Simple & Easy Ways To Store Your Wheelbarrow & Get Organized

“Ryan! Can you please go and collect a wheelbarrow that I’ve borrowed my neighbor this morning, l want to use it now”. Said, the father to his son as he is reading a garden guide and watched the sunset through the window. Do you think he really wanted to use it by that time? Of course not. It’s only that he has become used to collect his garden tools before it gets dark and store them in a certain place. Wheelbarrows  has proved  to be one of the most important pieces of equipment on gardening They play an important role in carrying the heavy and bulk loads. They are also known for carrying small loads for the household gardeners.  With its greatness of playing a vital role in our lives, we should store them properly so that they can serve for a plenty of years.  There are many proven ways to keep wheelbarrow safe and neatly while they are not in use. If you was stuck on how to store your wheelbarrow, worry no more. I’ve collected the best ideal options you can choose from.

Dependable wheelbarrow hanger

Wheelbarrow is an oddly object which sometimes is tricky to hang it, mainly outdoors where the wind can easily knock things down. However, that does not mean they is no other way you can do to hang your wheelbarrow outdoors or inside your garage. You can DIY a solid hanger or buy one online either at your local hardware that comes with anchors, screws and toggle bolts for attaching to any possible surface. When installing hangers it won’t even took an hour. After all, you should make sure that the hanger could support the weight of your wheelbarrow so that it won’t fall off. It may be funny to your kids or grandchildren to see a hanged wheelbarrow as they may think that you have a floating wheelbarrow. However, you will be saving a lot of space.

Mount your wheelbarrow along the wall

Despite the great job, this huge tool is doing, people find it difficult to store it. However, they is an easy way to store it that most people are not paying attention at which is wall storage. Because of it’s strange shape and size, it may sounds impossible to store a wheelbarrow in the wall. In this process, you should install sliding locks either hooks or brackets. Both of them works perfect. Sliding locks are very easy to use. When you want to remove your wheelbarrow, you simple slide the locks. With brackets or hooks, you only have to select an appropriate place to protect your best wheelbarrow and your family especially kids. Also, make sure that the brackets or hooks are strong enough to support the weight. If they are not capable of withstanding the force, they can easily break or bend leading to the falling of a wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow Ceiling Hoist

Wheelbarrow are very useful but they tend to be a problem when storing in the garage. With wheelbarrow ceiling hoist, you don’t need to just lean it on the wall. They have mechanical pulley, which made it easy to handle different shapes, and sizes even the large wheelbarrow. This one has a great advantage because you can easily hoist your wheelbarrow up to the ceiling without help from someone. It can also be used on a slopped ceiling without any problems of leveling out because each pulley is independent. Definitely, this one  is a really clever idea for storing your most challenging wheelbarrow

Release space that your wheelbarrow is using

There is a wheelbarrow in every community and they are very useful in gardening tasks. However, they take more space in the garage. On the other hand, if you leave them outdoors they will be damaged by elements. Most of the time we think that it is impossible to maximise space in the tiniest rooms like garages. The garage is always a neglected place with little organisation. However, by hanging on the wall or ceiling, you’ll  be taking a great decision to free up space. That space will be so useful to store other equipment and you can still use it as a workshop.

Storing your wheelbarrow outside

Mostly people like to leave their wheelbarrow outside. We should note that there is a big difference between storing and leaving. Storage needs an extra precaution. It’s not all about leaving it on the bush or in the garden. The ideal way of storing your wheelbarrow outside is to lean it next to the fence or install brackets on the outside wall of a garage. Those brackets will provide a friendly way of keeping your wheelbarrow organized and off the ground. Again, you supposed to make a shed that will protect it from elements such as rain and sun. For a metal wheelbarrow, when gets into contact with water, it corrode easy. To avoid corrosion, you should also paint your wheelbarrow frequently, as it will also help to improve its longevity of lifetime. On the other hand, when a rubber made wheelbarrow is stored directly to sunlight, it will crack easily. Therefore, it is important to have a shed.

An advanced lesson in wheelbarrow storage

Good storage will definitely helps to keep your garage or workplace to be tidy and safe, increasing efficiency and safety. It also increase the workflow and finally save a plenty of time and money. Now that you’ve learned the different ways of storing your wheelbarrow, it’s your turn to take action. For sure, no one wants to push a wheelbarrow, which have stick handles. Poor storage may lead to breaking of handles and bending of axle due to corrosion. However properly storage can make your wheelbarrow last for many years to an extent that your grandchildren will going to use it. Once more, we should not allow kids to play near the storage place and they deserve to know the dangers they may face if they dare to lift down the wheelbarrow from the wall either where it is stored.

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