of the best gardening gloves for inspiration.

Searching through online stores for the best half-moon edger can be a tedious experience. So, we decided to do it for you- and after scouring deeply, we found the following to be the top 3 half-moon lawn edgers. Check out their review below.

Truper Half Moon Edger 30035 Tru Pro

Truper is currently the most popular tool maker in Mexico. With over 40 years in the gardening equipment manufacture industry, Truper continues to give gardeners a reason to go on. One of their best half-moon lawn edgers is the Truper 30035. It’s quite popular among most gardeners and there’s a reason why they trust it.  First, the Truper lawn edger comes in two styles- the Dual Wheel Rotary, and then the Half Moon Edger. In this section, we shall have a look at the half-moon variety.

The Truper 30035 Tru Pro has a 48-inch professional grade premium handle. The white-ash holder is not only clean, but also allows comfortable for your palms. Plus, it is sturdy and doesn’t break easily.

The edger has a 9-inch half-moon blade. The semicircular steel is able to penetrate through grass roots and the ground to give you the regular shapes you need. The blade is strong and break-resistant. And yes- when there’s need, you can replace the blade.

Then, the edger is light- it weighs about 3 pounds. The edger’s lightweight nature allows you to keep working for long without fatigue.



Sharp 9” blade

Long, strong and comfortable White ash handle


The blade has no titanium coating

When talking about the best hand edgers, it’s impossible to leave Fiskars out! It’s one of the most respected brands in the industry- and its performance tells it all. It has a long shaft and a special handle at the end. It weighs about two pounds.

The Fiskars half-moon edger is one of the best tools for manicuring you sidewalks and flowerbeds. It has a sharp powerful steel blade that slices dense turf with ease. The blade is replaceable but it will take you time before you need to do that.

Then, the 38.5 inch long handle gives you the comfort you need. The majority of gardeners have a problem with kneeling or bending. Thus, the long handle helps prevent backaches and keeps you working.

Fiskars edger also has a large foot platform where you can step and maximize the force needed to slice through tough tuft. Some weeds and grass species have strong roots. The foot platform lets you exert the force with your body weight and make the work simple. For this reason, Fiskars is the best step edger in our list.

Fiskars is the kind of tool you need to manicure your home lawns. The manual edger helps burn your excessive calories but most importantly, it keeps your yard neat. Fiskars is the ideal home lawn edging tool for walkways and flowerbeds.



Large foot platform

32” handle



The plastic handle is short and susceptible to breakage

When evaluating the best gardening tools, it’s important to see how long they have been in the market. The Ames True Temper TEGT is one of the most basic edging tools you’ll find on the market today. The edger has a traditional design, which brings out the feeling that our fathers and grandparents used it.

In brief, Ames True Temper TEGT has a sturdy 9” by 4” blade half-moon blade. The steel blade is sharp and sturdy enough to penetrate through tough roots and soil. Plus, it is durable and can stay for years before it needs a replacement. And, if you need to make a replacement, the accessories go for competitive prices.

It has a long, ergonomic hardwood handle that takes your comfort to consideration. It measures 48”, which is pretty comfortable for people of any height. Inasmuch as edging lawns is a good way to workout, nobody wants to have backaches at the end of it. A good long pole saves you the pain.

Then, Ames True Temper TEGT has a green contoured thumb handle at the end for comfort. It is ergonomic and nonslip. Plus, the green band at the tip of the handle makes it effective and easy to hold.



Nonslip contours

Long 48” handle

Sturdy handle


Handle not easy to replace

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How to Buy Best Manual Lawn Edger

Buying the best manual lawn edgers requires you to have in mind a couple of factors. One, you should remember that your muscles power the manual edger. Thus, you should be ready to push it in the yard- this means it has to be comfortable and ergonomic. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, I suggest you try this. Of course it is not as strenuous as going to the gym but it will do just fine. Anyway, the guide below should help you make an informed decision when buying the best landscaping lawn edger.

Edging Frequency and time

How often, and for how long do you manicure your lawns? The time you take when edging should be top of your mind when making this important purchase. The time you can take to edge your lawns is a result of many factors. These include the size of lawn, type of grass and the model of the tool you are using.

You will take long edging a large, and a shorter period for small lawns. If you want to save time on a large yard, then it only means you should buy top lawn maintenance equipment. Buy a tool that will give you the value for the money. Understand that the value of the tool you buy must be a replica of its efficiency. Good lawn edgers take you less time to complete the work.


How comfortable is the edger you want to buy? The tool should be user-friendly. First, the edger ought to have comfortable handles that don’t bruise your palms. Second, the pole’s height should be modifiable to match your tallness. Remember, a short trimmer requires you to bend for long it can result to backaches.

Then, the edger should be easy to use. It is important to buy only those tools that you can use without needing to hire someone. The manual lawn edgers are home tools, which means you will be using them often. It’s important that they are simple to understand and easy to use for everyone in your home.

