Best Wood Chipper and Shredder for Home Use

Also called a tree chipper, the best wood chippers is simply a machine that reduces timber into smaller bits. The machine uses internal combustion engine fuelled by natural gas or gasoline. The machine comes in handy particularly when cleaning up a yard after the cold winter months (when most trees drop their materials). A wood chipper should save you the effort and time you need to transport dead tree materials to the local landfill. You can then use the shredded wood material to mulch your plants.

However, during your shopping you have to remember that there is a difference between wood chippers and wood shredders. The two are large power tools for outdoor use that manufacturers design to make disposals easier and to reduce bulkiness of yard waste.

They are particularly useful to gardeners and landscapers alike in the areas where disposing of yard waste by open burning or landfill dumping is illegal. As a gardener or landscaper, you can recycle the output of shredders and chippers and use them to line flowerbeds, make compost and pave walkways.


Wood chippers break down branches with a diameter ranging from 2 inches to 3 inches into small chips. After throwing the branches into the machine’s hopper – a large cone shaped opening situated at the front side or top of the machine – or the side chute, the sharp harmers and blades inside the grinding chamber produce small wood chips which the machine expel from its side or into a collection bag.

Shredding and mulching

The shredding and mulching feature takes any fibrous materials such as leaves or brushes and shreds or mulches them into chopped organic matter usable in compost heaps. In addition to simplifying the work of tidying up a yard, a wood chipper will also save you the effort associated with shredding or chipping garden matter manually.

We Explore some of best wood chipper 2018 at your door step!
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Patriot CSV-2515 Electric Wood Chippers/Leaf Shredder

For the best results, you will need a best powerful electric wood chippers, particularly when working with the average power supply. The Patriot Products CSV-2515 Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder is among the few powerful products in the market to try. The product easily cuts thick wood into small coin shaped pieces and performs shredding and vacuuming tasks at the same time.

The electric wood chippers is suitable for individuals with large or medium sized gardens, especially those with a large number of trees – because the machine has excellent wood chipping abilities. And for owners of small plots living in the storm prone areas and suffering from regular twig and branch littered gardens, the machine’s ability to digest large branches within a short time will sound more helpful. Even more, environmentally conscious people and those living where gasoline availability will have an easier time clearing their garden.

Key features of Patriot Electric Wood Chippers

  • Compact size and lower weight

CSV-2515 Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder has great cutting potential but its weight stands at 95 pounds. Along with its compact design, the features enable users to take their units into the narrow passages including those with substantial branch and leaf build up. Actually, the 95 pounds would be a lot for most individuals if the machine had no wheels.

  • Best Leaf Shredder and Vacuum

Contrary to what most users thought initially, the unit boasts an integrated leaf vacuum which allows removal of the matted and wet leaves and twigs easily. After the user has fed the leaves into the machine, the shredder applies the blades automatically to churn out finer mulch within a shorter period of time.

best wood chippers

  • Powerful wood chipper

The electric wood chippers acts as the USP of the unit. The unit can handle any branch with a diameter not exceeding 2-1/2 inches. You can start the chipper by simply feeding branch through the machine’s top opening. The unit might clog up when consuming wood at the average speed because it will handle more wood than it can handle. To prevent problems, you will have to control the wood intake continually. The machine handles both the dry and green wood in the same manner.

  • Easier operation and maintenance

This best Leaf Shredder consume around 20 watts of power to function. In other words, you will not make any special arrangements to attain the needed output. And considering the easy disassembly and assembly steps explained clearly in the user manual, you will realise that the maintenance and repair part is easier. And if the repair fails, the manufacturer will provide every replacement part at a very low price.


  • Low product weight
  • Fast operation
  • The leaf vacuum facilitates easier waste collection
  • Easier to follow instructions
  • Best chipper shredder for composting


  • It does not handle the extremely old and dry leafs
  • Consumes wood at faster rate than the motor can handle

CSA Compliant Gas Powered Chipper Shredder from Generac

wood chippers for sale

The 3 inch homeowner wood chippers from Generac uses a hardened steel PRO-SPE chipper knife and free-swinging shredder hammers to mince brushes and branches for various yard maintenance projects. The product features 0.5 inch shredding capacity and 3 inch chipping capacity which enables it to seamlessly fill its 2.5 bushel collection bag and simplifies the disposal requirements.

