Best Pergolas To Decorate Your Evergreen Garden

If we want to make the most use of garden then it is important to create a great resting area with the pergolas. A pergolas is an outdoor cross beams structures without walls. The best pergolas use as garden furniture that provides a warm sunlight, air and cozy place to relax, dine or simply rest. The pergolas are much larger than similar options of other shade in garden, but can be attached to any structure. Possible to change arrangements to get more shade and space.

Today there are many types of pergolas to choose from, so we have to think about which is the most suitable for us. We can choose between different materials, sizes and covers to have the perfect pergola for our garden. In addition, at the time of choosing pergola, we have to consider some facts.

The first. Do you know What is a pergolas?

The garden pergola are organized on several vertical pillars that support the horizontal beams on them. Whose purpose is to protect an area from the sun and the rough weather possibly covered by awnings. They are used as galleries or canopies in the entrances of a house or on their sides. Also use as a decoration part in outdoor spaces and barbecue areas. Pergolas have a cover of bioclimatic, fabrics or other materials. These are made of different types of materials, but in the common are those of wood, aluminum, iron and concrete. You can also use pergolas in the passage areas and paths of the gardens to provide shadow. In this case, vines plants usually create a feeling of obsession in the garden, enjoying the shadow of the plants at the same time.

This structure has a lot of similarity with other elements of the garden, such as gazebos, tents, umbrellas and gazebos. Which are also used as shelter and decoration element, with certain differences in design, for which we will be talking about each one of them at the time.

Do not afraid of the definition, they are really very versatile architectural elements. Several brand offers of patio pergola,pergola kits, manuals and decoration stuffs. You can assemble many of them easily!

Best Pergolas for the garden

Choosing better homes and gardens pergola requires some important factors. The location of the garden is one of them, because to avoid sunlight, both in summer and winter, we will have to know how this affects our garden.  First, determine the best area to put the pergola. We may make a sketch of the garden. To know the areas that we have free space. So that we can get a precise idea where to set up a pergola.

The pergolas are often confused with arbors. As that are very similar to the pergolas. The gazebos are usually smaller and simpler in their structure and may contain a bench inside. They often have curved arches at the top and are often independent or attached to a fence. The pergolas, on the other hand, are larger, open-plan, generally flat and often attached to houses or buildings.

Pergolas is easy to set up; can be join independently between the house or the roof and the pergola. Which is a definitely an advantage for the owners of the houses. The backyard pergola are fascinating elements to enhance your garden. In fact, the structures has a great capacity to outfit them and create different visual designs. A pergola add a great value to a property. Especially if you have the ability to outfit it with floral ornament. You can also dress a pergola with hanging flower boxes or other design elements on its beams. Many pergolas’ vertical post decorate with fabrics, adding a soft flow effect and a romantic appeal to the landscape.

Reasons to have a pergola

  • They protect from rain, wind and sunlight.
  • The only outdoor furniture can give your garden an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Space for meetings with friends and family outdoors.
  • You can decorate it with a variety of climbing plants, awnings such as enclosure and lighting. You even cannot imagine the beauty and fresh air that it will bring to your home.

How to choose best pergola for your patio

The tranquility that the space we choose for our home, does not compare with anything in the world. That is why we propose to give you all the necessary help so that you can turn your patio or garden into the favorite corner of the house. Here is a guide on how to choose a corner pergola for your patio, so you can buy the one indicated and you can enjoy your leisure time accordingly.

Helpful tips

Take out the dimensions of the available space: if it is small, we suggest you to choose pergolas made of wood, with pillars and cover them with translucent fabrics. If you have a large space, the ideal is to opt for a more complex style, build it with brick and tile materials, and decorate it with a set of armchairs for the garden or a bar. Whatever your situation, you can opt for prefabricated models or order to manufacture your custom pergola.

