Ideas To Decorate More Out Your Pergola On A Budget For This Summer

Every day we see more and more pergolas in the houses. Above all, every time we might notice they are more original, innovative and surprising.

It would seem that a spectacular boom is taking place in its design, in the way of integrating them into the available spaces, in the choice and dealing of its materials, and even in its own functions.

That’s why today we’re going to take a walk through the most elegant and inspiring shadows found on the net. So you can find new ideas to give your best pergolas a new style this summer:

A folding awning, the most versatile solution

The best idea to make the most of this of your garden is to set up an awning that you can fold and unfold at your leisure at every moment of the day.

Take the opportunity and appeals of your pergola, in moonlight, the frescoes of the night, or shelter in a moment of the hardest solar rays of midday.

Hurdle, the fixed alternative to an awning

If you are clear the upper part of the pergola as that will remain covered most of the time. Then covering it with a hurdle is a very good option: economic, sustainable and with a Mediterranean air. That might very refreshing and comfortable.

Curtains: a solution to reduce light and heat and increase privacy

A great choice to wear your pergolas with fashionable textiles.  Improvement the freshness and add curtains on bars, along with original ropes or bows. Collect corresponding supplies and attach them to the columns to increase affection.

In addition, you can play with texture, build layers to improve the privacy they offer and reduce incoming light, and combine different materials and colors to achieve a spectacular effect.

Garlands: a very summery hippie touch for party nights

If there is one element that has occupied the exteriors of many homes during the nights of last summer. That was all kinds garlands. Nowadays you get an offer of great collection of lights so that you can mount your own cool shelter this summer.

Especially interesting is the advancement of the LED lighting segment to get closer to the warm tones of the old incandescent tungsten bulbs. So pleasing to the eye but so efficient from the energy point of view and for saving on your electricity bill .

Get a good row of these new ultra efficient LED lights and you can light up your pergola in a romantic, economical and ecological way for much less than you think.

Add elements of play and relaxation

The pergola marks the space. It is up to you, what you to do inside that. Although many times we opt for a table with chairs in a conventional way. There are other much more creative and fun solutions to take advantage of this open place regarding heat of summer over our heads.

For example, a seesaw in which you rock while reading or have a glass of wine with your friends. Or a hammock in which to lie down to rest in the shade!

Turn it into an exotic pond

You might always desired to dig a piece of land under or around your pergola that touch an oriental charm in your home. In addition, the water will allow you to decorate with plant species. Such as water lilies, and even add ornamental fish to refreshing the place.

To top off the set, a bamboo structure, light fabrics and lights (large candles, for example) will provide further appeal to your visitors with their mouths open.

Close your pergola laterally to turn it into an enclosure with more entity

Maybe you prefer to add some plank (you can use parked woods for DIY projects, or pallets) to separate spaces and create a more private corner inside your pergola. Where you can hang pots, add shelves, etc. Converting this hole into a much more useful structure. 

Cover it with flowers

This so rustic preference will turn your pergola into a work of art of nature. If you care about the placement of the plantation. There are many species of climbing flowering vines makes your garden more stand out to get new green and blooming color.

Species such as roses, clematis, honeysuckle, wisteria, vine or passionflower pergola plants will help you achieve this chic rustic style so outstanding.

Introduce refreshing textiles

The latest idea we suggest is simpler and its implementation is faster and less expensive. But equally very effecting: play with pleasant textiles and refreshing colors to make each accommodation more comfortable inside your pergola.

Covers sofas and sofas chairs, easily washable and combinable with each other. So that, your garden is a comfortable and very enjoyable extension of the interior of your home.

Moreover, if you want to know more, here is how to choose pergola to manage high temperature in this summer.

How about? What idea do you like the most to give a turn of pergola and change it this summer?

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