Protected by low oil shutdown capabilities and powered by the 208cc OHV engine, the chipper shredder hastens maintenance projects and reduces time and effort the user would otherwise invest towards convenient clean-ups. The product boasts built-in handles which enhance easier manoeuvring. The 7.25 inch x 7.5 inch chipper hopper opening enhances the operation.

Features of  Generac Gas Powered Chipper Shredder, You might look!

  • The 208cc OHV engine has lower oil shut down
  • After buying the machine you will definitely enjoy its 3 inch chipping capacity and the ½ inch shredding capacity.
  • It boasts 8 Free-Swinging Shredder Hammer
  • The 2.5 Bushel Collection bag makes mulch collection easier
  • Measures 39.5 x 24 x 47 inches
  • Its weight stands at 126 pounds
  • The shipping weight is 126 pounds

4-Cycle Engine Tazz K32 Chipper/Shredder

Owning a garden is one thing, but ensuring that it remains in the right shape is another thing. If the garden has any type of trees or any large bushes you should expect plenty of leaves and branches on regular basis. One of the best solutions to consider in the organic garden waste management is the Tazz K32 Chipper/Shredder.

By chipping or shredding the branches, bushes and leaves, your garden will remain clean and still get pure organic manure and mulch in addition to maintaining an environmental friendly garden. If you currently have adequate branches and leaves in your garden, you might need to purchase the tool today.

Electric Wood Chippers

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Tazz K32 Chipper/Shredder is a machine that will provide you with adequate machine power and therefore chip and shred a lot of wood within a shorter period. The gas powered machine, which is powered by Viper’s 212cc and a 4-stroke engine that comes with five year’s warranty, has a compact design that allows easier storage in the garage.

Even though the machine is somewhat rugged, it stands at only 34 inches. That allows easier dropping of waste. All large branches pass through its limb chute. During your purchase, you have to remember that the equipment only chips and shreds branches and leaves with a diameter not exceeding 3 inches. The manufacturer fits the grinding chamber with heavy duty knives and hammers that reduce plant waste by around 1/20th of the initial size. The product surpasses ANSI-B71.6 safety standards.


  • Powerful engine
  • Features a rugged debris collection bag
  • Large wheels for easier movement


  • Not environmental friendly

The manufacturer has purposely made the Tazz K32 Chipper/Shredder for individuals who need more power to shred and chip wood. Some people will find it noisy and others will think it is not environmentally friendly. The manufacturer did not design it with such people in mind. They designed it for those individuals that can appreciate the power.

Best Commercial Wood Chipper From Patriot

The Patriot Products CSV-3090H is purposely made for individuals with best commercial wood chipper for large properties. Particularly those looking for a more reliable machine that can provide more power than what the typical gas chippers provide. With the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Commercial Power engine, a quiet and smoother engine, the unit produces mulch from thick (3 inches diameter) branches faster.

In addition to branches, the product can make mulch from leaves and other vegetative materials. And unlike most gas chippers available in the market, there are no pulleys and belts to replace the patented drive system from Patriot. The product makes coin size chips constantly without changing messy covers and screens.

best commercial wood chipper

With the wheels, moving the chopper shredder from one place to the other is easier. The special outboard bearing guarantees that you will enjoy smoother trouble-free chipping for many years. The engine boasts an overhead valve for cleaner, cooler and fuel-efficient operation. The lo-tone muffler also minimises noise while the low oil sensor minimises chances of engine damage.

The American company, Patriot, specialises in providing the best shredder machines at more reasonable prices. When looking for an ultimate gas chipper/shredder, the Patriot Products CSV-3090H should be among your top considerations.

