Best ECHO Chainsaws, Which One is For You?

The best ECHO chainsaws can handle an arborist’s toughest jobs. It doesn’t matter whether you want one to prune tree limbs, cut down a large tree or split firewood– there is always an ECHO chainsaw for the purpose. The chainsaw provides a smooth cutting and years of functionality. ECHO has a two-stroke engine for is machines. Then, it has the Pro-Fire® ignition system. So, it’s easy to start and operate the cutting machine. Of course, you can get genuine parts and accessories for the chainsaw.

Why ECHO Chainsaw is best

ECHO is a distributor of the Japanese power tool maker- Yamabiko Corporation. Since 1947, under the name Kioritsu, the Japanese company was a formidable manufacturer of outdoor tools. They majored in agricultural machinery. Kioritsu changed its name to Kioritz in 1971. Then, they were able to make their first professional chainsaw and have the orange trademark casing. So, in 1978, they hit the market under the brand name ‘ECHO.’

Of course, ECHO has several other tools in the market. These include crop dusters, brush cutter, and leaf blowers. Today, ECHO has plants all over the world, and; they still distribute quality power tools.

Types of the Best ECHO Chainsaws

ECHO is a giant in the production of professional hand-held chainsaws. The company’s gas-powered chainsaws are doing well in the American market. The saws are easy to use and require hardly any special skills to operate. ECHO provides two basic power chainsaws- the top handle and the rear handle.

The Top Handle chainsaws allow users to operate the chainsaw from the top. The majority of professional arborists prefer the top handle chainsaws because it gives them the chance to cut unique angles. Such a chainsaw serves well when cutting low-lying tree limbs or trees.

Then, the Rear Handle variety has both a rear and front handle. This gives the user a greater control. Thus, for new arborists, this is the ideal tool.

Why the Best ECHO Chainsaws are Worth the Money

ProductBar LengthPower Source
Echo CS330T 14" Gas Chainsaw14"Gas Powered
Echo CS-590 20" Timber Wolf Chainsaw20"Gas Powered
Echo CS-620P-20 Chain Saw 20" Bar Rear Handle Professional 59.8cc Engine20"Gas Powered
ECHO 16 in. 34cc Gas Chainsaw16"Gas Powered
ECHO 18 in. CS-400-18 40.2cc Gas Chainsaw18"Gas Powered

So, which are ECHO’s safety features? And, which are the exclusive features of the best ECHO chainsaws? ECHO is a professional gas-powered chainsaw. It has a powerful 2-stroke engine that can produce up to 80.7cc such as in the case of the CS-800P Chain Saw. Anyway, the machine’s other features include:

Vibration reduction system

The 2-stroke engine causes intensive vibrations. But, ECHO has several anti-reduction features. For instance, it has metal springs to absorb the shock and stop the vibrations. Besides, ECHO chainsaws have rubber bushings to help reduce the vibration. The handles are separate from the body.

Chain brake

When you activate the brake, the rotation of the chain stops immediately. This is a necessary feature to engage during a kickback. Well, it does not actually prevent kickback, but; it stops the chain from running and thus reducing the chances of getting injured. Some brands are automatic, but others need you to engage the brake manually.

Chain tension

Ensure the chain’s tension is efficient. You can know this by pulling the chain while wearing gloves. It should be hard for it to rise above the bar.

Air filter

ECHO’s air filtration system has a large air intake. It has an automotive-style pleased air filter which is covered with rubber.

Balanced chainsaw

If you hold an ECHO chainsaw by one hand, it will rest on the ground in a horizontal position. This means that the chainsaw is balanced. A balanced chainsaw is easier and safer to use. Noteworthy, you should never hold the chainsaw with one hand when the engine is running.

Tip guard

ECHO chainsaws have a tip guard at the end of the guide bar. This prevents the chain from hitting obstacles that may cause kickback.

Chain catcher

The chain catcher is a piece of plastic or aluminum that acts as a safety feature. It reduces the chances of getting the operator hit by a broken or derailed chain during cutting.

Best ECHO Chainsaws Review

ECHO try to provide produce several wonderful chainsaw for their users worldwide. There is multipurpose chainsaw for your task. Here we pick some from many of them. Have look that!

