How Do You Spray Paint Wood Furniture?

Painting with sprayer is very useful for covering the large areas quickly and efficiently. Possible to paint even the tiny particles and ensure the complete coverage. When you spray paint on the wood furniture it gives a smooth finish and makes more attractive; it is available in different sizes and varieties. It is the easiest way to get a smooth and even finish on the wood furniture;also it can give a perfect look. It removes the dangers of traditional hand painting, which is very easy to apply, and this painting can be used for both household and industrial purposes.

The air sprayer uses air compression to push the paint out from the can, and it provides an even coating of paint over the surface. Wood is very durable but it needs an occasional cleaning to protect your furniture from damages. If the furniture is filled with hard or rough spots then it needs adequate cleaning which can be done easily through the sandpaper. Use a good-quality primer to cover the surface properly; applying a single coat is not enough to give an extra care while using the primer; it gives a fashionable look to the furniture.

  1. Make use of right Primer before Paint:

If you need to spray paint on the wood furniture, use a good primer before applying a fresh coat of color. You can use light or dark coating to prime your chairs. But give some time for the paint to dry, and then start applying another coat.  It is possible to apply three or four coats of paint to completely shield your wooden chairs or tables, use a high-quality paint brush to get a fashionable look. Primer gives a glossy and a modern finish for the furniture, choose the primer with fewer amounts of chemicals and fumes.

When you spray paint over the chair, it is essential to wear protective gloves to keep you safe from damages. Also use face masks while ventilating the fan or painting it. Once your primer coating is fully dry wipe down the furniture with a cloth. The primer hardly depends on your surface and the type of paint you are using. There are different kinds of primers available in the market today. Which are uniquely designed for wood, metal, ceramic or plastic surfaces. The major reason for applying the primer is to seal the entire area and also provides the flat base to apply paint. Which can enhance the appearance and look of your paint coating.

  1. Clean and Prepare:

Before you start painting it is important to clean the furniture. Simply attach a brush with the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust or moisture from your wooden furniture. Then apply a well-specialized wood cleaning product to give a smooth texture. You can also use vinegar to remove the stickiness and sanding is very essential. Because it takes out all the rough spots on your chair or table. Sanding can make your furniture free from rough or hard spots by eliminating it you can get smooth and soft furniture. Once it is sanded, wipe it clean with a cloth to remove the dust or other microparticles.

It is not necessary to put water over the furniture because it can cause damages. But an air compressor can blow off the dust very easily. Make use of a microfiber cloth to take the dust because it is reusable. If your wooden furniture is looking good and if it has paint finishing then it will not be very sensitive. So you can liquid solution to clean or scrub it. After cleaning finish it with a good polish to make it glowing and shining but it is important to clean the furniture with a brush.

  1. Sand the Surface before Painting:

If your wooden chairs or tables have some rough spots then you need to sand those areas into soft and smooth spots before painting it. You can use the regular sandpaper to clean the uneven surface; it is also possible to remove the rough edges using liquid sandpaper. This is a chemical solution which makes the paint or varnish dimmer so that the new coating will stick strongly. It is very easy to use, just soak a cloth into this liquid and spray around the whole surface. Always use protective gloves before using it because chemicals are added.

The grit of sandpaper depends on the sand granules per square inch of paper; it will be denoted on the back of each sheet. The sandpaper gives a smooth and even finish for your newly painted surface. If your paint looks very glossy, shiny or slick then it is necessary to degloss it before you start to paint. If you have sanded the surface then no need to degloss the paint. Use a sticky cloth to remove all the dust and moisture from your furniture and have a fine grit sanding cloth to sand the wooden material smoothly that can give a great look.

  1. Painting:

Spray painting can be suitable for any kind of surfaces like wood, metal, plastic and it dries very quickly than brush paints. Therefore it is very simple to apply over the furniture. Apply an even coat of high-quality paint all over the surface; then you must apply two or three coats of paint to get a glossy and good finish. It is essential to mix the paint well to spray it directly from the can. Which gives a smooth and even finish for your furniture. If you use chalk paint then primer and sander are not needed. Also make use of a good paint sprayer for painting the large pieces of furniture with any numbers of small spaces.

Most of the paint sprayers are very simple to use and clean because the air sprays through the nozzle. So the paint flows out from the front of the sprayer to give an even coating. It also saves your time, if the paint does not cover your furniture fully then you should not apply a thicker coat of paint over it. Use a good quality spray handle for getting an efficient and glowing output. Choose the best spray handle that can connect to any paint spray gun.

  1. Find an appropriate Space:

You should find an appropriate place before you start spraying or painting. Try to void too much windy or dusty area and always ensure the good ventilation. It is better to practice spray painting on any scrap or hard objects before you paint your wood furniture. So that you can easily use the sprayer to paint uniformly. When you spray the paint makes sure that it is a well-ventilated area because it gives you a lot of conveniences while painting. It is also important to wear protective gloves and face mask as soon as you start to paint. Because it can prevent eye or wrist damages.

When you spray the paint over furniture check the weather conditions, it should not be too hot or too cold because it can stop drying so the furniture may give an unfinished look. In case of windy seasons avoid painting, otherwise, all the dust and other micro-particles can stick into the paint. Cover the surrounding surfaces because spray painting has minute particles which can easily move into the surface. So it is essential to protect them before, even if the objects are not very close to the painting area the spray paint can easily affect it.

In a Nutshell:

I hope that you would have got some idea from the above tips about spraying paint over the wood furniture. It is important to choose the good-quality Primer and Paint for making the furniture durable and fashionable for a long time. If you have used paint sprayers before share your valuable comments below!

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