Best Poulan Pro Chainsaw Should you buy one?

A chainsaw is a versatile mechanical saw with a set of teeth around a revolving chain used for pruning, felling trees, cutting trees into logs or firewood and other uses, by converting chemical energy into mechanical energy. The most common injuries related to a chainsaw is the kickback. Which occurs when the rotating chain comes to a sudden stop when the chainsaw comes into contact with a substantial area, which in turn throws the chainsaw towards the operator. These injuries occur mostly when the chainsaw comes into contact with a solid object, or the operator was tampering with the chain. The following are some safety tips that are important to consider while using a best Poulan Pro Chainsaws:

  • Ensure the chain tension, controls, handles and all bolts are working properly and adjust as advised by user manual.
  • Make sure there is enough lubrication and that the chain is sharp.
  • Ensure you read through the user manual carefully before operating the chainsaw.
  • Don't cut two trees at the same time
  • Wear protective gear such as steel-toed, cut-resistant boots, long sleeved shirts, gloves, eye, and leg protection, a helmet that covers your head and ears perfectly and unique chaps to protect your thighs.
  • Make sure you don't cut using the ‘kick-back zone' of the chainsaw
  • Cut branches by starting at the lower end of the trunk heading to the top.
best poulan pro chainsaws

Features to look for the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw

The following are some of the factors you should consider while selecting the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw:

Bar length

The bar length is the distance between the chain’s tip to where it enters the housing, which represents the largest size of wood the chainsaw can cut. The best Poulan Pro Chainsaw's bar length should be two inches longer than the size of timber. Although, a chainsaw with a larger bar length poses a high risk and is hard to use as it causes a lot of fatigue.

Engine Power

The best Poulan Pro Chainsaw equipped with a battery is one that uses a lithium-ion battery, as they charge quickly, are stronger, and last longer. While the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw powered by gas is one with a big engine size. Which may sometimes come with the burden of a lot of weight but works very fast and conveniently.

Air filter system

The air filter system's primary role is to prevent debris and dust from coming to contact with the engine, which may cause long –term effects. The best Poulan Pro Chainsaw is one with a super clean air filter system. That ensures the engine is in good shape and reduces the frequency of maintenance. A good filter system will last for long and will, in turn, ensure your engine continues for even longer.

Poulan Pro Company

In 1946, Claude Poulan, a veteran lumberjack started poulan saw company, which manufactured the first two chainsaws that were so heavy two people could only use them. In the 1950s is when they got recognition for the powerful and fast one-man chainsaw.In the 1970s, the company improved their chainsaws ensuring they are light and will last for longer, which enhanced their reputation. Seventy years down the line and Poulan Pro continue to manufacture quality, durable, and high performing chainsaws. The Poulan Pro warranty covers Poulan Pro Chainsaws powered by gas for a year and electric corded chainsaws for two years.

Best Poulan Pro Chainsaw Reviews For Big Jobs

Best Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc is a gas-powered chain saw with a super clean air filter system that ensures the air cleaner is durable. It is an improved version of the old chainsaw. Thus you are sure to expect the best from this chainsaw. It comes with a pulling starting system that takes a short time to start and a dual life engine that provides the engine last for longer. It has an automatic chain oiler that provides you do not have to worry about lubrication. Additionally, it comes with a carrying case and on-board locking scrench holder that helps with storage and maintenance making it one of the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw on the market.

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is a lightweight, and its handle length ensures that you don’t get too tired as you use it. Off-course the duration of time you use it. It also has a plastic case that makes sure your working station is not too messy to distract you or affect your work. Moreover, for the price the Poulan Pro PP5020V goes for wouldn't let you down. You can be amaze its working power will exceed your expectation.

Best Poulan Pro Chainsaw

Comes with gloves, file, the other chain and carrying case to ensure that the operator is safe while operating using it. Also built-in super clean air filter system which makes sure the operator does not have to service it as often. With its engine power, it is the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw for firewood and large trunk. Takes only a while to take down large tree. Unlike other chainsaws that may take a lot of pulling before they start, this product only takes a while to start and keeps running till you are complete the task.

When using a chainsaw especially when there are a lot of tasks to do. You need a one that won't lead your arms to tire fast, and Poulan Pro 967185102 is perfect for you, as it is very light. The Poulan Pro 967185102 also comes with a chain break to ensure your safety while at work. It comes with an oil mixture to assist you with mixing before you start the chainsaw. A combo wrench to help you with adjusting the chain. Another interesting thing about this product is that it comes with an extra chain, sparing the cost of buying a new one when the current one wears out.