Echo Chainsaw CS-800P

The Echo Chainsaw CS-800P with 27″ Bar is a high-performance Chainsaw that is designed to handle the toughest tasks. It is a convenient tool to use whenever you are limbing, felling or even logging.  It has outstanding balance and control so that you can comfortably do your jobs.

Like all Echo tools, it uses vibration reduction technology so that you can have an easy time when using it. It is also a durable tool so when you purchase it; you are assured that it will last long; hence making it a good investment.

best ECHO chainsaws

Echo Chainsaw CS-800P | Image Credit:


  • Anti-vibration System
  • 80.7 cc high performance
  • Standard 27″ bar
  • 2-stroke engine
  • Superior balance and control
  • One of Echo’s best chainsaws

Reliable and easy to use Chainsaw

The Echo Chainsaw CS-800P with 27″ Bar is a reliable saw that enables you to log or fell trees without difficulties. It is stable and robust, specifically designed to tackle tasks that you might deem impossible to handle.

It is also an entirely easy-to-use Chainsaw since it doesn’t have complicated start-ups that can create problems as you work.

Convenient Chainsaw for use

The Echo Chainsaw CS-800P is an ideal tool for use. Like every Echo product, it is a quality saw whose features are built to enhance maximum production. In addition to its strength, it comes with vibration reduction technology to enhance your comfort during use. It also has grouped controls that enable you to access all the Chainsaw’s functions.


The Echo Chainsaw CS-800P with 27″ Bar is designed to last for a long and trouble-free life. You will n not have to worry about it breaking down at some point. Even with a heavy workload, you are assured of quality and professional work. It provides years of performance that you can depend on.

Powerful tool

This is one of the best Echo chainsaws, and; it is powered by an 80.7 cc engine. This makes its cutting performance high so that you can cut wood without problems; it allows you to cut even the hardest of woods within a short time.

Moreover, you can handle more tasks in a given period.

You can use the Echo Chainsaw CS-800P with 27″ Bar to handle tasks on your farm or at home, regardless of how tough they are.  Its powerful engine makes it stable enough for use, and with a reliable anti-vibration system, you can comfortably use it. It is powerful and will most likely never fail you when you are in the middle of a task. With it, you can cut wood, prune limbs and fell trees without much effort.

Echo CCS-58V4AH Cordless Chain Saw

The Echo CCS-58V4AH 16 in. 58 Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Chain Saw is a one of the most professional, high voltage cordless saw on the market. It is uniquely designed to deliver high cutting speeds for your ultimate convenience.

It is easy to use it since it doesn’t have a problematic startup. Other features that make this chainsaw ideal to use are an automatic oiler, a brushless motor, side access chain tensioning that makes making adjustments quick, as well as a wrap-around handle.

best ECHO chainsaws

Echo CCS-58V4AH

Product Information and Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 21.4*10.6*10.4 Inches
  • Item Weight: 19.7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 21.1 pounds

Professional, Quality and Cordless Chainsaw

The Echo CCS-58V4AH Lithium-Ion Brushless Chainsaw is a tool that is specifically designed to produce quality and professional work. It is a cordless chainsaw that enables you to cut wood and fell trees quickly. Its cutting speed is high so that you can complete your tasks in good time.

It also comes with a 16-inch bar that is designed for more aggressive tasks.

Easy to operate Echo Chainsaw

This Echo Chainsaw is easy to use, and you are most likely going to experience no problems when using it. With side access chain tensioning, you can easily make all the adjustments that you want.

Durable tool

You can use the Echo CCS-58V4AH Cordless saw for years.  It has a powerful brushless motor that delivers superior power to enhance its production. This also makes it convenient for cutting, logging as well as limbing.

Automatic Oiler

It also comes with an automatic chain oiler that ensures that the tool is continuously lubricated for efficient performance.  This makes it easy to use since all you have to do is fill up the oiler.

Produces less noise during work

This Echo chainsaw doesn’t create a lot of noise when in use. This is unlike some saws that create so much noise that even after you are done it still rings in your head.

The Echo CCS-58V4AH 16 in. 58 Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Chain Saw is the perfect tool to use when cutting, pruning and logging. It is powerful and durable, ensuring the production of quality work. It has the convenient features to ensure that you have an easy time when operating it. Its automatic oiler provides continuous lubrication and to allow you to make adjustments comfortably; it comes with side access chain tensioning.

