OREGON CS1500 Review Self-Sharpening chainsaw

The oregon cs1500 review an electric chainsaw is convenient to use with its immediate start system just by pulling the trigger, low noise and easy maintenance. The Best Oregon Chainsaw product in the market that comes with a self sharpening system that allows you sharpen its teeth in between performance just by simply pulling the Powersharp lever.


The 15-amp chainsaw is ideal for yard work and can be used to fell medium sized trees but is perfect for light tasks. It starts instantly which means it would greatly relieve those of us who have had to struggle with the power cord of the gas chainsaw: putting it off and on requires pushing a switch. It has enough power to clean up, trim up and treat fire wood works.


The oregon cs1500 review, for zero maintenance, thanks to the inbuilt Powersharp system. You would never have to stop in between a job to install a new sharp chain. You also do not have to struggle to put it on or off as is required in gas powered chainsaws, making it for older people to use. Its lightweight makes it easier to carry while using; at 12 pounds, it is lighter than gas and most electric chainsaws. Tool-less chain tension system located on the side of the saw enables convenient and easy chain adjustments.Even though the CS1500 is not as versatile as gas powered chainsaw, or as powerful as other more expensive electric chainsaws, what stands it out is the amount of convenience it offers buyers; it even has an automatic oiling system.


The machine comes with a 2 year consumer and one year professional warranty. The device which comes with a replaceable guide bar which is 45cm long has a sturdy structure which guarantees its longevity. The frame is strong enough to stand the harsh conditions of wood cutting.


The Oregon Self Sharpening chainsaw is designed so that it is has a reduced noise. With just the minimal sound of the rolling chain and the wood being cut,you can have a less disturbing wood cutting experience. It is generally a low noise machine that is also quiet in between cuts.

Oregon cs1500 review



15-amp Electric Motor

Starting the oregon cs1500 review, self-sharpening chainsaw is highly convenient and would literally rid you of the stress that come with gas-chainsaws, because of the instant start 120V 15 amp motor. This makes the machine suitable for most women and older people.

Self sharpening System

The PowerSharp lets you enjoy consistent hours of wood chopping as you do not need to stop to change dull chains. It sharpens the teeth very quickly with an inbuilt sharpening stone.

oregon cs1500 review

Tool-Less Chain Tightening

On the right side of the oregon chainsaw, a tool-less chain tensioning system, although some customers complain that it is a little stiff when covered in oil and sawdust, allows you adjust the chain around the guide bar till you gain desired tension.


The machine weighs approximately 13 pounds enabling carrying it for long working hours to be stress free and unproblematic.

Comfortable handle

The grip in the handle also compliments its light weight and makes it non stressful to cut wood. It also would enable easily work long hours without feeling overly uncomfortable.

OREGON® CS1500 Chainsaw Technical Specifications
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