Best Poulan Pro Chainsaw

It is one of the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw on the market. As it has an OxyPower engine, which allows you to complete your task very fast and more efficiently. With 50cc engine power, you can use it on large logs and medium firewood, on top of that it is very helpful in clean ups after a storm. Unlike other gas powered chainsaws that you have to spend a lot of time starting. It has an easy starting system that saves your time and effort.

You don’t have to keep on going for more gas to refill this chainsaw when the chain needs sharpening. As it takes up little gas unlike other chainsaws as you are using it. When it comes to power, this product is a beast, as you are sure whatever task you put it to it will deliver correctly. It comes with a chain tensioning tool, and the oxyPower engine guarantees emission reduction, fuel consumption is convenient. Finally gives it outstanding power.

Best Poulan Pro Chainsaws

It is the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw for firewood that is under ten inches and small tree felling. With a sixteen-inch bar length. It can handle medium fireweed cutting, which makes it among the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw on the market. That comes with an automatic oiler to ensure that it has as much lubrication as you need for the task at hand. It is also durable in that its air filter system ensures only clean air gets into the air filter. Just like the other best Poulan Pro products, this one is worth its price and more; it is simply quality in a very affordable price.

Its motor runs so well that you will have no problem at all as you are working, as it will run all through the working duration. Whether, it is just for a little work in your back yard; or to remove trees crowding your home; or even for professional work, this product will sure satisfy your limbing, felling or cutting needs. Additionally, this among other Poulan Pro product is very durable, in that you will use it for a very long time before it gives in or wears out.

Best Poulan Pro Chainsaw reviews

It is a battery powered chainsaw whose bar length allows it to be convenient for professionally cutting trees and limbs with up to six inches in diameter. It produces limited to no noise when using it making it the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw for home use. This chainsaw ensures you don't disturb your family or neighbours with noise. The Poulan Pro 967044101V chainsaw is one of those products that will exceed your expectation by its power and the time. It takes less time to complete a task. This product ensures that the hustle of mixing oil and gasoline and the annoying smell of exhaust is not a problem you have to deal with while using it.

The weight of the chainsaw is very impressive, and it will make sure your arms. Don’t need a lot of massaging with warm water after you are using it. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with the vibration from the motor as you would with a gas chainsaw. The 40V chainsaw that is a Lithium-Ion battery can compare to a traditional gas chainsaw regarding how powerful it is. The duration of time it runs for and how well it performs. The plus side of using this chainsaw is that you don’t have to carry around various wires. Also you don’t have to stay on one space, as it is cordless and portable.

Best Poulan Pro Chainsaws

It comes with a primer bulb that saves you a lot of time when starting to use the chainsaw. Which encourages a lot of assurance if you are worried about it the starting time. It is the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw for home use, as it is convenient for small tasks around the house. The Poulan P4018WT is the product you buy when you don't want to have to go through buying another chainsaw in a few month, as it is very durable. As the name suggest, the Poulan P4018WT sure is a wild thing. As its performance is incredible and its power will exceed your expectations.

With the Poulan P4018WT, once you use fresh gas you don’t have to worry about it. Though not starting as fast during a particular season, as its start time will be short at all times. This product comes handy during the cold season when you want a lot of firewood to keep warm. As it can cut through a lot of trees without wearing off or wearing the operator off as it is light weight. It is fit for cutting down trees such as basswood, maple, poplars and balsams trees. It is the best Poulan Pro chainsaw for home use.

Benefits of a chainsaw

Electric powered

  • It produces less noise as compared to the others, which allows the operator to use it in any environment.
  • Convenient to use, as one requires only a power source and cord.
  • Comes with safety chains that help to reduce the occurrence of kickback accidents.


  • They are more portable as compared to electric chainsaws.
  • Convenient for work involving a lot of cutting as the power used will not be as much as other chainsaws.
  • They are the best Poulan Pro on the market for professionals and persons doing a lot of felling and cutting of trees.
  • GAs Chainsaw is the best chainsaws for firewood especially in the large piece of land.


  • You will not have to do a lot of maintenance as electric powered chainsaws.
  • They don't make a lot of noise.
  • Perfect for small cutting jobs.
  • They are the best Poulan Pro chainsaw for the house, which you will use for home-based projects.

Poulan Pro manufactures the best Poulan Pro Chainsaw that will suit your needs. Also ensure your task are done correctly and professionally, regardless of the amount of work. The key factor is to choose a chainsaw that best suits the job you want to do.


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