Four Attractive Climbing Vine With Blooming Flower

Climbing plants with blooming flowers represent a good atmosphere. Perhaps their natural beauty able to decorate other plants too. As their variety is such that it is possible to relish them in almost any place (either in full sun or in semi-shade).

Although it is true that there are a number of climbing vines around us.  Basically belong to the family of green plants. The fact is that their wide variety of beautiful blooms give us enjoyment from spring to the beginning of autumn.

Whether to decorate a wall, a pergola, a gazebo or a garden arch, climbing plants with flowers are a perfect choice to dress human nature with nature.

Perennial climbing vines with flower for the garden

Climbing plants with flowers are perfect allies to enjoy their beauty especially in the sunny months, time of year when most of them begin to give us their flowering. For this, an important factor is to choose the ideal climbing plant for each place and according to your needs (something important because, if you do not notice them, it is most likely that they will not flower).

Discover four beautiful climbing plants with flowers that will delight our garden or terrace according to their conditions, either in sun or in semi-shade:

1. Passionflower or Passiflora

Passionflower or Passiflora

One of the most spectacular flowers that can be enjoyed! The Flower of the Passion is a wonderful climbing plant that will grow in full sunlight. Flourish abundantly during the summer. Growing fast whenever he get a space to climb, it will not require much care to look:

– Constant watering during the months of flowering, keep the substrate remain moist but never waterlogged (which will yellow the leaves). Moderate watering during the winter months.

– During the winter months, we have to protect the plant from frost (since, from 5 degrees, the welfare of the plant is compromised).

– Despite the all things, the Flower of the Passion is not a great lover of fertilizer (which should be moderate to prevent it from stopping flowering).

– To avoid uncontrolled growth, it is important to prune the plant every so often to train it properly.

2. Clematis


We find a huge variety of flower sizes and colors to choose the one that we like the most. The Clematis is a perennial climbing vines that can even be in a pot or planter (always with a trellis or support to climb) although its ideal place is planted directly on the ground. To enjoy its plentiful blooming you only have to follow these guidelines:

– In order to grow properly, Clematis require an acid soil that rich in organic matter. Hence, it is interesting to use guano fertilizer every so often to enrich it and not have nutritional deficiencies.

– Choosing the right location is key to its growth. Although its branches and flowers loves bright light, their roots need to be somewhat cooler. A good reason for us to choose a site with a south-west or even west orientation to plant.

– This plant does not withstand extreme temperatures, and it feels so bad the excess heat (it is better to lean in a semi-shaded area) and the excess of cold (it is convenient to protect it from frost in the winter).

– It is not too much to watering. During the hot months, the ideal is set a perfect irrigation time. However, if we just plant it, we will have to aware of much watering. Also, avoid compromising the roots during its time of digging. In addition, plant it in a place with good drainage (so it is advisable to make a bed of pebbles before adding the substrate).

3. Mandevilla or chilean jasmine

chilean jasmine

The Mandevilla is another beautiful climbing plant with a flower. That captivates by its rapid growth and great fragrant flowering (usually in shades that range from white to red, passing through different roses). You have to plant the chilean jasmine in the right place and give it the (few) care you need. This climbing shrub can reach up to five meters height.

– Due to its growth, it is important to select the location of enough space to grow of its large roots. So, that the plant can grow properly. In case of planting it in a pot, we will have to do it in a large one to ensure its growth.

– Mandevilla or chilean jasmine is an ideal plant for both a sunny and semi-shade space. However, it is not affect by the heat, but with the cold: below of 10 degrees. Therefore, in the winter, it is important to protect roots to avoid exposure to cold and cover it with a protective shield.

– It is not demanding with the quality of the soil, although it will need to be rich in nutrients and have good drainage policy.

– Regarding irrigation, we will have to increase its pattern from March to October, making abundant and routine watering (for example, twice a week). In this way, the plant will be sufficiently hydrated when it starts to flower (at the beginning of summer). Once the flowering is over, the ideal is to make a good pruning to strengthen the plant.

4. Wisteria


The wonderful climbing plant that we will have to keep under observation. Wisteria blooms dynamically in spring. One of best vine for pergola or trellis. Being its tremendously aggressive growth habit, sometimes it break their support. This vine kill or displace other native plants, as it grow quite heavy. Even large size of tree can fall. With a wonderful blooming throughout the spring, Wisteria is not very complicated in terms of care:

– Requires a site in full sun or in semi-shade. If you choose a shady spot, you will need at least four hours of exposure per day.

– It is not demanding for rich soil but, rather, then well-drained soil. Grow strongly in almost any place. Plant in a place where conveniently retains moisture. Require enough space to grow & control its notorious growth.

– To avoid that it grows too much, we will have to make a good pruning in September. Also, apply herbicide on the stump before it hardens.

Now, choose any of them or all good vine to cover your best pergola. It is important to keep in mind some tips that will help us to upholster our garden with the beauty of any of these four climbers.

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