Blade type

What is the edger’s module type? The tool has a pole and blade(s) at the end. But, it’ the blades that do the actual edging. So, you need to make sure it the right type. The hardness, sharpness or brittleness of the blade affects the overall performance of the edger.

For instance, cutting weeds and tough grass requires blades that are both strong and sharp. Most lawn edgers have hardened steel blades. But you should check out for the best stainless steel edgers which are sharp, shiny and rust-free!

Some of these blades may wear out with time, and you may have to replace them. The rule of the thumb is to buy the tools that have blades that are easy to replace.

Lawn size

In regard to buying the best manual lawn edger, you have to pay attention to the size of your lawn. How large is your yard or garden? If the garden is big, then your manual edger needs to be a sturdy heavy duty variety of tools. A medium sized manual lawn edger will do for a small yard. How big your garden affects how long you take when maintaining it. This also affects the lifespan of the tools. The best manual lawn edgers will do the job efficiently and in good time.

Uses of the Best Lawn Edger


A home garden needs to be neat and tidy. You may need a shovel to pick your dog’s poop sometimes, but that is not enough. It’s important that you manicure the yard. The grass lawns in your home will get a fine touch at the edges if you have the best lawn edgers. The edgers do the work that a nail-file does to finger nails- giving them fine shapes.


Maintaining a garden – especially your homestead’s yard- requires have the correct tools. A lawn edger will ensure that the grass doesn’t grow in areas that it ideally shouldn’t. For instance, you can mow it when it starts invading the pathways. Further, you will need to set the boundaries between the flowerbeds and lawns. Demarcation is crucial for gardeners who want to keep weeds away. It allows you to mulch, apply fertilizer and control pests in targeted places. The best edgers will do that.

Best Lawn Edgers Varieties

There are quite a myriad types of edgers. Some are manually operated while others run on gas or electricity. Their sizes vary also: the engine type is the bulkiest, followed by the motor edgers and then the manual varieties.

You may also buy a pole single-wheel edger which is similar to a trimmer. However, it has two or three wheels with one at the front and the other at the rear. The pole edgers are light and can maneuver easily along tight angle.

Then, the walk behind multi-wheel edgers are the most powerful edgers. They have two to four wheels and a large motor or engine. They usually have two lever-handles for easy control.

Manual Lawn edgers

The best manual lawn edgers run on human power. They have a blade attached to a pole. Manual edgers are easy to operate- but they are also slow. The hand-operated edgers are the best to use on your home’s sidewalks and the garden around your house. In this article, we have dedicated section about the top manual lawn edgers.

Gas-powered lawn edgers

The two main types of gas-powered lawn edgers are the 2 and 4 stroke engines. The 4 stroke engine edgers are the most powerful varieties. They are heavy (of course they are!) but energy efficient. They are ideal for people with large lawns, or those who do commercial lawn and landscaping services. The engine is usually noisy and it emits a lot of fumes.

The two stroke engine lawn edgers are the most common varieties. They are cheaper and less powerful than the four-stroke engine type. However, they are more powerful than the manual varieties, as well as most electric types.

Electric Lawn edgers

The other common type of edgers are those that run on electricity. This type has a motor that rotates the blades and wheels for a seamless edging experience. The motor produces less noise than the engines. The low-sound factor favors the electric lawn edgers for places that demand silence. The two main designs of electric lawn edgers are the corded and cordless edgers.

Corded electric lawn edgers operate on direct connection to the source or power. The edgers have a long electric cable that provides the power. Thus, they are usually powerful but less versatile than the cordless variety. Corded edgers are ideal for use in places close to the source of power. Definitely, they may not be useful in remote places.

Cordless electric lawn edgers are those that run on batteries. In most cases, they have a lithium ion rechargeable battery that you can change when it runs out of charge. They are clean as they do not need any gas or emit any fumes. You may need to purchase more than one batteries if you are edging lawns far from home.

Conclusion on the Best Lawn Edgers

Hopefully, you already know how to buy the best lawn edger. Finding the appropriate edger for your needs requires that you first list down what you need. For instance, if you need to manicure the lawns in small yard find the manual lawn edger. And when at it, make sure that the handle is ergonomic and that the skills needed are minimal.

However, if your yard is medium-sized and you need an advanced lawn edger, you can get the battery powered (cordless) lawn edgers. The cordless edgers have a lithium ion battery-powered motor that rotates the blades. It is far quicker than the half-moon edgers.

However, if you want lawn edgers for commercial heavy-duty use, then we recommend that you give a shot to the corded electric lawn edgers. The corded variety has huge motors and wheels which make the edging work more efficient. They can cut through tough tufts. However, they must always be near a source of power. You may also need to buy long cables for versatility.

Yet, if you are a professional lawn edger or landscaper, then you require to have a gas powered lawn edger. This is the heaviest of all edging machines, but it is also the most powerful. Use it in places whose residents don’t mind the noise and fumes though.

In short, there is a lawn edger for everyone, and every purpose. Once you evaluate your needs, get the best lawn edger to keep your lawns manicured. My pick is the Worx WG896. Which is yours?

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