Best Tree Service & Care: You Should Know All Facts & Tips

Trees and shrubs are blissful amazing gift by nature. They deliver clean air, shelter, shade, and green fresh environment —that literally change the atmosphere! Of course, provide privacy to homeowners also. A healthy tree yard improve the value of our property, as they are one of nature’s most vital resources.  As we spent hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars on our best tree service and shrubs.

However, tree require proper care to sustain their health like us! Unhealthy trees are not productive, cannot grow fast or even they lose green & freshness. There are many reasons to look unhealthy for a tree —including nutrition deficiency, disease, disturbing species, pests and unplanned planting. In real life, diagnosis the cause of tree issues are very difficult. Some of symptoms can easily be diagnose such as leaves turn into an irregular color at the wrong season or identified insects or caterpillars that feed leaf.

However, some complex issues are always left; only the professional trained person can monitor and heal that. Some insects dig holes or reside in tree trunks or in branches. Everything looks fine from outside but tree is going to die at slow pace. As we know generally, growing habits of branches shows vigor and strength in his appropriate age. Only the professional can guess sufficient need of nutrient. A certified arborist can inspect the root cause of tree stress, soil analysis, fertilization, deep root feeding, tree removal and more. He earned enough experience in best tree service with all types of soil, climate, and tree types, using advanced environmentally friendly technology. Thus making us ideally suited to take care of your plants to keep them safe from disease and insects.

Here are some best tree service that can improve your property

Some of tree cutting service included with monitor, evaluate, and provide tree care for residential and commercial purpose. Qualified arborist responsibilities are can be counted in following services:

  • Perform diagnostics and recommendations for tree growth.
  • Micro Injection & Nutrient for fertilization of trees and shrubs
  • Pest controlling as well as disease regulation.
  • Performing tree removals, tree pruning, deep root and soil analysis.
  • Install trees and shrubs for residential and commercial properties.
  • Improve tree and shrub root vigor by vertical mulching, root barrier removal & other process.
  • Evaluate storm restoration work as needed.
  • Involve in tree inventory projects & planning.


Main reasons of pruning is beautification of landscape & shaping trees. When a tree grow without independently without any restrictions, very often its “posture” goes to wrong direction. Naturally, looks unattractive. Trees are grow asymmetrically which potentially causing safety issues of property damage or cause injury. Branches could fall your home or your neighbor’s home. Only pruning & trimming give your property clean & safety. Removing branches gives your tree healthier and stronger that help to grow flower & fruit production. Pruning also performing by removing diseased or insect-infested wood, decrease some pest problems.

best tree service

There is specific type of pruning for tree. Formative, Structural and Hazardous pruning-these are three types of pruning in general.

Formative pruning:  Require more time in the tree as removes the lower necessary branches of tree in order to provide space for buildings, vehicles, and walkers.  Reducing the height or spread gives perfect balanced shape & size of tree.

Structural pruning: Refers to pruning all selective deadwood out of the tree, reduces weight on heavy limbs and any major defects that has risk to fall in future.

Hazardous pruning:  Removal of all hazards from the crown of tree (hangers, deadwood, low-vigor branches, dying, diseased branch etc.)

  • Pruning is perform for maintain or improve the appearance, growth or safety of the tree or its surroundings:
  • Beautification by shape a tree & improve structural integrity
  • Remove weak, dead, broken branches, diseased, insect-infested, or weather damaged portions of a tree
  • Eliminate branches that interfering with one another and safety by increasing wind resistance.
  • Remove branches that may causing damage to wires (electric or communication), roofs, chimneys, or other structures or walkways.

Cabling and Bracing

tree cutting service

Tree are always valuable asset for your home. The more old aged tree, increase more market value. Aged tree keep your home’s ecosystem with birds, fresh air, shadow, meadow climate. Old tree has some risk, as they are large & occupied large area of your property. That has over weighted branches and multiple thick branches. As it grows without correction in asymmetrical direction. It might unsustainable or potentially damaging due tree fall near your house.

Cabling and bracing is only a method that could dramatically reduce the chance of failure. Cabling is to tie or brace all weighted branches (susceptible to harmful) to overcome high strong winds and any harsh weather like storm, cyclone. Cable systems do not a guarantee you that the tree is safe and it require regular monitoring and maintenance too.

Bracing ensures the support to straighten the tree that make less movement, which is endangered to your home & neighbors. To hold the stems all together and reduce its movement, a threaded rod drilling through the tree.

Cabling and bracing is beneficial structural prune of tree that put back healthy growing track of your old tree.

Tree Removal

Very often you want to replaced or removed annoying brush such as sticks, logs, limbs, wood and all the remnants. Same things for fallen tree (on your home or other structures) due to a storm or shallow roots. Certified Arborists provide high-level expertise for tree removals accordance with ANSI safety standards. Tree removals actually means to remove the tree without damage to property, turf grass, pets, garden gnomes, other plants etc.

Many of homeowner might have experienced safely tackling to cut down a small tree. However, when it comes for large one, you do not have adequate technical skill to manage that. Only the best tree service expertise is guaranteed to be fast & effective. They can accomplish safe and well-organized procedure. By utilizing ropes, pulleys, and other specialized tools. Which allow lowering each piece to the ground safely.

Tree removal is an unpleasant word for tree lovers. Sometimes it is inevitable for dead tree. Also, keep consideration to remove by analyzing stability, safety, space and sometimes even allergies and proximity structure of tree. As trees are often a hazardous liability when trees are extremely tall, located in constricted spaces, or surrounded by commercial buildings.

We always discouraged possible tree removal to save our earth, but regrettably, sometimes there is no alternatives in most cases, such as:

  • If the tree is going to die or dead.
  • Rough weather damage the tree severely.
  • When tree grows freely, that create danger of its surroundings, or likely to cause catastrophic injury in the near future
  • Tree is overcrowding or interfering the proper growth of its surroundings.
  • The tree is triggering a barrier that is not correction able through pruning or other methods.
  • Factors require removal of the tree: Beautification of landscape, construction or other

Insect and disease control

Most of serious gardener face variety of problem of plants, tree infected by spider mites , birch borer, leaf spot, Japanese beetle, canker, leaf miner, scale, fire blight, aphids and more. So, only regular pruning & trimming is not enough to maintain the tree care. It require protecting them from pests, insects and parasites too. Trees is vulnerable to most damaging insects and pets that can threat to survival of the tree and even attack adjacent trees. In 2014, the states of Ohio and Michigan had lost over 30 million ash trees to the Emerald Ash Borer. Early findings and proper effective steps can increase survival rate of your valuable tree.

As trees are blissful living green, they start showing symptoms when they attacked. Dead branches beginning of the top, faded & falling leaves (new sprout) is the first signs of affect.  However, many homeowners fail to realize the symptoms of infection. Foliar and soil injection techniques can be used for primary treatment that spoiled by aphids, spider mites and caterpillars. Some common insecticide you can use to kill ants and create a barrier to out of your garden. Also proper nutrients & fertilization give your trees strength and stability to fight with disease itself.

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