Echo Chain Saw Gas, 12 Inch Bar, 26.9CC

The Echo Chain Saw Gas, 12In. Bar, 26.9CC is a lightweight saw that is efficient for cutting, pruning as well as felling and trimming trees. It has an automatic chain oiler so that you will not have to oil now and then; ensure that the oiler is filled up.

This Echo chainsaw that currently originates from Japan is easy to start up and operate. Like all Echo chainsaws, its performance is high, and it will not fail you.

best ECHO chainsaws review

Echo Chain Saw Gas | Image Credit:

Product Information and Technical Details

  • Product Dimensions: 12.2*10.2*9.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 11 pounds
  • Oil: automatic

Convenient Chainsaw

The Echo Chain Saw Gas, 12 In. Bar, 26.9CC is a convenient tool that you can use. It is easy to use and operate. The startup is smooth, and there are no complicated procedures involved. You will be able to handle it even if you are using it for the first time.

Automatic, adjustable chain oiler

The Echo Chain Saw Gas, 12 In. Bar, 26.9CC has an automatic and adjustable chain oiler. Therefore, the tool is always well lubricated if you make sure that the oiler is full. This saves you time as well as energy since you don’t have to oil it often.


The Echo Chain Saw Gas, 12 In. Bar, 26.9CC is a lightweight tool that you can use to do tasks around your home or on your farm. It only weighs 11 pounds making your work less tedious. This also increases the speed at which you can complete a job.

Durable and reliable tool

Like all Echo chainsaws, this saw makes use of the most enhanced technology enabling it to last long. It has been designed to handle tough jobs to ensure that your work is quality. This makes it a dependable chainsaw for use.

The Echo gas chainsaw is an efficient tool that originates from Japan. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, making it one of the most convenient tools that you can use to cut, prune and also fell trees. It has an automatic chain oiler for constant lubrication. In addition to all these, it is durable and dependable allowing you to tackle tasks at home or around your yard with ease.

Echo CS-310 14″ Gas Chain Saw

The Echo CS-310 14″ Gas Chain Saw is a chainsaw whose performance is outstanding. It possesses a side access chain tensioner that facilitates quick adjustments during use. This chainsaw features a vibration-reduction system that makes it easy and comfortable to use it.

Do you want to save some cash? The Echo CS-310 14″ chainsaw reduces your oil expenses since it features an automatic, clutch-driven oiler which makes sure that the saw is continually lubricated.  In addition to this, it has a 2-stroke engine that makes it powerful thus enhancing its performance.

best ECHO chainsaws review

Echo CS-310 | Image Credit:

Product Information and Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 39.5*11.5*12.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.1 pounds
  • Oiler: Automatic

Automatic, clutch driven oiler

The Echo CS-310 14″ Gas Chain Saw has an automatic, clutch-driven oiler. This not only ensures that you don’t have to continually oil the saw, but it also reduces the oil consumption; allowing you to spend less money on oil.

Side access chain tensioner

The Echo CS-31014″ Gas Chain Saw also features a side access chain tensioner that allows you to make quick chain adjustments. This saves you time, and you can be able to complete your tasks faster.

Vibration-reduction system

Moreover, this Echo chainsaw has a vibration reduction system that makes you more comfortable when using it. You no longer have to use a tool that vibrates actively and continually; making you uncomfortable when using it.

Easy to use and operate

The Echo CS-310 chainsaw is a tool that is easy to use and operate. It comes with an i-30TM starting system that makes the startup smooth and effortless. You don’t even need someone to teach you how to do it.

Convenient tool for use

This chainsaw is suitable and efficient for use when cutting and pruning trees. You can also use it to cut wood.  It is a quality and professional saw that is designed for maximum production. Its automatic chain oiler ensures that it consumes less oil so that you can save more.

Cutting and felling trees can be tedious and difficult when you don’t have the right tool. With the Echo CS-31014″ Gas Chain Saw, it can be easier and faster. This professional-grade chainsaw is convenient and powerful. It is precisely designed for quality and maximum production. With its side access chain tensioner, you can make adjustments quicker- saving time. It also comes with a vibration reduction system that ensures that you are more comfortable when using it.