Respect your budget: every project must be proportionate with the spending capacity. That’s why it’s important that you take out the calculations and analyze what your ideal price is. If the limitation of spending is a relevant factor, you can choose a simple and natural style custom pergola, using bamboo and plants for the suitable effect. Even, make a simple extension of your gallery with wooden beams. Decorating with a small round table and two chairs with cushions is also perfect for your breakfast outdoors.

For patios without land or porches: for this type of place, we suggest using plants to give it a natural vivacity. The pergolas that we recommend are those made of iron, capable of housing plants that can be linked to the structure.

Gardens with swimming pools: if your patio has a pool, it is essential that you place a pergola that can serve as shelter from the sun. It can be half roofed or covered with straw type material, and place a hammock.

With these ideas of how to choose a pergola for your patio, we guarantee you the perfect rest.

Benefits of the best pergolas for garden

The trend of outdoor living and the design of garden decorations have taken off in recent years. Welcome to the new charms and possibilities of accessories available to gardener.

The best pergolas have a succession of features and advantages that provide important benefits. Let us see which are the most typical:

Attractive design

The pergolas offer a very attractive design that other similar alternatives has. A pergolas unique beauty that beats the most standard awnings. They have a very sculptural and architectural design, and can help to create a visual appeal in a backyard. Otherwise, that looks very simple. There are many different styles of pergolas available in marketplace. From the most simple form to modern lavish, stylish and classy structures. In addition, the pergolas are much appreciated by gardeners, as they provide a means to show the beauty of their plants and flowers. 

Define Spaces.

As the pergolas are wide and open, so first define the outdoor space. Which is not making the space feel smaller. In general, the floor under the pergola is covered with some basic type of floor. Either brick floors, pavers or even can be installed patio block on a walkway.

Greater durability and less maintenance.

The options of vinyl pergolas is not fragment, peel, deform, rot, or discolor. They are very affordable and easy to assemble in any place.

As the pergolas provide shade, the size of the beams and their separation will determine exactly how much shadow is provided. Although a pergola, itself can never create a totally shaded space. You can create the space that you like playing with the shadow and the light, as well as the orientation of it.

Pergolas and plants.

The beauty of the best pergolas can be increased by adding different types of plants and flowers. Expert owners combine high quality landscaping works such as scaling flowers, vines and ivy. Vines plants or climbing plants in the right place, allowing them to open their way up to the supports of the pergola and through the roof beams. Just, imagine a large pergola full of flowering vines and colorful flowers. Also adding a vertical beauty to your garden décor. This can provide a cherished pictorial attraction between your home and your garden.


The pergolas are affordable in regular budget. If you want to develop your outdoor space without spending a lot of money, then a best pergolas may be the perfect solution. The pergolas are cheap and easy to build. Although some options cost more than others. You can certainly find a cheap, beautiful and durable pergola ideas that fits your own budget.

Different Types of pergolas: What is your ideal pergola?

The industry of the pergolas has grown a lot in the last years, generating a very wide and wide-ranging market. There are many pergolas that match with any area you need to pergola covers or pergola canopy from different styles and materials. Thanks to its different types of installation, we can adjust it to any space, under wooden pergolas, aluminum and glass slides, skylights, etc. Different accessories can be combined to adapt it to all needs. Such as curtains, vertical or frontal awnings that allowing to close the space completely and avoiding the entry of sun, wind or rain, even pergola with roof to achieve greater privacy. It offers multiple possibilities for its design and comfortable operation, both manual and motorized.

Let’s see the different types of materials from which you can find these beautiful garden elements:

Best Pergolas


The wooden pergolas are the most appreciated by many users for their quality and gorgeousness. The best wooden pergolas offer a natural and graceful look for your garden, terrace, attic or balcony. That can create a warm and natural atmosphere in the garden by adding some vines too. Simply create a corner for relaxation and enjoyment, highlighting its robustness and warmth. A wooden pergola piece has a great well-designed appearance as ornamental beauty.