Key features of Patriot commercial wood chipper

  • Features a 9HP Briggs and Stratton Commercial-grade gas engine
  • A better design that guarantees durability
  • Can chip and shred branches not exceeding 3 inches diameter
  • The y-hammer system makes shredding of leaves a breeze
  • The side discharge will enable you to continue work in one location throughout the day without having to move the chipper.
  • The machine is 50 State Compliant

To buy the Patriot Products CSV-3090H Gas Powered Chopper. However, you can still get it at a lower price when buying it from an online store.

YARDMAX For Landscaper’s Convenient

This is the tool you need to do every job right without having to over-exert or overpay to complete it.  YARDMAX YW765 has been an ideal solution for a longer period. YARDMAX combines performance and practicality to provide durable products suitable for the typical homeowners and the professional contractors alike. After all, no one wants to have a hard to maintain garden. With the machine, you can tame your garden today.

The easier to use and durable chippers from YARDMAX turn branches and any other debris into compost, mulch and wood chips conveniently. With the efficient self-feeding system, you can load twigs and branches with a diameter below 3 inches directly into the machine without any prior pruning or extra prep. The equipment is extremely moveable. Move it around your garden to save time when clearing spaces.

It does not only allow you to clean a yard off debris, branches and leaves, it also saves money. When used in landscaping projects, the tool delivers more enhanced designs as the standard. The self-feeding system will easily turn branches and any other yard debris into compost, mulch and wood chip without the need for pruning or extra prep.

Perfect combination key features

  • The machine is easier to use and long lasting. It can handle branches with a 3 inch diameter.
  • It features a large 21 x 14 inch self-feeding chute that will handle longer branches easily.
  • The steel blades are easier to access and the solid steel casing offers durable parts important in handling rugged jobs and saving time.
  • The pneumatic wheels provide convenient mobility


  • Durable and easier to use
  • Features a spacious self-feeding chute that can handle long branches easily
  • The engine provides offers 9.50ft pounds of torque and at the same time delivers clean and fuel efficient results.
  • The solid casing comes in handy when completing rugged jobs or working to save time.
  • The easily accessible blades allow easier maintenance
  • The machine is easier to move around due to the pneumatic wheels.

The YARDMAX Chipper Shredder is easier to use and has a more efficient self-feeding mechanism. It will turn branches and yard debris into compost, mulch and wood chips faster.

Portable Champion Chipper-Shredder

best wood chippers

The Champion Power Equipment 100137 is a powerful best wood chippers designed to handle any material with a diameter below 3 inches. The shredder boasts 4 shredding hammers which shred materials with a diameter below a half inch.

The machine is widely known for its outstanding convenience and performance. For people who have shrubbery, twigs and leaves lying around their homes, processing them through the machine will make sense. Some of its top features include:

  • Up to 3 inches chipper material diameter
  • Up to 3 inches maximum diameter shredder material
  • 12 inches never flat wheels
  • Weighs 227.1 pounds (103kg)
  • Its height stands at 49.4 inches
  • The width stands at 35.9 inches
  • The length stands at 35.1 inches


  • The machine is easier to manoeuvre
  • It is easier to start
  • Features a large collection bag that can hold around 70 litres or 2 bushels of debris. That shows that you can continue working with it for longer periods of time.

The vibration mounts and support leg situated behind the machine maintains stability when working while the 2-in-1 shredding/chipping operation uses gravity to effectively and safely pull materials as it chips and shreds debris and dry wood.

Why Go for a Gas-Powered Wood Chippers?

Some years ago, the idea of electric power tools seemed absurd but some things such as advancement in technology have highly changed. Moreover, wood chippers are not small power tools. Unlike electricity powered wood chippers, gas-powered chippers produce more power which might be crucial or not crucial depending on your personal needs. Their power output ranges between 4 HP and whopping 10 HP. They actually pack more power that might be important after the cold winter months.

However, gas powered wood chippers boast more moving features that make them heavier. A large percentage of the available gas-powered wood chippers weigh around 100 pounds which is closer to the weight of the heaviest electric chipper shredders in the market. Some large models will weigh around 200 pounds.

