Makita UC3551A Electric Chainsaw The Best Value

In this guide, we shall discuss the Makita Electric Chainsaw UC3551A, which was recently updated from the Makita UC3530A model. The UC3551A is pretty much similar to the UC4030A chainsaw with the exception of a 14-inch guide bar and saw chain- apart from that, it’s very much identical. This particular chainsaw deserves your attention because it is an exceptional and brilliant electric chainsaw. Plenty of customers rate the UC3530A/UC3551A chainsaw above 90% in terms of satisfaction and quality.

Makita is renowned for its high-quality products and state-of-the-art motor design. They are capable of executing and delivering quality professional tools with a high integration of ergonomics combined with ease of operation for consumers. They also maintain high standards regarding the testing of all components in a tool, how it operates under stress or load and also the integration of the end product itself.

makita electric chainsaw

Makita Electric Chainsaw UC3551A 

The fact that best Makita Electric Chainsaw have been available on the market for many years is a strong indicator of dependability and quality. They have had the opportunity to fine-tune the performance and overall designs of their electric chainsaws, and this can be witnessed with the UC3551A and UC4051A models. With an electric chainsaw, you certainly won’t have to deal with noise, maintenance or perhaps the smell of gas.

Makita Electric Chainsaw Excellent Feature

The Makita UC3551A chainsaw has all the excellent features as the UC4051A model except that it has a slightly smaller saw chain and guide bar- 14 inches to be precise. It is slightly cheaper and light. Apart from that, all the other things are the same. Essentially, you get the chance to choose the model that best suits your needs. If most of the wood that you are working on are of a smaller size, then the Makita Electric Chainsaw UC3551A model shall suffice.

It is ideal for cutting wood with a 14-inch diameter or less. It can handle larger trees or branches; however, if the wood happens to be too thick then the chainsaw may bog down; therefore, I highly recommend purchasing this model for cutting wood below 14 inches – though 12 inches is the perfect target diameter for this particular chainsaw. If you decide to purchase the Makita UC3551A chainsaw, I guarantee that you shall be amazed by its exquisite cutting power.

The Makita UC3551A model has an inbuilt current limiter designed to protect the motor from burning up in case the chainsaw is overloaded. It also has a large oil reservoir with a translucent view window to allow operators to easily check the oil level and an automatic chain oiler for intensive continuous cutting. The chainsaw also has rubberized grip handles to provide maximum comfort, while the large trigger switch with a soft start enables smooth start-ups. It is powered by an ingenious and robust 15-Amp Makita-built motor for excellent performance.

Makita Electric Chainsaw UC3551A Features

Heavy-Duty for Fast and Efficient Cutting

  • For convenient operation and easy maintenance “Tool-less” blade and chain adjustments included
  • With a large trigger switch & soft start helps to smooth start-ups
  • Increased comfortability on the job with Rubberized soft grip handle
  • Built-in current limiter helps protect motor from burnout by reducing power to motor when saw is overloaded
  • Viewer window allows operator to check Large oil reservoir bar oil level
  • To continue heavy cutting, automatic chain oiler provide extra support
  • Electric chain brake implemented for maximum productivity
  • Large metal spike bumper for gripping material firmly
  • Zero emissions and low maintenance




(1) 14″ Saw Chain, 3/8″-.050″ (196207-5)

(1) 14″ Guide Bar (442-035-661)

(1) 14″ Chain Cover (952-010-630)


  • Take down a 12-14 inch diameter cherry tree, an extremely hard wood (small <6inch).
  • Outstanding – very strong and durable

Best Makita chainsaws have been available on the market for more than seven years now. Makita regularly makes a couple of modifications on them because they are very popular among customers. They are made for individuals who appreciate quality and wish to invest their money on a chainsaw that will operate for a long time. They may not be cheap, but you certainly get what you paid for- a high-quality electric chainsaw. If you really value your money, and you are interested in a best chainsaws for light or medium wood-cutting duties, then the Makita UC3551A model is precisely what you need.


  1. Makita UC3551A Electric Chainsaw
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