Pros and Cons of Buying An Above Ground Pool For The Garden

Swimming is a luxurious activity that offers both relaxation and body fitness. With the ever-growing number of homeowners seeking to have a swimming pool in their homes. The rise in prices of constructing swimming pools, owning an above-ground pool is the better option. These above ground swimming pools are particularly ideal for smaller spaces and are affordable as compared to the in-ground swimming pools.

These are just but a few of the reasons why more people are investing in these pools, so here are more pros as well as cons of setting up your best above ground pool in your garden. This will definitely aid you in making the right decision in terms of whether to invest in one or not.

Above ground pool pros.

best above ground pool

  1. Quite Affordable.

To purchase an above-ground pool, you only need a fraction of the money you would have used to construct an in-ground swimming pool. These pools are made of strong flexible PVC material, which is inflated and filled with water. Since they rest above the ground, there is little land manipulation as with in-ground pools, thus lesser expenses. In addition to this, above-ground pools are often packaged together with all their equipment including the metal frame, ladder and filter pump among others, unlike the in-ground pools that require you to purchase separate pipes and filters, and then get them installed at a cost. Generally, when it comes to setting up, maintenance and repairs, above-ground pools are very affordable.

  1. Easier and Faster Installation.

With above-ground pools, there is no digging, leveling and tiling involved as with in-ground pools. In fact, installation is an easy task that takes just a couple of hours as opposed to the numerous days it takes to construct the ordinary swimming pool. It only involves fixing the metal frame if available, stretching out the material, inflating it with an electric pump, filling it with water and treating the water. There is no connection of filters or inlet and outlet pipes among others. In fact, setting up this pool does not require the services of contractors, just a friend or two to help you stretch, inflate and fill it, and you will be done. Ease of assembly and installation is one of the biggest reasons why homeowners prefer above-ground swimming pools to the other types.

  1. Space Saving.

Do you want to have a beautiful pool next to your house yet you lack enough space? Not to worry, above-ground pools will always get you sorted in such scenarios. They come in a variety of sizes with the smallest designed for kids and medium ones intended for smaller spaces. If you can afford a little more space, then you could purchase the bigger above-ground pool models. They are different from in-ground pools that must be constructed in a large area as a permanent feature. Besides taking up lesser ground, the above-ground pools are portable thus can be dismantled whenever you need to create more space for other purposes. These space-saving capabilities are what make them really convenient and easy to fold, store and transport.

  1. Less Maintenance Needs.

Above ground pools are smaller as compared to the in-ground designs thus easier to clean, bleach and filter, and even then, this may be done less regularly. Treatment of the water is also done on a less regular basis as the water in these pools is less prone to algae and allergens, unless the pool is placed in a dirty environment. When winter comes, you can choose to dismantle your above-ground pool instead of winterizing it and clearing the snow as is required in in-ground pools. This makes them a great option for anyone who loves enjoying the pool without constantly thinking about its maintenance and cleaning.

  1. Portable and Temporary.

No matter its design, any above-ground pool is easy to move around. You can travel with it to wherever you want, set it up and enjoy it. Since they are portable, they can as well be dismantled whenever the space they are sitting on is needed for some other reason or when you need to travel with it. Being portable and temporary makes this pool convenient for people on the move. Those living within smaller spaces and those in places with harsh and rapidly changing climatic conditions. For instance, you can set it up during summer, then dismantle and store it during winter when it is too cold.

Above ground pool cons

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  1. Size Limitation.

As mentioned above, these portable pools come in a variety of sizes, but most of them are smaller than the in-ground swimming pools. This means that if you have a large piece of land for a pool, the above-ground pool may not be your best bet. Unlike in-ground pools that can be made wider and deeper depending on the homeowner’s preferences. An above-ground pool will offer a specific width and depth that cannot be exceeded for safety and constructive purposes.

  1. More Susceptible to Damage.

Above-ground pools are mostly made of PVC material that is flexible for easier inflation of air and holding of water. As much as they may last up to 10 years if extreme care is taken in using them, their surfaces are weaker than the tiles used in in-ground pools. They are prone to scratches and tears. In fact, any animal that has claws such as dogs and cats should be kept away from these pools to prevent them from scratching their surfaces and deflating them. Most of these pools come with a quick repair kit included for you to easily patch up any tears, holes and scratches, but this may not work for larger punctures.

  1. Fewer Custom Features.

Even though above-ground pools come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, there is still a limitation when it comes to customizability. The only design of the above-ground pool you will be able to use is the design provided by the manufacturer. On the other hand, in-ground swimming pools allow you the liberty to discuss the different designs and features you desire with your contractor in depth. Above-ground pools cannot be customized in terms of design or additional features.

Final Verdict

As witnessed in the discussion of above ground pools good or bad, the benefits of owning an above-ground pool outweigh the disadvantages. Thus it is a worthy investment for any size of home and any kind of budget. Owning this pool will save you the hassle of having to go to a public pool by offering you great convenience and privacy at a cheaper price tag. These pools can be purchased from both online and offline stores. But only careful research with special attention to testimonials, reviews, ratings and recommendations from buyers, should be conducted prior to purchase. With this knowledge at hand, there will be no reason for you to regret investing in your dream above-ground pool and setting it up in your garden.

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