Electric Chainsaw for the money WORX WG308 Jawsaw

Electric chainsaw for the money designed for homeowners who really value safety while working in their yard, that is an exceptional the WORX JawSaw. It has a sleek design that I’m pretty sure you’ll love if you’ve been intimidated by chainsaws in the past. The thought of using a chainsaw terrifies many individuals and for a good reason – they are quite dangerous. Actually, chainsaws are the most treacherous power tools & best electric chainsaw for the money that consumers can purchase – and that’s where the WORX JawSaw exquisitely slots into the market.

The best description I can provide for the WORX JawSaw models is that it’s a much safer electric chainsaw as

compared to others in the market. It has an enclosed jaw guard and chain to effectively eliminate your odds of getting injured. It is designed for average homeowners who simply want to get work done without having to panic about hurting themselves. In case need to cut branches that are approximately 4 inches thick, then a JawSaw is a perfect choice for you.

The WORX JawSaw is a low maintenance electric chainsaw for the money since you don’t have to deal with gas, and also has an automatic tensioning unit that keeps the chain at optimal tightness thus saving you the trouble of having to manually adjust it. Additionally, it has an automated lubricating system to keep the chain constantly lubricated, all you need to do is to check regularly the oil indicator to know when the oil should be added.

This is the most sought-after JawSaw model in the market today because it combines the electric chainsaw with an extension handle designed to cut tall branches of up to 12 feet high. The extension pole can be purchased individually; however it is cheaper to buy the WG308 package instead of buying them separately. It is powered by a 5-Amp motor and has a 6-inch bar and chain similar to all other JawSaw models.


  • Right for long time use in home and built enough to serve for homeowner, can cut through any branch that fits in its jaws.
  • Extremely safe compared to any other chain saw, almost anyone could operate it even a beginner.
  • Allows user to quickly cut-up limbs lying on the ground, without the risk of dulling the blade, jaws work well at preventing the blade from touching the dirt.
  • Cut through branches that are up to 4 inches thick
  • When you have to go overhead the saw is very top-heavy and clumsy with the extension handle. Easier for cut few higher branches in the tree stand on ground.
  • Not good for cuts over 2″ branches, otherwise terrible, chain come off repeatedly
  • Due to attachment extension, the head, working end, is extra heavy.



The WORX JawSaw WG308 model can come in handy if you also need to cut and prune branches that are between 12-20 feet high, depending on how tall you may be. Normally, you’d have to hire an arborist to assist you in trimming your trees or perhaps use a pole saw if you wish to do it all by yourself, but for average homeowners, using a JawSaw is much safer and convenient. It is ergonomic and lightweight, making it a convenient tool to work with for relatively long periods of time.

One main disadvantage of the WORX WG308 model is that it requires an extension cord. However, don’t let this factor scare you because you’ll get used to it with time. You may need a 16-gauge extension cord for your JawSaw. It’s a small inconvenience, but it’s the cheapest model & best electric chainsaw for the money in the market.

The WG308 JawSaw weighs about 12 lbs. on its own therefore attaching the extension handle to it may add a couple more pounds, thus making it heavier and harder to balance when fully extended. If you are strong enough, then you may not have any problem balancing it, but if you’re not in great shape or elderly, then it may be quite challenging for you to use the tool safely. Exercise maximum caution when working with any power tools.



  1. WORX Jawsaw


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