Wooden pergolas come with equipped kits & pre-cut pieces that eliminate the common drawbacks of installing other wooden structures. This type of pergolas mimic well in the garden area and having so many standard models are at a good price. The only problem is that they need some maintenance to protect the wood from weather problems. It needs to be varnished about every two years to prevent it from being damaged by the sun and rain.

The fact of being able to personalize and adapt to existing spaces taking the most appropriate form, help them to integrate better into the environment and create a truly living space in any area.


The steel pergolas are among the most robust on the market. Which allows a greater ease of customization of the shadow and light spaces. It is easy to put sheets and curtains on pergolas with a steel frame, and its elastic structure helps ensure that the materials are remain in right place. As we have said before, steel pergolas are also a great option to house gardens, and beams can even be used to wrap the vines around the structure, creating a more simple and natural charm.


The aluminum pergola are somewhat cooler and the most economical. However, they have very modern and avant-garde designs. From material point of view, aluminum pergolas require very little maintenance as they do not rot and their non-porous surface is built to survive the rough weather. Aluminum pergolas have a very simple setting up system without complex complexity. Nowadays you can even find pergolas that have mechanical opening systems for greater comfort. Highly recommended for novices. They are much less weight and lighter than other materials. Perfect for patios that directly linked to a house. Anyone who looking for an attached pergola structure, then aluminum pergolas are especially for them. You can give your garden a sophisticated modern touch.

With the aluminum, pergolas you will find a unique and modern style that will help you find a minimalist decoration for your garden or terrace, something that will undoubtedly bring you a unique touch and will be the envy of all your guests.

To make matters worse and unlike other types of pergolas such as wood, the aluminum pergolas do not need a continuous cleaning or maintenance something that will undoubtedly be a great benefit for people who do not have time to do many care to the different elements of the garden.


Sometimes combined with aluminum, the vinyl pergolas provide many advantages: easy fitting kit, many engravings and pergola styles … The vinyl has a better maintenance unlike metal or wood that suffer the effects of the weather. Frequent washings with water may be the only cheap cleaning requirement.

How to build a pergolas

Building a pergola is a piece of cake with a few tools, pieces of wood cut to size and a small plane. To get off to a good start, set aside the posts and drill a hole in their bases with a drill. The objective is to insert the rods, so the diameter of the drill (preferably spade) must be the same. Once the bases are holed, it is the turn of the brackets of the supports.

  • Fix the plates in the bases of previously making the relevant holes that will serve as a guide. A simple task that is carried out by placing the pieces to indicate the points where you will use the drill, this time with a fine bit. Then, the plates are screwed using a socket wrench and the same drill. Thus ensuring that the pieces are well secured.
  • Once the posts are prepared, calculate the counterparts measurement to trace the cutting lines. For this task, you can use a handsaw; the same one that will serve you, then make the union boxes. Elaborate these structures will not take you long. You need to make the holes in the ground where the posts will be fixed.
  • To make the above-mentioned fixing holes, use the drill again. But this time use a concrete drill considering the diameter of the threaded rods. Be sure to screw the bases well before inserting the rods and placing the posts, turning them carefully. Fixed the posts, you can now indicate the points where the beams will go and proceed to drill the holes to fix the piece with a lag bolt.
  • It is very important that you perfectly adjust the height of the beams before placing them, preventing them from become uneven. Once you make sure of this and fix the beams, you can place the counterparts and the rest of the pieces of wood. Likewise, with lag screws or, failing that, using adhesive products to resist from the harsh weather and humidity.
  • At this point, it only remains to apply a wood varnish and wait for it to dry. Then you can decorate it to your taste. Place an awning and enjoy in your garden by taking a snack, reading, listening to music or taking a nap in the open air. That is what you decide.


The modern pergola can be define as the new decorative garden element with a balanced well-designed and pretty capability shade.

The different opportunities and designs make the pergolas a key factor to give an eminence value to the landscaped areas. Whether you want to define a part of your garden or add shade to create a beautiful attraction with full of climbing plants and flowers. Surely, you can rely on a best outdoor pergola.

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