Which Type of Step Ladder is Better for the Garden?

Step ladders are the most preferred ladders by most homeowners around the world. Their great convenience, numerous types, ease of storage and reliable designs are make them the ideal choice for working in the garden. Given the fact that they are self-standing, they cut off the need for having it lean against your hedges and trees. Which could otherwise cause breakage and other kinds of damage. The main types of step ladders include single-sided, twin, fold-able and multi-positional step ladders among others, each designed specifically for different jobs. Are you in a fix about what best step ladders for gardening that is suitable for your use? Then no more worry for comprehensive guide will explain all the factors to consider when shopping

Best step ladders for garden, in great detail

best step ladders for garden


First, you need to identify your specific needs within the garden for you to know the exact type of step garden ladder that will work best for you. The single-sided or front step ladder is perfect for people who want to use it on only one side. The double-sided step ladder offers the versatility of having both its sides usable. On the other hand, if ease of storage and portability is your priority, then the fold-able step ladder offers these. If you want to access multiple heights using the same ladder, you should probably choose the multi-positional step ladder. Each of these ladders has its own share of pros and cons so careful consideration should be made before choosing one.


The primary purpose of a gardening ladder is to enable access of hard to reach areas, particularly higher positions. This thus means that it should be high enough to reach the areas you need to access. Most step ladders have a height ranging from 3 to 9 feet, which offers a really wide variety to choose from. As a rule, when using a step ladder, you should never stand on the top three steps. This ensures perfect stability and safety during use. It helps to measure the height of the highest point you will need to access in your garden. Use that as a reference when shopping for the ladder.


The materials used in building a step gardening ladder will determine its strength and durability. The most common material used in step ladders include wood, steel, fiberglass and PVC. Hardwood, steel and fiberglass offer the highest level of durability while PVC offers easier portability as it is lightweight. Other factors to help you determine the material to choose includes the environment in which you will be using the ladder and the elements it will be exposed to. For instance, if the ladder will be exposed to electric connections, then it is best to chose one with insulation properties such as wood, PVC and fiberglass. For the garden ladders uneven ground, it is certain that the ladder will be constantly exposed to water, moisture, sunlight and dirt, which may call for weather resistance and resistance to rust and corrosion. It should also be strong and resistant to breakage.

Safety Features

According to statistics by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ladder related injuries have increased by up to 50% in the last decade. Most of this can be attributed to wrong use of the ladders and lack of safety features. It is important to find a step ladder that has well-designed safety features. The legs should have rubber shoes to prevent it from sliding off the floor as you climb. The steps should also have rubber treads that provide ultimate traction to your feet to prevent you from sliding and falling off the ladder. The handles if any, should also have rubber grips and the two halves of the step ladder must have powerful locks that keep them standing in position strongly. All these safety features provide better strength, stability, security and effective functioning.

Even with these safety features, for you to be 100% safe, you must take some precautionary measures including positioning the step ladder onto an even surface, having ample space where you want to place the ladder, avoiding obstructions in the path of climbing and wearing protective outfits among others.

Duty Rating

One of the most important factors to consider when buying any garden platform ladders is its duty rating. Duty rating refers to the maximum user weight that the ladder can accommodate. The maximum weight is the total weight of the user along with the tools or items he will be carrying up the ladder. Step ladders can be categorized under extra heavy duty, heavy duty, medium duty and light duty. These duty ratings have respective maximum weight limits of 300,250, 225 and 200 pounds. It is advisable that you know the maximum amount of items you can carry up the ladder by weighing yourself along with the items before going up the ladder or purchasing it. Not only will this guarantee your safety, but it will also prevent the ladder from being damaged.

Ease of Maintenance

Having an appliance or tool that costs a lot of money to maintain is such a pain. You need to choose a step ladder that is easy to maintain such that it should be durable, strong and easy to clean, repair and maintain. It helps a great deal if you choose a reputable brand for your step ladder. As it will be easier to access spares and repair services whenever needed. The materials used should be cheap to maintain without getting damaged easily.


A high quality best step ladders for gardening has the power to change how your garden chores are conducted. You need to be careful when choosing this ladder so as to ensure safety, effective operation, ease of use and versatility for different jobs. Step ladders can be purchased from both online and offline stores in a wide variety of designs and options. The best way to do this is to research, seek recommendations, identify the right brand for you. Try it out, pay for it and bring it home. This way, you will get the perfect step ladder for working in the garden. The last important thing to remember is that your safety comes first when using the step ladder in the garden. By following the safety tips highlighted under safety features, you will surely enjoy owning your step ladder for long.

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