Pros and cons of gas-powered wood chippers


  • More powerful than electric wood chipper shredders
  • Absence of power cords means that you can move them to any place
  • They chip faster and efficiently
  • The packed power can chip any branch with a diameter measuring between 1 and 2 inches.


  • They are noisier than the electric models
  • They are heavy due to the featured moving parts
  • Require more maintenance

Go for the affordable and powerful models, particularly those with high horsepower- above 8 HP. Ensure that the noise will not affect you and those living around you.

Features to Look for When Buying a Best Wood Chippers

If you only require a wood chipper once per year or after big storms to clean up some brush piles, renting one might be a better option. However, you should still consider how the cost of renting the wood chipper will add up over years. The price of Chipper/shredder or wood-chippers ranges between $100 and $1200 each day, depending on the location and the type of machine. To most homeowners, that will sound like renting a wood chipper is a better option. And if you will be chipping wood three to four times a year or you have lawn or garden that produces lots of shreddable waste throughout the year, you will definitely enjoy the flexibility of having a machine and using it at your convenience. The following are some of the top features to consider when buying a best wood chippers.


Before purchasing a wood chipper, you have to consider the exact power capacity you want the machine to produce. The engines of electrically-powered wood chippers ranges between 14 and 15 amps while gas powered engines feature engines ranging from 4 to 10 horsepower. The size of gas powered engines range from 120 to 320 cc.

And even though most small electrically-powered chippers are suitable in residential properties, some models rival the gas-powered counterparts in vacuum and power department. Therefore, the power highly depends on the property size and the types of debris you want to dispose of or to use in compost heaps.

Feed Capacity and Size of the Chute/Hopper

A wood chipper/s feed capacity has to do with the amount of garden debris you can feed into a wood chipper chute – also known as the hopper. If you will be chipping smaller amounts of branches at a time, chippers with smaller sized hopper are more ideal. A  chipper with a wider hopper will be a better choice, if you have larger piles of branches or loads of dense leaves and brushes to process.

If you own a best wood chippers that features a small hopper, you should avoid feeding lots of debris at a time to prevent the garden waste from getting stuck. Bonded garden waste can cause your machine to malfunction and make the shredding/chipping and mulching process slower.

Self-feeding/Extra Vacuum capacity

Some gas-powered chippers feature extra vacuuming power or self feeding capacity for sucking leaves and branches into their chute. Instead of pushing branches into the machine’s hopper, the user only needs to place the garden waste into the chute or hopper. Next, the higher powered suction does all the other work.

When buying a best wood chippers, you should consider the type of wood materials you will be chipping. Among the major reasons why wood chippers do not meet operating expectations is because users feed wrong materials into them. Before feeding any wood materials, ensure that the machine can handle the type of organic materials around your property.

Manufacturers design wood chippers specifically for brush, leaves and wood, therefore if you happen to feed any other type of waste such as newspaper, plastic or pine needles into the chipper, you should expect it to stop functioning. That is one of the reasons you should read all the instructions before you start running a machine.

How to choose the best wood chipper

Several choices are available for individuals searching for the best wood chippers. You might find the shopping task daunting especially if you do not know exactly where to start. The following are some of the things to keep in mind when heading to the nearest store or searching for a wood chipper online.

Size of Your Property: Residential or Rural

Knowing the size of every project is an important part in the process of shopping for the best machine for that particular job. If you own a large property, you will require a machine with greater chipping capability and mobility. Single yards with less yard waste such as twigs and leaves are fine with smaller machines. Setting the primary parameters for the wood chipper usage will also help you decide on whether to purchase a best wood chippers or wood shredder.

Wood shredders are available in several styles and sizes but their primary function does not change. The machines feature blades on its inner side which break solid wood pieces into smaller chips, ranging between one and three inches, after the user has fed them into the chute. Finally, the machine ejects the chips. Some manufacturers will equip their machines with bins to help catch the chips.

Electric Wood Chippers

Electric wood chippers are suitable for the small sized residential property owners, such as those owning a ½ acre of land. Best Electric wood chippers can process any tree branch not exceeding 2 inches. Even more, they are clean sources of power that do not produce any nasty fumes; they are easier to maintain than the available gas models and are also quiet.

