WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw

Are you in need of a powerful chainsaw to handle all heavy and light tasks around your home? The WORX WG303.1 chainsaw is all you need to accomplish all tasks fast and safely. This powerful chainsaw comes packed with features that make cutting seem simple and relatively easy. The Worx chainsaw is designed to work in all weather conditions making it ideal for all year activities. It is relatively cheap making it a bargain for consumers. Well, before you jump and start equating cheapness with poor quality, know that this saw appeals to millions of Americans giving Worx a reason to mass produce them. This then brings the cost down.

The Worx brand hit the market in 2004 and immediately offered stiff competition to the biggest brands in the country due to its reliability. Apart from the unique feature in this powerful Worx chainsaw, users have a lot to benefit. The saw feels very comfortable when held. Not every person can handle a chainsaw without worries of getting injured especially if you are new to chainsaws. The Worx chainsaw has been made relatively easy to use even for new users. Weighing at just 11 pounds, the saw is very light compared to most chainsaws in the market. This makes it easy for people to hold and accomplish their tasks for long periods. Most heavy chainsaws get people tired after a short period. A huge plus for Worx on the weight of this chainsaw.


  • Cheap, small, lightweight and reliable. Best for pruning.
  • Easy Maintenance and not necessary to mix gas and no string to pull
  • Adequate power, though less than gas.
  • Less vibration than a gas saw, when power is removed Chain stops quickly
  • Tool-less removal and reattachment of chain cover.
  • Not regularly maintain manually as automatic chain tightener works well and very easy to do so without tools when needed
  • As oil splatters user have to wear a dust mask while working.
  • Not enough room between Safety shutoff (chain Brake) and the top handle. Chain brake sometimes activates frequently.
  • Difficult in chain sharpen as the chain doesn’t move smoothly without power. Have to connect power to reposition the chain.
  • One may face Chain binds quicker.

The chainsaw automatically shuts off in the case of kickback due to the chain brake. This makes the saw very safe to use at all times. Never go for a chainsaw without this safety feature as injuries from chainsaws can be fatal. This is one chainsaw that requires no adjustments. Almost every person wants a chainsaw that is easy to operate and cuts at faster rates. Worx chainsaw is specifically designed for such users. We all agree that most homeowners don’t know how chainsaws work but know how to use them to accomplish their tasks. Worx Chainsaws do not require any can tighten its chain through the auto tension system. This means all you have to do is do your cutting without any worries.



Despite all the good things about the WORX WG303.1, don’t expect it to cut down huge trees. It is powerful enough but well suited for small to medium tasks. This is the type of chainsaw you buy if you need to maintain your yard all year round. When buying the Worx chainsaw, make sure you buy the right extension cord. The saw uses electricity so buy an extension depending on your needs. If you have a large yard, then a 100 feet extension will be okay. However, it can be powered by a generator if you have to work in a place without electricity.

Make sure you make the right decision and buy this chainsaw as it will perfectly suit your needs. It comes with a three-year warranty, so there is nothing to worry about. I don’t think there are any light and convenient chainsaws that use electricity like the Worx chainsaw.

Key Benefits of the WORX WG303.1

• Does not require chain tightening as it comes with an auto-tightening system
• Lightweight at just 11 pounds
• Secure with a chainsaw brake
• Relatively easy to operate
• Very high quality
• Very affordable


WORX 303.1 Chainsaw Technical Specifications
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