Consider the Right Type of Pergola to Decorate Your Garden

There are wooden pergolas, aluminum pergolas, concrete pergolas, glass pergolas, bamboo pergolas, and pergolas with a hurdle opening, fabric pergolas or even other materials. But, how do we choose the right backyard pergola for our garden?

Many of own a garden who wants to make the most use of attached pergola.  So, what is the better way to take full advantage of a garden? Have you notice to set up pergolas in your garden? A pergola designs allow us to enjoy in our garden. Especially in summer, it can protect us from the sun and the wind. Also, allows us to use furniture and other accessories to create our garden an outstanding place for relaxation and rest, or simply to chat or dine with family and friends.

Now, there are many types of pergolas available in market. The fact is that we can choose depending on the flavors, the price, the materials, the needs or even taking into account different criteria. However, try to explore which is the right pergola. It is always better to have one that advised by a specialist in pergolas. Amazon offer you this possibility of having the best pergolas in reforms and construction that will offer you the perfect pergola for your gardens.

Among the all, the most practically choose the aluminum pergolas, which are also bioclimatic. This type of pergolas allow regulating the light and the passing air, manually or mechanically. From own experience, this type of pergolas are the most look after. Because they are very useful in places where it often rains.

Another option would be to put a canvas pergola. This type of outdoor pergola has advantage that can be fold or unfold. The disadvantage of these canvases end up either by rain or by the sun.

The most demanded are the wooden pergolas, perhaps for their verities of models. As they gives a warm and natural atmosphere in the garden, also for good price. They need a little maintenance to keep the wood from the sun or from the rain. This is only drawback of this type of backyard pergola.

In some situations, the patio pergola projects of an outer space link between the interior and exterior spaces. The types of pergolas are important to right use of pergolas. Always consider the both location and the appearances of the place as well as the specific needs of each garden. Thus, modern modular pergolas allows adapting of your needs.

Why Choose An Aluminum Pergola For Your Garden?

You might want to enjoy sun bathing in spring and good sunlight weather within your garden for long hours. The simple installation of an aluminum pergola will allow you. Where you can gather your family or friends to enjoy in your garden. The variety in the choice of designs and colors will allow any aluminum frame to adjust to the style of your home. An adjustable budget can do a special space in your garden because:

  • You can choose the design and the way you want to give your metal pergola. Do not go for traditional structures and find the idea you from your imagination to design it and make it come true.
  • Take measurement of your space. It does not matter if your garden is large or small; there is no standard size for the pergola.
  • There are different finishing colors. The pergolas comes with different lacquered color and even with wood imitation. If you want to more rustic touch to your garden.
  • Aluminum are more resistant to climatic changes, since the aluminum does not rust and will avoid unnecessary expenses and maintenance of the best aluminum pergolas.
  • You have option to choose from different types of ceilings. You can choose: glass, polycarbonate or awning. Depending on the use that you want to give your pergola and the style, you want to create in your garden. We advise you choose between them.
  • The maintenance and cleaning system is easy and simple with aluminum pergola kits. It is enough to clean with a cloth and a little soap on the surface. In the event, choose a glass roof. We recommend use a KOHLER K-5529-NA Steam Generator for cleaning.

These are all the advantages for choosing the best aluminum pergolas. Now it’s your turn to create unforgettable moments in it. We want to help fully enjoyable space in your garden. So that you can be productive in time both for the space and for the living time. Visit our website time to time and see all the possibilities we post and learn more information.

The Wooden Pergola of Your Dreams

Now is the time to organize your garden, a cedar pergola would make a great effect on your patio.

First, choose a durable wood, Pine timber grade 4 allows to have a manufacturer’s warranty up to 20 years. Never forget to ask for it, there are several qualities of pine timber. Douglas fir wood is a very interesting wood because it is naturally resistant to the outside, also quite resistant to the sun. Choosing a laminated wood allows ensuring a perfect stability over time, can be possible with timber grade 4 class in Douglas.

Finally, you can also choose Fir, which is more economical. However, this wood that no natural resistance for outside, then you will need maintenance more frequently & surly rise cost.

Topic of coverage, there are many options that will depend on several parameters: how the pergola is oriented and what you are going to use delicately. As letting vine plants climb to shade place, polycarbonate to protect from the rain and enjoy the light, install a fixed or automatic awning. Alternatively, covered with tongue and groove, tiles or asphalt plate completely. Do not hesitate to ask for the advice of the professional who will assist you. Other interesting options to take into care, the panels that allow covering the sides. There are sliding systems that can be open or closed depending on whether you want to enjoy or hide from the sun (or neighbors). You can get several types of panels to assemble by your selection.

In short, you can complete the decoration with some wooden furniture or planters that will perfectly agree with the pergola. The timber pine class 4 guarantee you that the planters will sustain for long time.

Pergola with awning

There are other types of covers are may be less common but also popular. The covers made with bamboo and hurdle cover. These are very rustic and of course, they are a great natural option to make the garden much more beautiful. There are also those who choose to let the plants serve as cover in the pergola, planting some kinds of climbing vines. Finally look gorgeous. Although requires a long time to get the vines grow.

Covers of the pergolas

In the case of pergola covers, we also look for whole possibilities. The most practically select the aluminum covers that support bioclimatic. That allow us to regulate the sunlight and the air that passes, manually or mechanically. They are the most sought after because they are very useful in places where it rains, since they protect outdoor furniture. On the other hand, you can choose canvas covers. Which can be expand or shrink as you wish to getting more or less sunlight. The problem with these canvases is that they can be damaged either by the rain or by the sun. Therefore, in a short time it will have to be detached and replaced.

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