On the downside, electric wood chippers can only handle smaller amounts of garden and wood debris and therefore not suitable for heavier duty jobs. They are also not portable and you will require a heavy-duty extension cord to run them.

Gas-powered Wood Chippers

Gas powered wood chippers are powerful and can handle tree branches with a diameter not exceeding three inches. They have no problem tackling large quantities of wood particularly hardwood. Because they feature larger engines, dual hammers and two cutting blades, they are a better choice for individuals who own larger acreage and yards that have lots of brushes and trees to clear.

On the downside, best industrial wood chipper use gas; they are noisier than the electric counterparts and are more expensive. They produce fumes and the user has to continually monitor and add the oil manually. As they complete huge large jobs!

What type of material will you be mulching?

Before heading to a store to search for the best wood chippers, you have to take a closer look at those brush piles and the fallen branches you want to chip. Decide on the biggest size you would like to chip. Generally, you will rarely find a chipper that can handle 5-1/2 inches or 6 inches diameter unless you are ready to buy a commercial grade wood chipper. And actually, you can cut up wood with 6 inch diameter and put them to better use in the wood pile. Also remember that, even though most wood chippers in the market claim to have 5 inch and 6 inch chipping capacity, you will hardly get such a wood in your yard to chip.

During the purchase, you must also consider the shreddable materials on your garden. Glass clippings, weeds, kitchen waste, leaves and any other flexible green materials will shred fantastically and provide you with fine mulch that you can turn into compost easily. And if you have smaller compost piles that are easier to turn, you do not need the shredding capabilities and therefore the chipper/shredder combination is not necessary.

Remember that shredding is a better way of beginning the decomposition process. When shredding large materials like thick stalks or corn cobs, you have to think about the shredders/chipper combination.

Handy Operating Features

In addition to cutting and power performance, some wood chippers come with more innovative operator features.  Some electrically powered chippers will start with a single button while others feature a collection bag with a Bottom-Out zipper so that the user can empty the contents by simply unzipping the bag.

Roughly best wood chippers boast a safety locking knob which prevents blades from spinning immediately the user turns the unit on, until you start feeding garden materials into them. Some others feature an overload switch that comes in handy if the user feeds a lot of garden materials into the hopper at once. The other handy features include extended warranties up to three years and extra safety goggles.

Why do You Need Wood Chipper?

If you own a large property, you will have to dispose fallen limbs, brush piles, leaf piles, uprooted saplings and garden waste regularly. That is particularly after the cold winter months or after cutting down large trees in your yard. A major benefit of using a wood chipper is that it can create a lot of mulch for use in your garden. To most individuals, mulch is a valuable resource for use in beautifying flower beds, gardens and pathways. With the best wood chippers, you will be able to create ground cover for your home garden.

Best commercial wood chipper vs Best Small Wood Chippers

The purpose of both big and small wood chippers is to help reduce the bulkiness of garden and park waste and ease off the disposal work. They are particularly useful to arborists, landscapers and gardeners in areas where disposal of garden waste by open burning and landfill dumping is illegal. You can recycle the output of shredders and chippers to pave your line flowerbeds, walkways and make compost.

Understanding the difference between the small and big wood chipper is important for serious wood chipper buyers. When buying a chipper for commercial use, ensure that it is made of heavy-duty materials. Such a machine will be more durable than those intended for home use. Also, consider how often you will be using the machine.

Best commercial wood chipper are often portable and reduce wood into small woodchips. To enhance their movement, manufacturers have to fit them with wheels mounted on frames which are more helpful when towing the machine behind a van or truck.

On the other hand, small wood chippers have a look similar to that of the huge wood chippers. They boast a chute for feeding the tree branches and leaves in and an opening to eject out the chipped materials. They produce small chipped materials that you can compost or use as mulch.

Due to their smaller engine size, small wood chippers lack the power necessary to break down large branches. They are suitable for home gardeners and individuals who have small branches to chip.