Echo CS-590 20″ Timber Wolf Chainsaw

ECHO CS-590 chainsaw is one of the best professional wood cutter’s tools you can have. It costs less than $500, but; it is great in quality and has amazing features too. According to ECHO, the engine used is similar to the one in CS-600, and this makes up for the money. Well, as you read on, you’ll note that this cutting machine has great safety features for utmost efficiency.

best ECHO chainsaws review

Echo CS-590 20″ Timber Wolf Chainsaw | Image Credit:

Product’s specifications

  • Measurement: 20.6 x 13.5 x 10.8 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Type: Professional
  • Bar length: 20 inches
  • Engine: 2-stroke, 57.8 cc

Powerful engine

If you want a professional cutting power saw, then you had better mad ensure it has a powerful engine. The gas-powered ECHO CS-590 chainsaw has a 2-stroke engine that yields outstanding performance. It is efficient and produces up to 57.8 cc. The engine’s output is similar to what you’d find in a standard motorbike.

I’d not shower it with a lot of praise when it comes to cutting large 100 old oaks, though. But, most definitely, the engine handles large stems of softwoods easily. The engine is also efficient in handling domestic cutting practices.

Professional size

The machine measures 20.6 x 13.5 x 10.8 inches. So, its bar length is 20 inches. It weighs 17 pounds and serves well for professional arborists. Well, the machine is not ideal for amateurs. In our previous reviews, we indicated that beginners need lighter and shorter chainsaws. A 20-inch bar length allows you to cut through a stem diameter of between 30-40 inches.


The machine has handles and comfort features to ensure that users don’t get fatigued easily. The handle is curved to allow your palm to fit well. ECHO recommends that you use a rubber-palmed chainsaw glove for optimum grip.

Then, the machine has a decompression valve which allows you to start the rope with easy pulling. Thus, you don’t have to spend time trying to power the machine.

The gas chainsaw has an automatic oil filler that lubricates your machine without needing you to do it. You only need to fill the reservoir when you want to cut wood, and; then you leave the rest to the machine.

Consider the Facts When Buying Best ECHO Chainsaw for Firewood

No one interest to but a chainsaw several times if he /she got a worst one. It’s wise to getting a best one by taking good decision. Before to order an echo chainsaw, you should look after some facts whether is that good for you or not.

Bar Length

It is important to pay attention to the length of the machine you are using. Size means a lot to the saw as it determines how you are going to cut wood. It also depends on whether you are an amateur or professional.

New users may need to have shorter bar lengths as they are easier to control. But, professionals would prefer the long bar lengths to the short varieties because they are more efficient.

Now, the majority of ECHO chainsaws are professional-level machines. Thus, the majority of them have a bar length that is 1 to 2 inches longer than the regular machines. This gives professional arborist a chance to cut deeper into large logs.

Power output

What is the CC rating of the echo chainsaw? Well, this should guide you into buying the perfect chainsaw for your job. If you are looking for a heavyweight saw to fell large hardwoods, then you should try the powerful models such as the CS-800P 80.7cc Chain Saw. But, when you are only doing domestic duties with softwoods, then you can try lighter machines such as the CS-2511T 25 cc Top Handle Chain Saw.

Secret Maintenance Tips for Best ECHO Chainsaws

Maintenance is a good policy if you want to use your best chainsaw for a long time. None of machine will not be a longer, if that not under a proper care & maintenance. For longer, the durability we should consider the following steps.

Oil and fuel

Use the ratio of 50:1 when mixing gas and oil. Also, ensure that the oil is JAS FD rated. Fill the rest of the space with the 89-octane gas.

Never overflow your gas tank or mix more fuel than you may need to use in 30 days. If possible, return the unused oil to its appropriate container.

Shake the oil container before fueling your machine. After some time, mixed oil is likely to separate.

Keeping the oil reservoir full during operation ensures smooth operation. The automatic lubricator will ensure all moving parts are intact and none overheats.


Before storing the best echo chainsaws make sure their oil is drained. Fuel can damage a stored chainsaw. So, empty the tank, and start the engine to burn up the remaining fuel.

Clean the chainsaw

After draining the gas, you need to clean your chainsaw. See that the air filter is clean and that it has no holes. You can tap the air filter on a tool bench to clean it.

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