How to Take Care for the Garden in Summer

The countdown for the summer season is begin. The cold has days is to end. Therefore, it is the perfect time to go out into the garden & start thinking about decorating the house for the good weather. As days increasingly long and gradually temperature rise. Flowers reach to full bloom. This is the best time to start caring for your garden for the summer if you have not already done so. Effectively, outdoor environments.

If you think your terrace, balcony or garden needs a tune-up, take note of the advice we offer in this article. Prepare your outdoor spaces before the summer season catch you in blazing.

Take care of your plants

It is time to take care of your plants. Keep in mind that flowers and plants bloom in spring, so the spring-summer season is usually the most appropriate to fertilize and uproot from one pot to another. Take the opportunity to change the fertilizer and add the nutrients and proteins that your plants may need.

You can also take advantage to apply some step against insect pests. Fungicides will help you avoid unwanted visitors that harm your plants. In addition, it is advisable to eliminate traces of dirt, accumulated parasites and weeds. A correct cleaning of your plants is vital before uprooting them with new fertilizer. By the way, once the summer season has gone, remember that you must renew the season ticket. The reason? During the summer, plants and flowers withstand high temperatures, which cause them to lose nutrients and proteins. For this before and after the summer, it is convenient to review our plants thoroughly.

Care for the Garden in Summer

Watering is also another vital factor that we must take into account during the summer season. High temperatures effect on our plants. Avoid watering the plants during the hottest hours; it is advisable to do it first thing in the morning and at dusk. The reason? Avoid the water evaporates with the sun and the leaves burn because of the magnifying glass effect.

It is also important to avoid exposing plants and flowers directly to the sun. Although everything depends on the needs of each species, direct sunlight can damage the leaves and roots.

Pay attention to the small details


Arrange your garden will not be the most exciting task you may face. Nevertheless, it is the first thing you must do. After all, usually in the winter months the garden is not much cared. This means that there is usually a lot to do in terms of cleanliness.

The first thing you will have to do is eliminate the weeds that have appeared in the flowerbeds. Also, remove any dead plant or one that is severely damage during the winter. We recommend pay extra attention to these plants so they can give their best.

You have to cut the dead sections of the plants, feed them correctly and make sure they have enough water if it has not rained. You should also consider what you are going to plant in the flowerbeds and take the time to fix the edges of the garden with a border tool.

This means that you will be proud of your lawn during the summer months. It is important to keep in mind that aeration should only be done once a year. Summer is the best time of year because the frost has passed and the growing season begins.

Get your seeds

If you are thinking about planting during the summer, now summer is the best time to choose the seeds. For example, summer flower bulbs should be planted before summer so, they are ready for the warmer months of the year.

Save water

Water rates are not cheap and you will want to look for ways to lower your expenses. One way to do this is to fill your shower with rainwater and not with the kitchen sink. This is also beneficial because rainwater is better for plants.

A tank will collect water from any place that has a sloping roof and a drainpipe. Having a water tank will not only save money on water, it will also reduce the endless trips to the kitchen to fill the shower.


After cleaning the garden, it is the best time to give the lawn the first cut of the season. To help your lawn look better during the summer months, consider aerating it. At this point using a fork. Aerating will help the roots to grow, improve water drainage and increase the ability of the grass to retain nutrients.

Prepare your outdoor furniture

Prepare your outdoor furniture

After having hard working to make your garden look good, you need to admire it closely. Now it is a good time to check all your outdoor furniture, whether it is in good condition or not. The first task is to prepare garden furniture such a way so, that it can resists any climate change. Therefore, we are going to make use of them in perfect conditions for long time. Even in summer, it is best to protect them from humidity and sun.

If your furniture is made of wood, apply a special action to protect this material from moisture and sunlight. Even though you live in a warm and dry climate, it never hurts to protect furniture so that they stand in perfect condition for much longer.

Do you already have the ready furniture?

If you have a table or a shelf that is already years old, you should not get rid of it. You usually need a good sanding and paint or varnish to look like new. Consider adding some art to make sure your garden space looks interesting and exciting.

For furniture made of synthetic fibers, steel and plastic, it is sufficient to clean the surface using water and neutral soap. For areas of difficult access, use a special brush. This type of furniture is the most resistant and easy to clean, so it is usually not necessary to apply any special care.

However, if you wish, you can always consult any center specialized in gardening. Where you will find a wide variety of special products for the care and maintenance of your outdoor furniture. Before using these types of products, do not forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations too. Although everything depends on each product, it is advisable, sand the surface to smooth the wood, repair with imperfect putty and remove the remains before applying the step.

Finally, do not forget the small details that will help you achieve an appetizing and comfortable exterior. We refer to cushions (to make your outdoor furniture more comfortable), to lighting (lanterns and portable lamps), to synthetic fiber tablecloths to dress the dining table, etc.

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