How do gas powered wood chipper shredders compare to electric models?

There are many differences between gas-powered and electrically-powered best wood chippers. Electric wood chippers cannot reach the amount of power the gas-powered models achieve with the other elements remaining constant. Electrically powered chippers require a power source for them to cut garden materials and therefore the power source should be among your top considerations when shopping for one.

Electric models are environmental friendly. Unlike gas powered counterparts, the electric models do not emit any harmful gas fumes. Even though it wearing ear defenders when working with wood chippers is important, you should remember that electric wood chippers are quieter. The noise they produce cannot deafen your ears. Electric powered chippers are also easier to maintain. On the downside, electrically powered wood chippers are less mobile and you can only use them for smaller jobs.

Gas powered chippers models produce more power which is important in large projects. And because the power has to come from somewhere, gas powered models have a large engine. The engine contributes highly to their large size. Even more, gas powered models are more expensive than the electric counterparts.

Important Wood Chipper Safety Tips

The Centres for Disease Control (CDC) statistics shows that at least 31 occupation deaths per year are associated with mobile chippers. Between the year 1992 and 2002, 2000 injuries resulted from operating chippers. That is equivalent to 204 incidents per year. The potential injuries related to working around and operating best wood chippers include scrapes, cuts and amputations that might result from getting caught in the machine, being struck by flying or falling debris and from getting into contact with the chipping blades inside the wood chipper/shredder. The following are some of the safety tips to consider when operating best wood chippers.

Feed smaller bits of debris into the machine

Always strive to feed debris into the chipper in smaller bits. Excess size of wood and any other material will heighten your risk for injuries. One of the commonest incidents associated with larger bits of debris is the blunt force trauma. The blades in your best wood chippers run at very high speed which can discharge large bits of materials. The materials can land on your body and cause severe injuries. Moreover, you have to inspect the material you are intending to chip before you feed it into the machine. Ensure that it is free of metal, stones and other hard objects. That way, you will prevent machine jams and injuries.

Use a longer pole or twig to feed the materials

Using a long pole or twig to feed the best wood chippers ensures that your hands are at a safer distance from the machine. Any close contact with the chipper increases the probabilities of accident occurrence. Remain vigilant to avoid the machine’s feed chute area. A single distraction moment can find you getting pulled into the chipper. Feed smaller tree parts and feed leaves into the chipper’s transport compact.

Tuck your clothing

Any loose clothing can easily find you getting jammed into your best wood chippers. Never wear a baggy clothe when planning to operate a wood chipper. Avoid jewellery, loose belts, cuffs that hang and any other item that can trigger an accident. If a jam occurred, you might get pulled into the chipper and get crushed strangled.

Wear protective items

When working with a best wood chippers, you have to protect your ears, eyes, feet and head. Therefore, you have to wear ear protection and goggles. The machines operate at very high speed and the possibility of debris and fine particles flying about exist. Goggles will keep debris bits from reaching your eyes. Ear plugs prevent ear damages associated with the noise level when the machine is running. Wear a hard hat to protect your head from flying debris and splinters impact. For greater feet safety, wear steel toed boots.

Clean the chipper as you chip

When chipping, you should expect a lot of debris to gather around the chipper at a faster rate. The best idea is to clean regularly while operating the chipper. That will prevent falls and slips around the best wood chippers.


By using wood chips in your garden, you will be slowing down release of nitrogen into the soil, a situation that can improve the growth of plants. Wood chips will also maintain the soil temperature at a moderate level because their decomposition will produce heat. During the daytime, the chips will protect the soil from sunlight heat and at night, they will keep the soil warm. The chips also absorb water and slow down the evaporation and therefore maintains water supply to the plants at a greater level.

Therefore, if you have a load of garden waste lying around your yard, you should consider hiring or buying the best wood chippers. In addition, that will be an economical option and you can use the chips to mulch your garden. Because a wood chipper is not one of the things you will regularly use, you might miss it in your garden tool shed. However, by buying one, you will enjoy many benefits.

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